Illimitable Until Death v4c331

“Ladies and gentlemen! After three rounds of preliminaries! Now it’s finally time for the fourth round of official fixture to begin!”

“This time, both sides are very powerful players, either side is setting off a buzz in the preliminaries and become the center of the conversation. People are eager to see the match today.”

“All right, first let’s introduce the two sides that are playing against each other. On the east side are AR-D and RM-C players. In the previous three rounds of preliminaries, these two players have been adhering to the ‘one-minute declaration’ practice of not attacking for one minute after the start of the match. Both of them have won easily and have been touted as the best prospect for this year’s ‘Phoenix Festa’ championship!”

“And the west side is Hou players and Wang players in the previous three rounds of preliminaries also performed extremely well. Each game ended in less than a minute, and only Wang players make a move, Hou players have been watching, never made a move. This team is also rightfully occupying a place in the race for the championship.”

“So then, will we see a no contest today? Will the one-minute declaration between the AR-D and RM-C players be broken? And will Hou players make a move? Let us see what happens!”

With the live broadcast, the cheers throughout the Sirius dome became even louder, deafening and piercing to the eardrums.

And on either side of the stage, pillar-shaped platforms had risen and opened their entrances, extending back into the corridor and allowing the players on either side to slowly walk into the arena.

This was a match that many people were watching.

In the VIP room of Seidoukan Academy, Claudia led by Julis, Toudou Kirin, Sasamiya Saya, and even Amagiri Ayato were all present, looking solemnly at the two sides slowly entering the field in the space window.

In the Arlequint Academy lounge, Ernesta and Camilla also had their space windows open, one with a smile on her face and the other with a solemn face looking at the field.

In the Oushinden audience room of Jielong Seventh Institute, Fan Xinglu, Zhao Hufeng and even Lishi siblings were present, looking at Houri and Cecily walking to the stage.

Many people were watching the game, which instantly shot up to the top of today’s web pages and was extremely exciting.

Sirius dome, on stage.

Houri raised his head and looked ahead.

AR-D and RM-C had already entered the arena, one with his head held high, the other indifferent, standing side by side, waiting for their opponents to enter.

This was the first time Houri faced the prototype pair in a face-to-face format.

Therefore, Houri could feel something that he had not perceived before.

That is the extremely strong mana flowing in the bodies of the two prototypes.

In these two prototypes, they must have used a very pure manadyte as their core, otherwise they could not have been that powerful.

In such a situation, AR-D stretched out his hand, pointed at Houri and Cecily, and declared so in a heavy but emotional voice.

“Human, I will give you a minute like the previous match, you can take the opportunity to attack as much as you want!”

AR-D’s declaration was the first thing that drew a reaction from the live broadcast.

“AR-D player’s one-minute declaration has appeared again!

“It’s amazing that he gave such a concession in the official fixture, it’s very impressive in a way.”

Not only the emotions of the live broadcast were very high, but also the spectators in the auditorium were simultaneously cheering, clamor after clamor.

Houri and Cecily looked at each other, but they were grinning.

However, before Houri and Cecily had a chance to make a statement, an accident happened.


A heavy sound rang out abruptly.

It was the sound of a gun-shaped Lux hitting AR-D’s head hard.

“That hurts!” AR-D immediately crouched down holding his head and shouted.

At that moment, RM-C, who was holding the gun-type Lux in her hand, just withdrew her weapon and said coldly. “You useless scrap of iron, your head is made of iron and even your analytical ability metalized? Why don’t you just recycle it to the waste station as scrap!”

“What are you talking about, RM-C !” AR-D protested at once. “I was just making a declaration like before, why would you hit me?”

“So that head of yours is already rusty and completely unusable, so why don’t you just get cracked by me here.” RM-C raised the gun in her hand and put it against AR-D’s head, saying coldly. “That is the opponent that the masters have told us to pay attention to, and you are giving others the opportunity to attack. Not only is your thinking circuit malfunctioning, but even the memory ability has been crippled. It’s a disgrace to master to keep you.”

“Uh, don’t say that, RM-C.” AR-D’s tone weakened but still said. “This is also to show the greatness of master, to show our power to the world, a little concession is still possible, right?”

“Shut up.” RM-C just kept hitting AR-D’s head with the muzzle in her hand, her expression still cold and indifferent.

Houri and Cecily were all speechless as they watched AR-D and RM-C play comedy like nobody’s business.


In the surrounding spectators, the spectators also laughed out loud, turning the cheers of the whole scene into laughter.

“Eh…” Houri could only scratch his cheek and said to Cecily. “Shijie, what kind of expression should we put on at this time?”

“How should I know?” Cecily said with half-smiled eyes, ill-humoredly said. “I can’t even figure out if it’s the two prototypes that have problems themselves, or if they’re underestimating us.”

And this time, AR-D has got rid of RM-C, continues to point forward.

“All in all, I will give you a minute to attack, seize the time!”

Hearing those words, Houri smiled.

“Is it?” Houri said lightly. “Then I won’t be polite.”

Voice fallen.


With a loud stepping sound, Houri’s body suddenly darted out like lightning and swept in the direction of AR-D, landing in front of him in less than a second.


AR-D let out a shocked voice.

“So fast!”

RM-C’s pair of eyes also tightened.

The next moment, a blade light suddenly lit up, cutting through space, slashing AR-D’s direction.

The target was the school badge in front of AR-D.

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