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The sudden shout made Houri slightly stunned, turned his head and looked at the source of the voice.

The next second, a face was imprinted into Houri’s eyes.

It was less than five centimeters away from Houri’s face.

Houri could not help but be startled.

However, the other party did not care at all, and continued to put her face in front of Houri’s face, and spoke out with great joy.

“I didn’t expect to meet you in a place like this, what a surprise!”

In the shoujo’s tone, there is an indescribably liveliness and cheerfulness, but it also carries a kind of frivolity that ignores the feelings of outsiders. She didn’t care that she was meeting Houri for the first time, and showed a different kind of closeness to Houri just because of her interest.

Faced with such a shoujo, another shoujo with brown skin stepped forward and said with a scolding voice.

“Ernesta, what are you doing all of a sudden?”

Compared to the white-robed shoujo, the brown-skinned shoujo is obviously a straightforward person, as a stark contrast, not only is her personality not frivolous, but also quite serious.

In response, the shoujo called Ernesta just smiled happily and said to the brown-skinned shoujo. “Camilla, you also come here, this is that Jielong’s brother? I think it’s called Houri?”

“Houri?” The brown-skinned shoujo called Camilla couldn’t help but raised her brow, and then her eyes also turned to Houri and said to herself. “I see, is that you?”

Should it be incredible?

Clearly, Ernesta is frivolous and Camilla is serious, but both of them are looking at Houri with the same emotion in their eyes at this moment.

It was scrutiny.

Like looking at people as an object of observation, or looking at a rare piece of art, Ernesta and Camilla are looking at Houri as if they were collecting information.

This is not a strange thing.

Although the personalities of the two shoujo were completely different, the uniforms they were wearing were those of the Arlequint Academy.

In other words, these two shoujos are both students of Arlequint Academy.

An academy where research is the main topic and technical personnel are far more prominent than combatants.

The two shoujo in front is obviously the so-called technicians.

For their kind of people, maybe everyone is the object of observation, right?

What’s more, these two shoujos are not ordinary technicians.

“So it is.” Houri subtly took a few steps back, far away from Ernesta, and smiled at the two of them, said indifferently.

“It’s quite surprising that the representatives of Arlequint Academy Pygmalion and Ferrovius are actually present in the ‘Phoenix Festa’ contestant area.”

Houri’s words silenced Camilla while making Ernesta smile admiringly and said. “What-what? Brother knows us?”

“Should there be fewer people who don’t know you?” Houri looked at Ernesta and said. “Pygmalion and Ferrovius are very special in the Arlequint Academy, where there are many factions, and as representatives of these two factions, who don’t know both of you?”

In some ways, Arlequint Academy is similar to the Jielong Seventh Institute.

That is, there are many factions within the academy.

The difference is that while the Jielong Seventh Institute’s factions are called sects and are for martial arts training, the Arlequint Academy’s many factions are basically for research purposes.

Among them, Pygmalion and Ferrovius are the leading ones.

Pygmalion’s philosophy is to develop a prototype, i.e., a mechanical puppet, in the hope of eventually developing an autonomic prototype comparable to humans.

Ferrovius, on the other hand, focuses on the development of Lux, a faction whose philosophy is to create a highly versatile Lux that can be easily used by anyone.

These two factions in the Arlequint Academy are among the most powerful, especially Ferrovius, is the largest faction in the Arlequint Academy.

The representatives of these two factions are Ernesta and Camilla.

–Ernesta Kuhne.

Pygmalion’s representative, known for her keen observation and powerful computing power, is a world-class genius research expert. It is her appearance that the originally weak Pygmalion quickly gained strength, and eventually became one of the leaders.

–Camilla Pareto.

Ferrovius’ representative, known for her meticulous style and will to carry out her ideas, is also an excellent research expert, and the Lux developed by her team is used by the winner of the last ‘Phoenix Festa’.

In this way, it was impossible for these two people not to become famous.

“Compared to you guys, I don’t think I’m a big name.” Houri smiled at Ernesta and Camilla as if he were talking about other people’s affairs. “I don’t know how you two know a nobody like me?”

Hearing this, let alone Camilla, Ernesta smiled cunningly. Once again, her face came to the front, and her eyes curved into a crescent shape, she then said.

“Well, don’t say that. In any case, we still know the user who conquered Burma?”

Houri raised his eyes at once.

Do these two people know about Burma?

But that’s not surprising.

For an academy like the Arlequint Academy, where technical personnel is generally prominent, an Orga Lux like Burma, which has not found a user for nearly a hundred years and has not even collected many armed data, would be the most suitable subject for research, right?

“I heard that the Orga Lux has not been thoroughly researched by the technical team of any academy for nearly a hundred years, right?”

Ernesta’s eyes started to light up and she bent her face to the sheath that held Burma’s launcher around Houri’s waist and exclaimed with great curiosity. “I’d like to see it, I’d like to see it.”

Houri frowned at such an unconventional personality and style.

Just then, Camilla said.

“Come on, Ernesta, don’t do things that make people suspicious.”

Camilla said this and looking at Houri with a cold look on her face. “Although I would love to gather information about a mysterious being like Burma, it is Orga Lux after all, which is fundamentally different from our Ferrovius philosophy. I don’t have much interest in it.”

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