Illimitable Until Death v4c327

Houri could clearly feel that a sense of oppressive pressure began to permeate the space.

This made Houri’s heart slightly tightened, and his body was also a bit tense.

On the contrary, Fan Xinglu, as if nothing had happened, might as well say that this sudden change has made her happy, casting her eyes in the direction of the door, and in a childish and sophisticated voice, said.

“Just come out since you’re here, coming to my Oushinden while hidden from the eyes and ears of the whole Jielong, you don’t want me to greet you, do you?”

As soon as the words left her mouth, a voice rang out.

“I’m the one who wanted to find you, so naturally I don’t need to do that kind of trouble.”

With the sound of such a sentence, outside the entrance of the audience room, a person appeared as if out of thin air and slowly walked in from outside.

It was a strange woman.

Her body is wearing a cloak, her head is wearing a cloak hood, the part above the eyes are all covered up, a woman who looked very suspicious.

Of course, without looking at the appearance, the mere fact that the woman was able to break into Oushinden was enough to show that the woman was suspicious.

After all, this can be said to be Fan Xinglu’s world, without Fan Xinglu’s permission to just barge in, no need for any guards to catch, the end will only be lost in the never-ending corridor, or directly exiled to the distorted space.

However, the other party barged in with a high-sounding, and came smoothly to the audience room and met Fan Xinglu.

The visitor is definitely more than just suspicious.

What’s more, there was a dangerous and dark atmosphere emanating from this woman’s body.

That atmosphere made Houri’s heart rise up with a warning without any reason.

As for Fan Xinglu, she was looking at the woman who slowly walked in through the door, tilted her head, and spoke out in surprise.

“Hmm, there is a familiar aura, but it seems a bit off, who are you?”

Hearing this, the woman’s figure gave a slight pause, followed by taking off the robe on her body.

Underneath the robe is a very beautiful looking woman, wearing simple clothes like ethnic minorities, with a firm and firm body curve, quite young.

Such a woman, as a rule, the most likely to attract the attention of others should be the beautiful face.

But at this moment, Fan Xinglu’s gaze fell on the other party’s body as a matter of course.

In front of her body, there is a necklace that is ridiculously large, full of mechanical sense, with a huge gemstone set in it, like a huge eye.

Looking at the necklace, Houri’s pupils shrank slightly, raised his head and looked at the other’s face, his eyes began to flicker.

Fan Xinglu, on the other hand, brightened up and said with a sudden realization.

“So it’s you, I thought who was so capable of breaking into my Oushinden, I was a little eager to try.”

“… As usual, you’re not interested in anyone but a powerful opponent.”

From the tone of their conversation, it was clear that Fan Xinglu knew each other.

However, when faced with this person, Fan Xinglu said with some lack of interest. “Did you come here specifically to look for me, just to win me over?”

The woman was silent and then said in a bland tone. “You know, I am now secretly starting a plan, only this plan needs manpower, among the people I know, you are undoubtedly the most suitable person to be my helper.”

In other words, the woman was indeed here to rope in Fan Xinglu.

Moreover, this was not the first time.

“I’ll say it once more.” The woman looked at Fan Xinglu, and in an emotionless voice tone, she said.

“Help me out.”

In this sentence, the entire audience room space is filled with heavy pressure.

However, Fan Xinglu ignored this pressure with ease and sighed.

“How many times have I said, I’m not interested in your plans, I’m content with my life now, there’s no need to get involved.”

“… I don’t really understand.” The woman was silent for a long time, and again, in an emotionless tone of voice, said. “Being like you, if you take yourself seriously, no one in the world can ignore you, why are you willing to stay in such an academy and become a student council president?”

“That’s why I’m not interested in your project.” Fan Xinglu smiled cheekily, but her eyes shifted to the huge necklace in front of the woman, as if she was speaking to it, and said. “At least understand the feelings of humans first if you really want to convince me.”

“There’s no point in that kind of thing.” The woman said indifferently. “What’s more, you can’t be considered a human, the ancient fairy.”

Fan Xinglu burst out laughing and said indifferently. “Because of this, dealing with humans is the most interesting.”

Perhaps she know from Fan Xinglu’s words that this fairy won’t change her mind, the woman shook her head and said expressionlessly.

“In that case, it can’t be helped, so I hope you won’t become my enemy.”

Leaving such a sentence, the woman turned around and prepared to leave.

But right at this time, Houri abruptly said.

“I wonder if I can say one thing?”

The woman’s footsteps were halted.

“Hmm?” Fan Xinglu didn’t seem to expect Houri to suddenly speak and was slightly surprised.

In such a situation, Houri turned his gaze to the woman’s body.

To be more precise, he turned to the necklace on the woman’s body.

Immediately, Houri then like Fan Xinglu, as if speaking to that necklace, slowly spoke out.

“Can you give me the body that you are occupying now?”

When these words came out of Houri’s mouth, the atmosphere at the scene changed abruptly.

From a tense and oppressive feeling, it turned into a heavy feeling like an explosion.

Immediately after, the woman has slowly turned around, facing Houri, with a pair of unfocused eyes, the necklace in front of her body seems like glaring at Houri, spitting out cold words.

“You seem to know a lot of things.”

The woman who had no hint of emotion from the beginning to the end, in this one moment, was displaying an icy hostility.


The huge gemstone set in the necklace suddenly lit up and blossomed with an extremely blinding light.

That light was like the deepest darkness, that is, pitch-black, yet quiet.

Houri was directly enveloped by that black light and disappeared into the air.

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