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This day, the weather is obviously better than the previous days, cloudless, very sunny, so that the whole academy battle city temperature has risen a little.

Perhaps because of the weather, today, the mood of people in the academy battle city is also unusually high, opening their space windows one by one, watching the live broadcast of Sirius dome, so that restaurants, cafes, game rooms and even an academy are full of people, people can be seen everywhere with space windows open.

And those who did not open the space window were flocking to the direction of the Sirius dome.

These are the people who were lucky enough to get tickets to watch the game live.

With the influx of people, the Sirius dome’s auditorium once again became filled.

Even though the game hadn’t officially started, the cheers of the spectators still resounded one after another, copying the atmosphere to a high point.

At this moment, there were still about twenty minutes before the start of the match.

Today’s match was the match between Houri and Cecily.

However, Houri and Cecily were not in the Sirius dome’s players’ lounge, but in Oushinden’s audience room.

“Prototype?” Fan Xinglu sat on a wide chair, looking at the space window hovering in front of her, with a smile on her boyish face from the very beginning.

“The little girls at Arlequint Academy are really something, to be able to create something like that. This era really has a lot of talents.”

Hearing Fan Xinglu, the rest of the people present looked at each other with a helpless expression.

In addition to Houri and Cecily, who were standing side by side in the center of the main hall, there was also Zhao Hufeng, who was accompanying them.

All three people knew that it was really inappropriate for Fan Xinglu to say this.

After all, even Houri did not know how many times Fan Xinglu personally refining the sage tool.

Those sage tool, although not as human-like as AR-D and RM-C, even if it is a little weaker, it is definitely much stronger than the Genestellar in terms of combat power.

Moreover, Fan Xinglu may have a more powerful sage tool.

Houri’s group would not be surprised if there are stronger ones than AR-D and RM-C.

“It’s just that this time the opposition is undoubtedly very difficult.” Zhao Hufeng offered his opinion, saying. “Especially that prototype called AR-D seems to have some kind of powerful defensive ability, with Hou shidi and Cecily’s attack power, I guess it can’t break through that barrier.”

The defensive barrier used by AR-D is indeed very strong and has not been broken until now.

Sirius dome stage actually has the same type of defensive barrier, set up around the battlefield with the main role of protecting the audience from being affected.

AR-D’s defensive barriers are of the same type.

Only, in order to protect the safety of the spectators, Sirius dome’s defense barrier is using several large instruments as the source, which successfully set up this defense barrier.

AR-D, on the other hand, did it by virtue of its own performance.

“It’s almost impossible to break through that defensive barrier, isn’t it?” Zhao Hufeng saying this, followed by a moment of hesitation, said to Fan Xinglu. “Unless Shifu let Hou shidi use that.”

“That?” Cecily was curious and hastily asked. “What is that? Is it the move that Shifu forbade Shidi to use?”

“That’s more of an ability than a move.” Zhao Hufeng glanced at Houri, who was silent and said very seriously to Fan Xinglu. “Shifu, will you let shidi use that ability?”

“Although that would be fun, there is no suspense, it is not fun at all. Since it is a competition, then the point is to enjoy it.” Fan Xinglu smiled a little naughty, then looked at Houri with a deep sense of purpose and said. “Besides, even if you don’t use those eyes, you’re not helpless against that defensive barrier, right?”

Hearing this, Houri’s brows slightly raised, but instead of answering the question, he said. “Since Shifu does not allow me to use my eyes, I should be allowed to use Burma, right?”

When these words came out, Fan Xinglu did not have time to say anything, and Zhao Hufeng was frowning said. “Shidi, although the opponent is a prototype, they also did not use Orga Lux. It seems unfair if you win by using Orga Lux, right?”

Apparently, Zhao Hufeng, as always, does not want to rely on the power of weapons for everything, but to pursue their own progress.

“It is also a strength to be able to use a weapon well.” Houri pursed his lips, retorted. “The most important thing is not to forget your own improvement because of the power of the weapon, not whether you should use the weapon itself, right?”

“You are right.” Zhao Hufeng still insisted on his claim and said. “However, the constant use of powerful weapons will produce dependence, Lux aside, Orga Lux is a powerful individual in itself, it is better to use less.”

“But shixiong, shidi, I’ve already hidden my powers well enough, don’t I even use Orga Lux?” Houri shrugged and said. “It’s not fair to the opponent to deliberately lost, is it?”

Zhao Hufeng opened his mouth and wanted to say something else, but Fan Xinglu said.

“All right, neither of you is wrong, no need to argue like this.” Fan Xinglu waved her hand, and then said to Houri. “Giving Burma to you is for you to use it. Since you are not going to use that pair of eyes, then use Burma.”

Zhao Hufeng was speechless.

Houri also smiled faintly and said nothing more.

“Well, the match is about to start.” Fan Xinglu clapped her hands and smiled pleasantly. “I hope you two don’t let me down.”

Naturally, she was not referring to the outcome, but the process.

Houri and Cecily immediately responded.

At that moment, Fan Xinglu waved her hand, and the space where Houri and Cecily were located suddenly distorted, like a vortex, swallowing them in.

Houri and Cecily only felt a blur in front of their eyes, and by the time they reacted, they were already in the Sirius dome players’ lounge.

The two looked at each other and smiled simultaneously, walked out of the lounge, into the contestant channel, and walked towards the stage.


A screaming cheer resounded throughout the Sirius dome and did not drop for a long time.

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