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With Camilla’s speech, the atmosphere became a little tense.

“Ca~ mi~ lla~” Ernesta pouted a little and said angrily to Camilla. “Why do you say that?”

“I’m just telling the truth,” Camilla said with a straight face. “Our Ferrovius philosophy is to generalize the use of armed forces to create Lux that anyone can use. But Orga Lux only has great power, extreme lack of generalization. No one except those with a high compatibility rate can use it and there’s the danger of being abandoned. I wouldn’t approve of that kind of armament, no matter how powerful it is.”

“But as far as the research subjects are concerned, that Orga Lux is of the highest level, isn’t it?” Ernesta said with a grin. “No research facility has been able to fully analyze it, even the Integrated Enterprise Foundation couldn’t do anything with it. Don’t you think it would be the greatest achievement as a researcher if we could do something that no one could do?”

“… I’m not denying that, which is why I said that in terms of armed material alone, I would actually like to collect it.” Camilla sighed. “But that’s Orga Lux after all, not for us Ferrovius.”

The two Arlequint Academy research geniuses discussed the matter like nobody’s business, ignoring Houri.

Their casual approach was comparable to that of Houri.

At that moment, Houri just grinned, ignored the two irksome presence and turned around, ready to leave.

In this instant, Ernesta’s voice came into Houri’s ears.

“By the way, brother, we also participated in the ‘Phoenix Festa’.”

These words stopped Houri in his tracks.

If someone else had heard this, they would have been surprised, right?

Because researchers like Ernesta and Camilla cannot attend Festa in person.

Arlequint Academy is divided into research classes and practical classes, the former is responsible for research technology, and the latter is responsible for practical combat.

It would not be surprising if the students of the practical class with the research works of Ernesta and Camilla participated in the ‘Phoenix Festa’.

However, it would be surprising if the research students themselves participated in ‘Phoenix Festa’.

However, Houri was not surprised.

Because Houri already knew what was going on.

“I’m sure you know that this year’s ‘Phoenix Festa’ allows proxy entries.” Camilla looked at Houri’s back and said. “We will be competing with our creations instead, using Ernesta’s prototype with my Lux.”

In other words, Ernesta has developed prototypes that can be used in combat matches, and they will replace the two in the competition.

As for Camilla, it provides Lux for the prototype.

In this form, Ernesta and Camilla participated in the ‘Phoenix Festa’ and that’s why they are in the contestant area.

“Treat my children well if you meet them?”

Saying this, Ernesta showed an innocent smile.

However, that smile is no longer as heartless as before, but with a very strong sense of profundity.

Ernesta then said.

“When the time comes, let’s observe how Burma’s user’s ability really is.”

Leaving these words, Ernesta jumped up in a good mood and left the hallway.

Camilla also gave a slight nod to Houri as a goodbye, and followed Ernesta’s back, leaving directly.

Perceiving that the breath behind him had gone, Houri couldn’t help but smile lightly.

Whether it was Ernesta or Camilla, both were just expressing their thoughts frankly, without any hostility or malice.

Unfortunately, since both sides participated in ‘Phoenix Festa’, even if there is no hostility or malice, there will still be friction after all.

“Prototype as an opponent?”

Houri muttered.


After saying that, Houri also lifted his pace and slowly left.

At this moment Houri still does not know.

The encounter with Ernesta and Camilla’s work had come sooner than he had thought.

The preliminaries were not all held in the Sirius dome but were arranged in different stages depending on the group, and only the teams that received special attention would play in the Sirius dome.

Houri and Cecily’s match was held in the Sirius dome.

Of course, it is not because Houri is so popular, but because Cecily was the runner-up of the last ‘Phoenix Festa’, so they were arranged to play in Sirius dome.

Moreover, the match between Houri and Cecily was the first match of the day.

The main stage, Sirius dome.

The loud cheers echoed all around, causing the enthusiasm of the spectators to explode.

All around the stage, the gun salute was ringing out, causing little glittering pieces of paper to spill out of mid-air, making for an extremely gorgeous scene.

And in the live broadcast booth, two women were making their voices heard in all directions through the microphones.

“Hello everyone, this is the Sirius dome, the venue for the first competition of the 24th Phoenix Festa, with my ABC announcer, Yanase Miiko, broadcasting live for you. Jielong Seventh Institute’s graduate and former ‘Phoenix Festa’ prospective winner, Miss Pham Thi Tram, is here to commentate for everyone.”

“Hello, everyone.”

On the oversized space window hovering over the stage, two women in formal wear appeared at the same time and greeted the camera.

“So, before the competition starts, let’s explain the rules to everyone. Notwithstanding, all judgments are actually monitored in real-time by the school badge. We just have to remember that when two players on a team have their school badge destroyed, or when they lose consciousness and surrender, that’s the end of the game. At that time, the school badge will also help us declare the winner.”

“After all, the students’ school badge has an information processing chip built into it, which is equivalent to everyone carrying a referee around with them.”

“Yes, yes, so we just have to expect the players to give us a great game, then.”

“I can’t wait to see the players come out.”

“Then let’s start immediately, the first round of this day’s match!”

With the live broadcast, on both sides of the stage, two huge pillar-shaped platforms rose up from the ground.

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