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At this point, Sylvia’s expression was a bit unnatural, and she was also a bit annoyed inside.

(It’s obvious that I waited so long to contact you so this matter would not be mentioned!)

Otherwise, Sylvia would have contacted Houri a long time ago.

The reason why Sylvia came to this Aquatic city, entered Queenvail Girls Academy, and became the world’s first diva, was all to find Ursula, to find her sensei.

If not for this, with Sylvia’s unselfish personality, it is really debatable whether she would have worked so hard to become a world-class popular idol.

In such a situation, Sylvia was able to endure for more than a month without contacting Houri, which is already very impressive.

However, this is also because Sylvia speculates that Houri does not know Ursula’s whereabouts yet, which is why she was able to endure for so long.

After all, Houri had only said that he had clues in his hands, not that he knew Ursula’s whereabouts.

Otherwise, Sylvia would have come looking for him.

But now, Sylvia’s efforts for more than a month were crushed by Houri’s simple words.

Right now, Sylvia could only smile wryly, saying a little fuming. “You, you really do not know how to be considerate.”

“Sorry about that, my purpose in life is to have revenge.” Houri smiled and said. “Who made you like to tease me so much?”

“Careful man,” Sylvia said as her cheeks puffed up. “Be careful not to find a girlfriend in the future.”

“It’s okay,” Houri replied lightly.

“I have you as a backup anyway.”

Sylvia almost caught her breath.

If someone else had heard this, they would have had the heart to strangle Houri, right?

The world’s number one diva as a backup?

How could you think of that?

However, Sylvia thought about it again and said instinctively. “Is this a confession?”

Sylvia regretted this statement.

Wasn’t that taking the conversation further and further into that direction?

Clearly, that’s what she was trying to avoid!

But a second later, Sylvia was stunned.

Because, on the other side of the space window, Houri suddenly fell silent.

Looking at Houri, who had fallen into silence, Sylvia felt a little uneasy and asked hesitantly. “What’s wrong with you?”

“… Nothing.” Houri sighed, smiled faintly, and said. “It’s just that my confession is perhaps a little too heavy, so I told myself that I’d better return to reality.”

With such a statement, the smile on Houri’s face actually looked a little indifferent.

This time, it was Sylvia’s turn to fall into silence.

At this time, the only thought echoing in Sylvia’s mind was one.

“It seems that this person also has an extraordinary story.”

Moreover, it was definitely heavier than Sylvia had imagined.

It was only then that Sylvia realized something.

“I thought I already knew him well enough…”

In any case, Sylvia had Houri’s information to a certain extent.

That’s why Sylvia was so reckless in her contact with Houri.

But now, Sylvia realized.

“I don’t know him at all…”

On the contrary, Houri knows Sylvia well enough.

Because even the meaning of Sylvia’s stay in Aquatic city is known to Houri.

What’s more, Houri had a clue about it in his hands.

As these thoughts flashed through Sylvia’s mind, Houri’s on the other side of the space window suddenly changed the topic.

“You contacted me about your sensei, right?”

“… Yes.” Sylvia pushed down all the thoughts in her mind, looked straight at Houri and said in a sincere tone. “If you know anything, I hope you can tell me.”

Sylvia’s words were ushered in a very natural answer from Houri.

“I do have a clue in my hand to find your sensei.”

“Even, I also know why your sensei suddenly disappeared and let you look for so many years.”

His words made Sylvia’s heart miss a beat.

Sylvia once said that Ursula was the sensei who taught her to sing and taught her the world.

However, this sensei suddenly disappeared one day.

In order to find her sensei, Sylvia went to great lengths and finally came to this Aquatic city.

But, at the same time, Sylvia naturally had a doubt.

That is, why Ursula suddenly had no news, not even find any trace for so many years.

It was something very unnatural.

“If your sensei is safe and sound, then surely she wouldn’t not know of your existence, right?” Houri said. “You’re a world-class diva, everyone knows about you. If your sensei is safe and sound, she must know your current situation, but she hasn’t come to you.”

So, Ursula either had trouble trying to contact Sylvia, or something had happened.

Sylvia took a deep breath and asked in a serious tone. “The former or the latter?”

The former means something is wrong.

The latter means something has happened.

To this, Houri replied indifferently.

“The latter.”

Sylvia’s fists clenched.

Immediately after that, Houri immediately said. “But you don’t have to worry, for the time being your sensei will not have any problems, just think of her as passively falling into a deep sleep and not waking up yet.”

“Falling into a deep sleep? She hasn’t woken up yet?” Sylvia was a little dazed.

What’s going on here?

“I won’t tell you exactly what’s going on for now.” Houri glanced at Sylvia and said. “If you found out, you’d be wandering around the redevelopment district as you did before, right?”

The rare diva would be disguising, appearing in the redevelopment district, not really to hang out, but to find Ursula.

That’s why Houri and Sylvia met in the redevelopment district.

“Anyway, I’ll take care of your sensei for you,” Houri said. “Before then, you can do your diva duty with peace of mind for a while.”

Sylvia couldn’t resist opening her mouth at this point.

“Why?” Sylvia wondered. “Why do you want to help me so much?”

Hearing this, Houri smiled.

“Because I’ve already been paid.”

After leaving this sentence, Houri cut off the communication directly.

Looking at the space window that disappeared in front of her, Sylvia dazed in place, unable to recover for a long time.

It was only after a long time that Sylvia smiled sweetly.

“Sure enough, he’s a very interesting person, I’m becoming more and more curious about you.”

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