Illimitable Until Death v4c325

“That is…”

In the lounge, Cecily and Zhao Hufeng both redirected their gaze to the space window and saw the two mechanical puppets.

Those were two very special mechanical puppets.

One body is mechanical in appearance, more than two meters tall, the metal of the whole body is like a muscle-like bulge, like a mechanical knight in armor, carrying an overwhelming sense of existence all over.

The other appearance is almost the same as a human girl, with flawless looks and slim body type, but the body equipped with metal light armor, the face with a touch of indifference.

The two mechanical puppets are wearing Arlequint Academy’s school badge on their chests.

Looking at the two mechanical puppets, the spectators in the Sirius dome were all talking with curiosity.

This made the live broadcast also very enthusiastic.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the new prototype of the Arlequint Academy is now on the field, replacing Ernesta Kuhne and Camilla Pareto in the form of a proxy entry. This is the first time in the history of Festa that prototype has been allowed to compete alone!”

“After all, the so-called prototype is a robot. In the present era, prototypes appear in all corners of the world as laborers, and there is no shortage of combat prototypes, but this type of prototype is usually manipulated from the outside by the user, so even if the performance is superior, there will inevitably be a time delay, the reaction speed is far from Genestellar, and can hardly be useful in battle.”

“However, according to information, this prototype seems to be the Arlequint Academy’s newly developed self-regulating prototype, which is said to have self-awareness and can fight autonomously without a manipulator!”

“Well, artificial intelligence is not a strange thing now. There are examples of practical use around the world, and the application of prototype is only a matter of time.”

“So, according to the basic information provided by Arlequint Academy, the autonomic prototype with a male mechanical shape is called AR-D, commonly known as AR-D, and the autonomic prototype with a female human shape is called RM-C, commonly known as RM-C. The former is represented by Ernesta Kuhne, and the latter is represented by Camilla Parelli!”

“Their opponents are the players of Rewolf Black Institute, one of them is the twelfth ranked player in the sequence, this preliminaries will be more exciting than we thought.”

Listening to this live broadcast, the emotions of the entire spectators began to be ignited, and cheers were once again emitted.

But just at this time, something unexpected happened.

“The two humans over there, listen carefully!”

AR-D suddenly stepped forward, pointed at the opposite player, and said, somewhat condescendingly.

“Although victory is not a big deal to me, since the great master has let me stand on this stage, then I have the obligation to let everyone know how much power the master has given us, so I hope you can be the one to prove our power!”

That voice, although like a mechanical voice processed by the instrument, but carries a very strong human emotion.

Then AR-D said.

“I will give you a minute, during which time we will not launch any attacks, so come on over!”

Such words directly caused the entire venue to be in an uproar.

Especially the two players on the opposite side, blue veins appeared on their foreheads, and their expressions became furious.

They are obviously being underestimated.

Moreover, it is still by two prototypes that are not even human.

This may be unbearable even for a human being, let alone a student of the Rewolf Black academy, which advocates violence.

So, the opponent was very smoothly go into rage mode.

However, the next battle was the one that made everyone lose their words.

One of the opponents of AR-D and RM-C was Page One of Rewolf Black academy.

Although only the 12th from the bottom, this person is a Dante, able to intertwine the wind in both hands, forming a drill-like triangular cone, known as the ability to dig through anything. In terms of pure destructive power, it is among the absolute top in Rewolf.

However, in the face of such a violent attack, AR-D, as the declaration, did not even move a little, but only withstand the opponent’s attack.

How to withstand it?


Whenever the drill-like triangular cone falls heavily on AR-D’s body, a wall of light formed by diamond-shaped crystals suddenly unfolds around AR-D’s body, blocking the opponent’s attack.

The violent wind fell on the wall of light, provoking a strong spark, telling everyone how terrible the clash between the two was.

But even so, the opponent’s attacks never broke through the AR-D’s wall of light from start to finish and were all blocked.

As for RM-C, this prototype, whose appearance is almost no different from that of a human girl, held up the gun-type Lux with a cold face and fired while floating in mid-air using the flying device behind it.

Of course, RM-C’s shooting is not for attack, but for defense.

This girl-shaped prototype was also using a gun-type Lux to fight.

In such a situation, RM-C’s shooting almost every shot can accurately counteract the opponent’s shooting, just like Tohyama Kinji’s gun skill, using bullets to deflect bullets, without letting the opponent hit.

In this way, the result naturally needs no further explanation.

One minute later, the winner was revealed.

In the players’ lounge, Cecily and Zhao Hufeng watched the scene with a more serious expression than when they had just seen Amagiri Ayato fight.

Houri also narrowed his eyes slightly, silent.

After a long time, Cecily naturally said this.

“Shidi, this is probably the biggest obstacle to our winning the championship?”

Hearing this, Houri smiled lightly and replied.

“Not the biggest, but if we meet on stage, we probably won’t win without giving out our best?”

This time, the opponent was so difficult to deal with.

“Amagiri Ayato… Toudou Kirin… Julis… Sasamiya Saya… AR-D… RM-C…”

The corner of Houri’s mouth could not help but raise.

“Things are really getting interesting.”

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