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After the first round of the preliminaries, the headlines were almost all around the theme of ‘Phoenix Festa’.

In the academy battle city, residents and students alike opened their space windows every day, either to watch their favorite matches or to browse the latest news of the tournament, the lively atmosphere could be clearly experienced even on the street.

Especially in the central district, there is a stage with cheers rolling around every day, just like a concert every day, it’s so lively that it’s unimaginable.

That’s why Festa is one of the most popular events in the world, bar none.

In such a situation, a piece of information and news for the contestants is also spread one after another.

Among them, the teams with high hopes of winning the championship have become the most popular ones, occupying the top of all the pages and being talked about.

Houri and Cecily’s team was also in this category.

After all, Cecily was the only one to play in the match afterward, using a charm to trigger thunder’s seisenjutsu and blowing the opponent away.

In addition, Cecily was the runner-up in the last ‘Phoenix Festa’, and most people thought that Houri and Cecily had the power to win the championship.

But Houri never played a single shot.

This makes Houri’s strength a mystery, and the so-called ‘mystery contestant’ name is getting bigger and bigger, firmly pulling everyone’s curiosity.

What’s more, Houri also broke the news on the first day, letting others know that he had a relationship with Sylvia.

The combination of the two has aroused the curiosity of many people, who are constantly searching for information about Houri in order to unveil the mysterious veil on Houri.

In view of this, although Houri was not known before this, but after this, his reputation is not weaker than those popular players, often become the focus of people’s conversations.

So, seven days have passed in a flash.

Today, Houri and Cecily had their third round of preliminaries.

After passing these preliminaries, Houri and Cecily will be able to successfully advance to the official fixture and be among the top thirty-two.

This round also did not last long.

Within a minute of the match starting, Cecily used several charms as a guide to unleashing several thunderbolts, knocking her opponent down to the ground with scorching marks.

“Match is over, winner, Houri × Cecily Wang.”

At the mechanical announcement, the spectators erupted in a loud cheer that filled the live broadcast with excitement.

“The match has reached the third round, and this time it’s Wang who has easily solved her opponent alone, while Hou is also just watching from the sidelines.”

“As a graduate of Jielong, I am also sincerely proud of the wonderful performance of these two players, truly worthy of being ‘Banyuu Tenra’ disciples.”

“Yes, yes, after this battle, Hou and Wang have successfully advanced to the official fixture and entered the top thirty-two.”

“Let us wait and see what happens.”

With that, Houri and Cecily left the stage and entered the contestants’ passage under the live broadcast and great cheers.

“These boring preliminaries are finally over,” Cecily said energetically. “The next round is an official fixture, so the next opponents won’t be so boring, right?”

“Personally, I’d like to be able to just sit around and watch and do nothing and advance, but it’s not going to be that easy, is it?” Houri laughed and shook his head, then opened the space window and browsed while saying. “In addition to us, the third round of preliminaries for the rest of the stages are also over, and many powerful teams have successfully advanced to the official fixture.”

“Is that so?” Cecily asked. “What teams are there?”

“It’s pretty much what we expected, no big dark horses,” Houri said. “There are a few teams to watch out for, such as Amagiri Ayato and Sasamiya Saya, Julis and Toudou Kirin, and AR-D and RM-C, all of whom made it to the official fixture.”

“I really want to compete with them, especially ‘Gluhen Rose’,” Cecily said to Houri with a grin on her face. “What about you? Do you have someone you’d like to fight?”

“Of course.” Houri suddenly smiled and said. “Yes, I would like to fight Amagiri Ayato.”

The original work protagonist, perhaps not the strongest in this session of ‘Phoenix Festa’, but probably unbeatable when it comes to luck, right?

Like Tohyama Kinji, who usually have little motivation, and later left the Assault Division, Houri was still nearly overpowered when he faced him again.

It is conceivable that once the aura of the protagonist came down, it would be difficult even for Houri to win the title.

So, no matter what, Houri hopes to beat Amagiri Ayato.

“I just don’t know if things will go so well.”

As they spoke, Houri and Cecily walked through the contestants’ passage to the press area, where they dealt with reporters and left immediately.

After leaving the venue, Houri and Cecily went straight back to Jielong.

Immediately, Houri and Cecily parted ways.

Houri just wanted to return to the Star room when the space around him suddenly distorted, making Houri feel like falling into the abyss, only to feel the sky spinning, and then regained the feeling of being on the ground.

But at this time, Houri was no longer in the corridor of Oushinden, but in the audience room.

Houri was stunned by this situation, and then he spoke out helplessly.

“Shifu, if you want to see me for something, can you find me in a more normal way?”

Hearing this, Fan Xinglu, who was sitting on a wide chair, laughed and said. “I’m sorry, I’m really in a hurry to ask you about that Amagiri Ayato.”

“Amagiri Ayato?” Houri blinked and asked. “Is Shifu interested in him?”

“That’s right,” Fan Xinglu laughed with delight. “That boy is interesting, he seems to be hiding something, I’m curious about that.”

In other words, Fan Xinglu was interested in Amagiri Ayato’s qualifications.

Just as Houri was about to say something, Fan Xinglu suddenly narrowed her eyes.

“It seems that there are unexpected people visiting.”

As Fan Xinglu’s words fell, the atmosphere around hher changed abruptly.

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