Illimitable Until Death v4c322

In front of the passage leading to the players’ lounge, there is a slightly wider space.

There is an interview area for journalists.

Festa is after all the biggest event in the world, and the significance of it is extraordinary, and there are many instances of comparing to make a fortune with this event, and the spectators are spread all over the world, so those reporters naturally won’t miss such an opportunity to get an interview.

Therefore, there are interview areas in the medium-sized stages and above, where most journalists wait to interview the popular players and the winners of the competition.

Therefore, when Houri and Cecily came out of the aisle, a large number of reporters immediately swarmed around them.

The flashbulbs immediately enveloped Houri and Cecily.

The noise of the reporters also started to ring out.

“Cecily Wang, please look over here!”

“Wang, can you answer my question?”


“Cecily Wang!”

One by one, the reporters’ voices rang out, turning into a racket, making Cecily scratch her hair and say with some impatience. “Sorry, I’m a little tired, if you have any questions, you can ask my xiao shidi.”

“Eh?” Houri was just going to leave things alone but was stunned by Cecily’s words.

Unfortunately, Cecily had already successfully shifted the muzzle, allowing the focus of the reporters on the scene to converge on Houri’s body.

“Hou, I heard that you are a ‘Banyuu Tenra’ disciple, this time you are partnered with Cecily Wang in the competition, is it because your strength is recognized by your Shifu?”

“If so, can we assume that your strength is still above your shixiong Zhao Hufeng?”

“I heard that you have not fought a duel since you entered Jielong, what is the reason for that?”

“Is it really because of Jielong’s strategy to hide information about powerful players?”

The questions came to Houri’s ears one after another, causing Houri’s eyebrows to creased slightly, and his heart was a bit helpless.

Although the interview with the winner can be excused with the reason of ‘no comment’, Festa is originally an activity to please the world, if the participant keeps refusing the interview, it is inevitable that the reporters will write a lot of things and eventually the evaluation among the public will drop.

In that case, it doesn’t matter.

After all, Houri doesn’t care about fame.

However, if the rating drops, then Festa’s management committee will arrange for the opponent who can raise the rating and show a fierce battle to the player whose rating drops, in order to heat up the atmosphere again.

Therefore, if Houri refuses to be interviewed here, the next match may turn out to be against a strong opponent.

Houri didn’t want to face a strong opponent in advance since he didn’t even enter the official fixture.

Therefore, Houri could only answer one by one.

“It is indeed Shifu’s order to partner with Wang shijie.”

“Zhao shixiong’s strength is no longer the same compared to the last time he participated, even Shifu praised him.”

“No duel, just because I need to concentrate on training, after all, I just started.”

“Jielong is the academy of militarism, Shifu often teaches us that people who practice martial arts should follow good advice readily. We don’t know how the academy is arranged, we just want to be able to do our best in the competition.”

The questions were answered one after another, without revealing too much information and without giving away the truth, so that Cecily could not help but nod her head.

Until one of the reporters raised her hand and asked this question.

“Since Hou players are so diligent in their training that they don’t even duel, do they have any entertainment during the week?”

“No, there is nothing like that.” Houri instinctively replied. “I do relax when it’s time to relax, and I’ve been to Sylvia’s concerts before.”

The whole group of journalists was in an uproar.

“Sylvia? Is it Sylvia Lyyneheym?”

“Is Hou a fan of ‘Sigrdrifa’?”

“Is it possible that Hou is participating in ‘Phoenix Festa’ to get her highness diva’s attention?”

“Please answer our questions, contestant Hou!”

The enthusiasm of the reporters suddenly became even more inflated than before.

Houri now reacted, and his heart could not help but wonder.

These reporters are really sharp, know there is no way to get much powerful news, immediately turned to gossip about this aspect, simply.

However, Houri’s eyes turned again, remembering the diva who likes to make fun of himself, the corners of his mouth immediately could not help but lift an arc.

At that moment, Houri answered this way.

“Silvie and I are old friends, so I should go to her show for support.”

It was this one sentence that led to a huge storm later.

Academy battle city, at this very moment, there is a huge space window in every corner, and a live interview is being broadcast.

It was not the interview for Houri, but the interview for Sylvia.

In the opening ceremony of ‘Phoenix Festa’, the student council president of each academy was obliged to be present.

For Jielong, although Fan Xinglu was not present, she also hired a proxy to attend for her.

The rest of the student council presidents of the academies were all present at the opening ceremony.

Including Sylvia.

Because of this, after Houri’s interview, Sylvia was immediately welcomed to an interview as well.

After all, it is a world-class diva, and since the whereabouts are known, there is no reason not to be targeted by journalists.

The only thing is, because of Houri’s relationship, Sylvia’s interview naturally mentioned Houri.

And when confronted with questions from journalists, Sylvia simply replied with a perfect smile.

“Houri is indeed my friend, and we have a good relationship.”

Now, Houri’s fame has been greatly enhanced.

The fact that he’s still an unknown student before the competition, and that he didn’t play during the competition, and that he has very little information, has made Houri’s reputation even higher than the popular contestants, and he has been in the headlines one after another.

People began to speculate about Houri’s relationship with Sylvia but completely forgot about Houri’s strength, which in effect helped Houri hide a lot of information.

However, Houri was also unlucky.

“Shidi! What the hell is going on here?!”

In the Sirius dome’s player’s lounge, Zhao Hufeng was pushing Houri.

“When did you meet Miss Sylvia? Why didn’t I know that?”

While saying this, Zhao Hufeng grabbed Houri’s neck and kept shaking it, causing Houri to almost roll his eyes.

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