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The darkness glowed as if it were a swamp of darkness, swallowing Houri directly without leaving a trace.

In the midst of the darkness, Houri only felt a force run steeply into his head, like a hand groping for something in the water, churning away.


Houri immediately felt a strong headache hitting his head.

However, Houri was the opposite of that intense headache, his mind was unusually calm.

Since he chose to speak out, Houri had already expected this situation.

After all, once the other party’s secret is exposed to the sun, it will usher in a great deal of trouble.

Therefore, once her secrets are leaked, the woman will use this practice to eliminate the hidden danger.

“Erasing memories?”

This is what the other party is doing.

The pitch-black light that wrapped around Houri’s entire body was an ability to interfere with the spirit.

Moreover, it was a spiritual interference ability that could be effective against Genestellar.

This is something that can surprise any Genestellar in the world.

Because, theoretically, the ability of spiritual interference can not work on Genestellar.

This type of ability is often hindered by Prana and mana, and the effect of the hindrance is very large.

Therefore, the effect of mind-type abilities on Genestellar is very weak.

If it is a mind-type ability that can directly interfere with Genestellar’s memory and personality, the effect of the hindrance is even greater, and it is impossible to be effective against Genestellar.

But at this moment, Houri was indeed affected by the power of the mind interference system.


A strong headache kept hitting Houri’s mind, and Houri’s vision started to blur.

Feeling the ‘hand’ invading his mind becoming deeper and deeper, Houri took a deep breath and closed his eyes.


With a soft sound, a dagger like a crescent moon was taken into Houri’s hand.


Houri suddenly opened his eyes, a pair of pupils immediately turned into ice blue, flooded with a cold light.

In the next second, Houri saw it.

The line looked like a crack and spread across the pitch-black glow in front of him.


Like the tearing sound of flesh being chopped apart rang out.

The dagger in Houri’s hand sliced through the dead line, causing the dense darkness around him to suddenly stagnant.


The next moment, the dense darkness like a mirror, shattered into pieces, dissipated in the air.

Houri just returned to the air.


The originally indifferent woman saw this scene with her own eyes, and the completely emotionless face surged with uncontrollable emotion.

“Oh my my?” Fan Xinglu was laughing as if she had seen something interesting. “Can you even kill the power itself? How interesting!”

It seems that Fan Xinglu had anticipated this outcome and chose to watch from the sidelines.

“You…” The woman finally looked squarely at Houri and questioned in a tone that carried a surprising amount of pressure. “What are you?”

“Speaking of which, I forgot to introduce myself.” The dagger in Houri’s hand had disappeared, and the icy blue glow in his eyes was gone, as if nothing had happened, suddenly smiling.

“My name is Houri, the Fan Xinglu over there is my Shifu.”

“Shifu?” The woman couldn’t help but look at Fan Xinglu and asked. “He is your disciple?”

“How is it? Isn’t that interesting?” Fan Xinglu said with a playful smile. “Although this disciple of mine is the youngest and the latest one, don’t you think that if it’s that kind of power, it should be able to satisfy me properly?”

“… Are you crazy?” The woman said with some indifference. “Although I don’t know what kind of power that is, I can be sure that it is definitely something very dangerous, and you actually went to cultivate him?”

“It’s good that it’s dangerous!” Fan Xinglu laughed out loud, with arrogance in her voice, she said. “After all, I don’t know how many years I haven’t felt the danger, only this can satisfy me to the greatest extent!”

The woman coldly looked at Fan Xinglu who was laughing, and once again turned her eyes to Houri.

Houri could feel that the other party was looking at something.

Then, this is what the other party said.

“I’m warning you, you better not get involved with me, otherwise, even if you are the disciple of this old woman, I won’t show mercy.”

Hearing this, Houri immediately returned this sentence.

“I’m too lazy to get involved with you, I just want your body.”

If an uninformed person had heard this, they would have thought of Houri as a scumbag.

However, Houri did not mean it in that way when he said that.

Looking at the huge necklace that was hanging in front of the woman, Houri suddenly said.

“Anyway, your body is just an Orga Lux, so it’s not difficult for you to change your body, right?”

The woman was silent at once.

Only, the other party looked at Houri with extreme pressure in her eyes again.

That is the reaction that only comes when the biggest secret is known to others.

That’s right.

The woman in front is just a body that carries consciousness.

At this moment, the one who is confronting Houri is the huge necklace.

It was an Orga Lux.

The huge stone set in the necklace is a piece of Urm-Manadyte.

In other words, an Orga Lux that has the ability to take over someone’s body is using someone’s body as a medium to move around.

The woman in front is just the existence of the necklace-type Orga Lux that has taken over her body.

Houri knew about it.

He knew the name of the other party.

“Valda-Vaoth,” Houri called out the other woman’s name.

“That body of yours is the sensei of an acquaintance of mine, give her back.”

At these words, an indescribable silence began to permeate the space.

The woman whom Houri called Valda-Vaoth just looked at Houri coldly, and after a long time, she said.

“Mind your own business.”

Leaving this sentence, Valda-Vaoth turned around and left Oushinden.

Seeing this, Houri narrowed his eyes, his hand slowly reached for the launcher at his waist.

However, a hand was holding Houri down.

“Don’t be impulsive.” Fan Xinglu naturally said. “No matter whether you can beat her or not, you wouldn’t be able to prevent her from leaving.”

This time, it was Houri’s turn to be silent.

Looking at Valda-Vaoth’s distant back, Houri let out a sigh and muttered.

“It seems that I have to plan properly…”

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