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Nowadays, the relationship between Houri and Sylvia has been widely known.

Although this helped to divert Houri’s attention from the speculation about his strengths and events that were being reported and invariably help Houri conceal a lot of information, this leads to a lot of consequences.

At least, Zhao Hufeng, after learning the news, immediately rushed over and caught Houri and asked him a lot of questions.

“You obviously went to Seidoukan Academy with Shifu to get Burma’s approval, except for the last time you went to Sylvia’s concert with me, and you don’t go out of Oushinden at all. Is it because of what happened the last time you went out?”

Zhao Hufeng grabbed Houri’s neck with all his might and shook it desperately.

“Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!”

In this moment, Zhao Hufeng undoubtedly used his full strength.

Genestellar’s arm strength, and also a person from small martial arts training, even if it is good at speed type, arm strength is also certainly not small.

If it wasn’t for Houri, who is also a Genestellar, he would have had his neck broken.

So, Houri could only smile bitterly.

“You know shixiong, don’t get so excited, shijie is still around.”

After Houri said so, Zhao Hufeng reacted.

“It’s okay, you guys don’t have to mind my presence.” Cecily lying on the sofa, watching Houri and Zhao Hufeng’s interaction with interest, carefreely said. “Just do your thing, I’ll just watch.”

However, when Cecily said so, where is it possible for Zhao Hufeng to continue?

At that moment, Zhao Hufeng’s old face flushed, he hurriedly let go of Houri’s neck, coughed, and stammered. “I… I was just curious, yes, just curious.”

As a result, this defense not only did not usher in any relief but also made Cecily’s eyes become tease.

Houri even said with a smile. “Well, Zhao shixiong, it’s not like we don’t know about you being a fan of Silvie, so there’s no need to be so clumsily about hiding it.”

“I-I didn’t conceal it on purpose!” Zhao Hufeng retorted, followed by a whisper through clenched teeth.

“Silvie… silvie… how dare you to call Miss Sylvia Silvie directly… Damn… This is really too disrespectful…”

Zhao Hufeng’s gnash teeth-like whispers made Houri laugh.

“Well, shixiong, don’t get so hung up on it.” Houri smiled at Zhao Hufeng. “I’ll ask Silvie for an autograph for you next time, what do you say?”

“Really?!” Zhao Hufeng was immediately excited.

“Hahahahaha!” Cecily finally couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Zhao Hufeng was shocked, then his face was all red, can’t wait to find a crack to burrow in.

“Shijie, you also do not make fun of shixiong .” Houri although also couldn’t help but chuckle, but began to help Zhao Hufeng speak, said. “The singing voice of that her highness diva is really something, people who have heard it once will like it, right?”

In fact, Sylvia has become the world’s number one popular idol with her singing voice and has fans in any age group.

In this sense, Rusalka is the second most popular band after Sylvia, but because they are a rock band, they are more popular among young people, but their popularity decreases when they reach a certain age.

This shows how good Sylvia really is.

“After all, it’s Strega who lives by her singing voice,” Cecily said as she curbed her laughter and a bit of fighting spirit began to emerge in her eyes. “Sylvia Lyyneheym, the runner-up of the last ‘Lindwurm Festa’, theoretically the second strongest student in this academy island, and the type whose ability is even more extensive than seisenjutsu, can do almost anything except healing, I really want to fight her.”

“Oh?” Houri was interested and asked. “Does shijie have a chance to win?”

“… It should be very low.” Cecily’s fighting spirit suddenly decreased a lot, with some regret said. “That diva’s strength is very strong, not only is her ability very powerful, even the close combat ability is also very outstanding, with the current me, I should not be able to win, right?”

“Miss Sylvia is indeed very strong.” Zhao Hufeng seemed to have gotten out of the state of being a fan and said with approval. “Shifu once said that even dashixiong would not be able to win against Miss Sylvia, and if Miss Sylvia grows even more, she will definitely become the number one Strega in the world, standing on the same level as her.”

“Even Shifu said so?” Cecily said, half-surprised, half-impressed. “The most famous Strega, I hope to have the opportunity to challenge her in the future.”

“That’s a matter for later, you two should focus on the competition for now.” Zhao Hufeng said with a reminder. “That being said, the first round of preliminaries is over. The second round of preliminaries will have to wait until at least four days later. By the time the second round of preliminaries is passed, the third round of preliminaries will be held in two days. If even the third round of preliminaries is passed, then you will be able to participate in the official fixture seven days later and be among the top thirty-two and compete for the championship.”

That is what he said, but Zhao Hufeng is obviously not worried about this matter.

Because, Zhao Hufeng knows, with Houri and Cecily’s strength, entering the official fixture’s top 32 is not a difficult task at all.

Rather, it would be strange if Houri and Cecily could not enter the official fixture with their strength.

Cecily was the runner-up in the last ‘Phoenix Festa’ before she learned seisenjutsu, and Houri is a speed-type above Zhao Hufeng, so they are definitely the favorite for the ‘Phoenix Festa’ championship.

Of course, it’s just a favorite.

After all, this year’s ‘Phoenix Festa’ also has many strong opponents.

“Shidi, it seems that the match of Amagiri Ayato that you mentioned last time has also started.”

Saying this, Zhao Hufeng opened the space window and entered the live channel, expanding the window to show it to the crowd.

Houri lifted his eyes and looked at the space window.

The next moment, on the stage of Sirius dome, a duo belonging to Seidoukan Academy slowly walked forward.

It was a male and a female duo.

Houri’s eyes were first drawn to the male side.

He had fluffy black hair.

His expression did not have a hint of tension.

He is holding a pure black Lux launcher in his hand.

His eyes look a bit casual, but there is an unspeakable glow in the deepest part of them.

–Amagiri Ayato.

The original work protagonist finally appeared.

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