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Looking at Amagiri Ayato who slowly walked onto the stage, Cecily and Zhao Hufeng both showed suspicious expressions in the contestants’ lounge.

“Is that the opponent you said that needs to watch out for?” Cecily said with great confusion. “It doesn’t look like anything out of the ordinary.”

“That’s what I thought.” Zhao Hufeng echoed Cecily, agreeing. “Although I wasn’t there to see the battle, I couldn’t feel the amount of Prana and the flow of mana, but judging from the opponent’s movements, they were a bit too loose and didn’t seem to be a strong opponent.”


If one has a good eye, one can see the level of Amagiri Ayato with just one glance.

Even if there are some deviations, from the current point of view, Amagiri Ayato is probably only able to fight with Ranker’s opponents, not even Page One, let alone the top level of each academy.

Therefore, Cecily and Zhao Hufeng were both a bit puzzled by Houri’s statement.

In this regard, Houri also did not say anything more, smiled at Cecily and Zhao Hufeng, and said. “You just keep watching and you’ll see.”

Hearing this, Cecily and Zhao Hufeng also did not say anything more and turned their attention to the space window in front of them.

There, the game had already started.

Amagiri Ayato was partnered with a small figure, similar to Toudou Kirin, with short shoulder-length light blue hair, and wearing the uniform of Seidoukan Academy High School.

That was Amagiri Ayato’s childhood friend, Sasamiya Saya.

However, Sasamiya Saya did not fight, but stepped back and gave the stage to Amagiri Ayato.

In this situation, Amagiri Ayato simply stepped forward and raised the launcher in his hand.

The next moment, Amagiri Ayato’s voice resounded on the stage.

“— Breaking through the prison of the star prison with my secret sword, liberating us from the tiger’s might–“

As the words of the incantation resounded from Amagiri Ayato’s mouth, a surge of Prana rose from Amagiri Ayato’s body.

As if liberated from the cage, it rose up from Amagiri Ayato’s body as a pillar of light and shot upward.

Driven by such strong Prana, the launcher in Amagiri Ayato’s hand also glowed, reconstructing itself from the sword handle and extending its heavy energy blade to form a pure black sword.

That is Orga Lux — Ser-Veresta.

Immediately, Amagiri Ayato disappeared.

Like a gust of wind, Amagiri Ayato’s form flashed past the two opponents.

By the time he reappeared, Amagiri Ayato was already behind the two players.

Immediately, two school badges cracked from the bodies of the two players and fell down.

A mechanical announcement sounded.

“The match is over, the winner is Amagiri Ayato × Sasamiya Saya.”

After the mechanical voice fell, the entire Sirius dome was immediately enveloped by wild cheers.

Amagiri Ayato was relieved and released the materialization of Ser-Veresta, like a harmless young man with a relaxed smile, and returned to the side of Sasamiya Saya who greeted him.

Cheers are ringing all the time.

In the players’ lounge, Cecily and Zhao Hufeng, who saw Amagiri Ayato’s performance with their own eyes, were speechless and could not speak anymore.

When Amagiri Ayato and Sasamiya Saya retired from the stage in the space window and the cheers began to die down, then both of them only let out a sigh.

“Shidi, you’re right.” Cecily voiced out helplessly. “This man is indeed an opponent to watch out for.”

“Really strong.” Zhao Hufeng even had a solemn face and said. “That instantaneous stance, even I almost couldn’t keep up due to carelessness. Coupled with Ser-Veresta, if I didn’t use Tsuutensoku, I probably wouldn’t be a match for him.”

For the normally defiant Zhao Hufeng to say such a thing, one can imagine that Amagiri Ayato’s strength is at least as strong as Cecily and Zhao Hufeng.

“But, why is that so?” Zhao Hufeng said with some confusion. “Before the match started, Amagiri Ayato’s movements were a bit loose, but after the match started, his movements were like gears suddenly clicked together, and his strength skyrocketed. Even Prana seemed to have risen to an unbelievable level, why is that?”

“I also have this feeling.” Cecily raised her hand and echoed. “It always seems like that man is not hiding deeply, but has suddenly become stronger.”

However, Houri shook his head and said. “It’s not that he suddenly became stronger, that’s really Amagiri Ayato’s strength, so he’s really hiding deep.”

After saying that, Houri said with a deeper meaning. “Of course, he didn’t necessarily hide it himself.”

“He didn’t hide it himself?” Cecily was puzzled.

“What do you mean?” Zhao Hufeng was also a little blank.

But Houri didn’t say anything else and suddenly switched the channel to watch another match.

It was Toudou Kirin and Julis match.

On the stage, Toudou Kirin was forcing her opponent into a corner with a fast combo, and slashing down her opponent’s school badge with ease by picking up a slash from the bottom corner.

On the other hand, Julis was holding a rose-colored thin sword-type Lux, raising it high into the air and sending a fierce red flame rising all over her body, turning it into a wheel of fire that swept across the stage like a violent flywheel and landed hard on another opponent, sending him flying.

Although not quite the insta-kill of Amagiri Ayato, Toudou Kirin’s well-formed battle with Julis was easily won.

After all, today was only the first day of ‘Phoenix Festa’, and to keep the show interesting, the committee couldn’t have scheduled all the strong teams with championship potential to meet in the preliminaries.

Obviously, Houri and Cecily, Julis and Toudou Kirin, and Amagiri Ayato and Sasamiya Saya all have the power to win the championship.

Therefore, all three groups were relatively easy to compete in, and the nature of the show was quite high and much less difficult.

Therefore, Houri was not surprised by Julis and Toudou Kirin’s easy victory.

Immediately afterward, Houri pondered for a while, and then clicked on another channel.

This time, instead of the contestants on the space window, two mechanical puppets appeared.

Impressively, it was Arlequint Academy’s prototype.

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