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Today, the city situated above the lake has a bit more liveliness than it did not have in the past.

No matter in which corner, there is a flow of people heading to the central part of the city, and gradually going in several directions.

At the end of these directions, there is a stage.

For this city, the importance of the stage is self-evident.

Therefore, in the academy battle city, the number of stages can be said to be very large.

Among these stages, there are three large-scale stages, seven medium-scale stages, and countless small-scale field stages, which can be called the characteristics of academy battle city.

However, among the crowds rushing to the stage, the direction in which the largest stream of people rushing is not in these categories.

The end of this stream of people is an extremely majestic dome-shaped building.

The scale of this building far exceeds the rest of the stage, even the three large-scale stages can not be compared.

Its name is Sirius dome and it is known as the largest main stage in the Academy Battle City Asterisk.

No matter which edition of Festa, its championship battle was held here.

Therefore, it can accommodate a total of 100,000 people.

Today’s ‘Phoenix Festa’ opening ceremony was held in this Sirius dome.

At this moment, the auditorium in the Sirius dome was already crowded with people.

The opening ceremony was taking place on a huge stage in the center.

All the students of the academy were dressed in uniforms, and as the participants, they were neatly arranged into a team, and the opening ceremony was taking place in full view of the public.

However, the opening ceremony did not require the participants to be present.

In view of this, the size of the participants’ attendance was different depending on the school’s style.

For example, at Saint Galahadworth Academy, which is a disciplined and upright school, all the participants were present, and the formation was so neat that it was reminiscent of a regular army. Every student had a serious expression on his or her face, and with the white uniforms, it was as sacred as a knight.

For example, the participants of Rewolf Black academy, which advocates violence, were seriously absent, and the formation was also a bit sloppy.

Houri also did not attend the opening ceremony.

In the players’ lounge, Cecily was yawning on a couch while Houri watched the opening ceremony with the space window open.


The cheers from the spectators were so loud that the waves of sound were like waves of the sea, surging back and forth throughout the Sirius dome, making people’s hearts soar.

The lively scene and the degree of enthusiasm had somewhat exceeded the scale of Sylvia’s concert.

And in such a situation, the center of the stage, a middle-aged man walked up to the podium accompanied by staff members, while waving towards the surrounding spectators, while wearing a handsome smile on his face.

Looking at this middle-aged man, Houri narrowed his eyes.

“Is he Madiath Mesa?”

–Madiath Mesa.

He is the chairman of the Festa Operation Committee, the executive producer, and the person who is entrusted by the Integrated Enterprise Foundation with the highest responsibility for the operation of Festa. Anyone who knows anything about Festa can’t fail to recognize him.

After all, Festa has been planned by the committee centered on this person, and his status is so high that he can be called a regular officer of Integrated Enterprise Foundation, much higher than a cadre candidate like Toudou Ichiro.

In addition, this man was once the champion of the ‘Phoenix Festa’ and possessed great strength when he was a student.

“I wonder if I could feel the scale of his Prana if I were present?”

Houri pondered.

At this point, Madiath had already begun his speech.

“I am Madiath Mesa, head of the Festa Operations Committee, ladies and gentlemen, hello to all the participants.”

An ordinary greeting, under the voice of this committee chairman, actually became full of charm.

In the surrounding auditorium, applause and cheers like raging waves rang again.

In such a situation, Madiath started to give a passionate speech.

But by this time, Houri had already turned off the space window.

The only reason for Houri to watch the opening ceremony was to see what kind of person Madiath, the chairman of Festa, really was.

At the side, Cecily propped herself up from the sofa. The lazy look matched with the mature figure that had a kind of indescribable sense of charm.

“What’s up, xiao shidi?” Cecily asked with a yawn. “Are you done with what you wanted to do?”

“Yes.” Houri smiled at Cecily and said. “I’m sorry shijie, for making you come with me to do such a boring thing.”

“It’s okay.” Cecily waved her hand and said unconcernedly. “It’s true that it’s boring, but since we’re partners, it’s only natural that we act together.”

“Is that so?” Houri nodded and asked. “By the way, shijie, what’s Shifu doing now?”

“Probably waiting to watch the game with great interest?” Cecily shrugged and said. “After all, Shifu likes this kind of activity the most.”

“That’s true.” Houri touched the Orga Lux launcher on his waist, pondered for a while, and then said. “Then shijie, you just rest here, I’ll go out for a walk.”

“Go then.” Cecily directly lay down and began to sleep soundly.

Seeing this, Houri shook his head with a smile and then left the lounge.

Since the opening ceremony was still in progress, there were not too many people in the Sirius dome’s contestant area.

Houri was walking down one of the corridors and was about to walk towards the vending machines to buy a few drinks to quench his thirst when two people walked in front of him.

They were two rather peculiar shoujo.

One had brown skin, long, thin eyes and a meticulously closed mouth corner, giving the impression of being somewhat cold.

One had a rich expression, cloaked in a white robe like a research expert outside the uniform, looking a bit spontaneous.

These two shoujos are talking while walking towards this side.

Houri did not pay special attention to these two shoujos.

Therefore, Houri just passed by the two of them in a somewhat careless manner.


But at that moment, the white-robed shoujo suddenly let out a bewildered sound, followed by a surprised voice.

“Ooh, isn’t this the one from Jielong?”

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