Illimitable Until Death v4c321


In the entire Sirius dome venue, a mountain of cheers rang out, making the atmosphere instantly detonated.

Countless lights staggered and danced up and down, eventually converging on the two platforms.

The entrance to the column-shaped platform immediately opened, as if building a bridge, extending a corridor towards the stage.

The participants from both sides came out of the entrance at the same time, exposed to the lights and appeared in the huge space window in mid-air.

Houri and Cecily slowly walked out from the entrance of the left platform.

At the same time, the live broadcast sounded.

“Ladies and gentlemen, let’s take a look at the contestant pairing from the left, Jielong Seventh Institute’s Houri and Cecily Wang!”

“Both of them are my schoolmates, especially Cecily Wang, whose name I often hear even after graduating.”

“Cecily Wang is the fourth-ranked player in the Jielong Seventh Institute, and she is also the second student of ‘Banyuu Tenra’, and in the last ‘Phoenix Festa’, she was partnered with the fifth-ranked player Zhao Hufeng, and was the runner-up in the final. Her strength is definitely worthy of everyone’s attention, and she is a popular contestant in this year’s ‘Phoenix Festa’!”

“There seems to be a lot of discussion about this on the internet, and everyone thinks that if Cecily Wang continues to team up with Hufeng Zhao this time, then the ‘Phoenix Festa’ championship will go to them, right?”

“However, Cecily Wang is teamed up with Houri, so why is that?”

“After all, Zhao Hufeng only participated in the last ‘Phoenix Festa’ competition, so he can still participate in two competitions according to the rules, and Zhao Hufeng is not over the age of the competition.”

“On the other hand, Houri is still out of the rankings and does not seem to have fought a single duel at the Jielong Seventh Institute, plus he only enrolled this year, so he is a freshman.”

“However, according to the news, this Hou player is also the ‘Banyuu Tenra’ disciple, even without the ranking and battle record, but still should not be underestimated.”

“The so-called mystery contestant, right? It’s really a player that can cause a conversation!”

It must be said that the live broadcast was of a very high standard, turning the otherwise unknown Houri into an enigmatic player, causing the cheers and enthusiasm of the spectators to grow.

Houri just walked alongside Cecily, glancing at each other, and both couldn’t help but smile.

“Did you hear that, Wang shijie?” Houri said playfully. “People are saying that this year’s championship is yours if you are teamed up with Zhao shixiong?”

“Don’t be presumptuous. Others may not know, I who have been training with you for two months do not know?” Cecily said blankly. “You are not worse than Hufeng, you just don’t like to fight for vanity, otherwise, Jielong’s Page One would have a place for you.”

While saying these words, Houri and Cecily had already entered the stage.

On the opposite side, two players wearing black uniforms with a somewhat fierce feeling also slowly walked in and came across Houri and Cecily.

The uniforms told everyone that these two players were students of Rewolf Black academy, the rumored worst of the six great academies.

At a closer look, the dress of these two players was a bit unconventional, indeed very much like the characteristics of the students of Rewolf Black academy, which advocates violence.

But despite their fierce appearance, their expressions were tightly tensed, and their eyes were simultaneously focused on Cecily’s body, ignoring Houri.

Obviously, these two people only regard Cecily as a strong enemy.

As for Houri, he was not ranked and had no record, so he was completely ignored.

Immediately afterward, the school badge of four people simultaneously glowed.

It was an automated duel application, a function that was only allowed during the ‘Phoenix Festa’ tournament, so there was no need to go through the usual duel announcement and consent.

Immediately after that, a mechanized voice was heard from the school badge.

“Match begins.”

The words fell.


In the front, the two Rewolf Black academy players immediately sent out a bluff shout, holding ax-type and knife-type Lux in their hands, and charged towards Houri and Cecily at a very fast speed.

That speed, although extremely good, but not up to Tier 4, it’s just Tier 5.

Therefore, Houri and Cecily just glanced at each other and immediately decided on the way to play.

Houri stood still and did not move.

Cecily, on the other hand, suddenly took out a charm, put it between her fingers, and raised it high into the air.

Biri Biri–!

The next second, a fierce electric shock sounded suddenly.

It was the sound of a shocking electric light stirring up on the charm.

A lightning bolt burst out from the charm and turned into a time-traveling arrow, flashing through space with a blinding light and rushing towards the two players who were charging.



The two players on the opposite side immediately exclaimed.

However, at this time, the lightning bolt was already sweeping through space and landed heavily in front of the two.


With the scene of a thunderbolt hitting the ground, a powerful explosion shook the stage.


The two Rewolf Black academy players let out a scream as their entire bodies were enveloped in electricity and endured a stunning electric shock.

By the time the electric shock was over, a burnt black smoke rose from the bodies of the two.

The screams stopped abruptly.

The surroundings were suddenly silent.

After a long time, the two players, covered with charred black marks, rolled their eyes and slowly collapsed on the ground, their school badges also dimmed.

“Match is over, winner, Houri × Cecily Wang.”

When the mechanical sound of the verdict resounded throughout the venue, all the seated spectators looked at each other in disbelief.

The next moment…


Amazing cheers once again resounded through the mid-air.

Only Houri and Cecily were left with their hands outstretched to each other, giving a loud high five.

The first match of the first day of ‘Phoenix Festa’ ended with Houri and Cecily unscathed and not even moving a step.

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