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After that, Fan Xinglu only asked about Amagiri Ayato with great interest but did not mention Valda-Vaoth at all.

Theoretically, Houri should not know about Valda-Vaoth, but when faced with Valda-Vaoth, Houri obviously knew a lot of things, and under normal circumstances, it would not be strange for Fan Xinglu to ask about this matter.

However, Fan Xinglu never mentioned this matter until Houri took the initiative to bring it up, and only then did Fan Xinglu say something like this.

“As I’ve said before, I’m only responsible for teaching you martial arts, the rest has nothing to do with me.”

With such a statement, Fan Xinglu directly brings this matter to a close, leaving Houri speechless.

However, even if Fan Xinglu really cared about this matter, Houri would not have much said to it.

Therefore, Fan Xinglu’s indulgence, on the contrary, helped Houri a lot.

Of course, without discipline, there is no help.

Presumably, if Houri had been involved in the Valda-Vaoth affair, and even in danger, Fan Xinglu would not have cared, would she?

Houri did not have any extravagant hopes but went back to the Star room to lie down for the night, thinking about a lot of things.

Originally, Houri wanted to call Sylvia and mention the matter a little.

However, once he thought that even if he told Sylvia, there would not be any real progress, Houri also gave up.

The next day was the day to decide the grouping of the official fixture.

Unlike the preliminaries, which were decided by the operation committee, the official fixture was decided by drawing lots, and even if the participants were from the same academy, the winner had to be decided.

In view of this, the student council president or student agent of each academy will go to Sirius dome today to draw lots.

Soon, the results of the grouping were released.

In the practice room, Houri and Cecily, who had just finished sparring, looked at the groupings displayed in the space window hovering in front of them and looked at each other.

Shortly after, Cecily smiled.

“This time, we can finally have fun.”

It’s time to have fun.

At least, this time, they will definitely lose badly if Cecily continues to be the only opponent.

On the space window hovering in front of Houri and Cecily, the grouping table clearly stated this message.

“Houri × Cecily Wang vs Ernesta Kuhne × Camilla Pareto.”

That’s right.

Houri and Cecily’s opponents are the two representatives of Arlequint Academy.

In other words, in the fourth round of the official fixture, the two prototypes are the one’s Houri and Cecily will be fighting against in the round of 16.



“Is it them?” Houri thought helplessly as he furrowed his brow. “I guess it’s not the right time to think about Valda-Vaoth.”

After all, the strength of those two prototypes is extremely powerful.

At the beginning of the preliminaries, even though there was a Page One, AR-D and RM-C were able to easily win after letting their opponents off the hook.

“That’s a rare strong opponent,” Cecily said with a heartfelt feeling. “Shidi, this time there is no way for you to watch the fun from the sidelines.”

“I know.” Houri smiled slightly, touched the launcher on his waist, and murmured. “It’s time for you to play, Burma.”

The pure white launcher that was stored in the sheath around Houri’s waist immediately trembled slightly.

In the meantime, Ernesta and Camilla also found out their opponents for the next official fixture.

“Uwah, I didn’t expect to be up against this pair, what bad luck!”

In a room with a very mechanical and technological feel, like a research room, Ernesta looked at the grouping information displayed on the space window in front of her, which looked like a computer screen, and immediately fell down on the table as if she had suffered a blow.

“Are they the opponents?” Camilla said with the same frown, obviously feeling the difficulty. “Cecily Wang is not sure how much she has improved since the last ‘Phoenix Festa’, not to mention that she has learned seisenjutsu in the past few years, and has not shown much in the preliminaries.”

“So yeah, I was planning to find a chance to test it out, or at least gather some information, but I didn’t expect to miss it, what a blunder.” Ernesta some exaggerated sigh, but immediately followed by a sneaky smile, said. “However, what kind of reaction will my two children have when facing a strong opponent, I am looking forward to it.”

Ernesta’s goal is to create a prototype that is no different from a human.

It’s not about appearance, it’s about heart.

Can cry and laugh.

Can sing and dance.

Can fight and run.

Can love and hate.

The prototype that has no different feelings from humans is the goal of Ernesta.

So, although AR-D and RM-C are both prototypes of autonomy, they are actually very close to Ernesta’s goal.

At least, those two prototypes do have feelings.

Therefore, Ernesta is really looking forward to seeing how AR-D and RM-C will perform in the face of powerful opponents.

Camilla, on the other hand, just said in a calm tone. “I’m not obsessed with winning, I’m only participating in Festa to collect information on AR-D and RM-C, as long as I get the results, that’s all that matters.”

“No, no, no! That’s not okay!” Ernesta pouted, exclaiming. “My goal is to win the championship and make a wish for AR-D and RM-C to enter Arlequint like humans, and losing is not an option!”

“… Even if you say so, this time the opponent is not that easy to deal with,” Camilla said with a sigh. “Especially that Orga Lux, do you have a way to deal with it?”

“Hehehehe.” Ernesta gave a mysterious laugh and said. “Well, it’s not like we don’t have trump cards.”

Hearing these words, Camilla’s eyes widened slightly and she lost her voice. “Are you going to let AR-D and RM-C use ‘that’ then?”

Ernesta shrugged her shoulders and left this comment.

“We’ll see if we’ll be pushed to that point.”

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