Illimitable Until Death v4c332


The sound of a sharp dagger cutting through the air echoed in the surroundings.

The bright blade light appeared without any warning, like a cold aura flash through the space, slashing the school badge in front of AR-D.


The next second, a fierce spark and a crisp clash sound erupted at the same time.

However, it was not the sound of Houri’s dagger slicing through the school badge, but the sound of landing on a piece of metal.

It was the metal of AR-D’s body.

In the nick of time, AR-D suddenly backed away, deflecting the blade light from the school badge and causing the sharp dagger to land on AR-D’s side, creating a fierce spark.

However, such a hasty retreat also caused AR-D’s body to lose its balance.

This was a great weakness.

In such a situation, it was impossible for AR-D to dodge the incoming attack.

Houri’s eyes flashed, suddenly gripping the dagger in his hand in reverse, with a spin, like a reverse elbow strike, stabbed in the direction of AR-D.

The target is still the school badge in front of AR-D.


Just as Houri’s dagger was about to land on the school badge in front of AR-D, the sound of gunfire suddenly rang out from Houri’s side.

Bullets swept through the space and shot in Houri’s direction.


Houri retrieved the dagger in his hand in time to flick the incoming bullets away and turned his head to look at his side.

There, RM-C’s hand held a gun-shaped Lux, muzzle aimed in Houri’s direction.

Bang Bang Bang–!

With the sound of the gunshot, three mana bullets were fired out of the muzzle in a triangular pattern towards Houri’s chest, abdomen and thighs.

Houri’s body suddenly stagnant, as if ignoring the inertia, let the three bullets graze his body, landing in the empty space and shot away.

And by this time, the AR-D’s form had steadied.


A trembling sound of the air resounded.

It was the sound of mana converging.

AR-D raised a hand high and let the mana converge in his hand, gradually coalescing into a hammer of equal height, with a whistling wind, swung it down.


A heavy dull sound swept through like an explosion.

The hammer landed heavily on the ground, shattering the floor, causing rocks and sand to explode at the same time, mixed in with the shockwave, shaking the surroundings.

However, since the hammer landed on the ground, it proved that it did not hit the target.

Houri is already dodging, like a flash of light, move across the back, not long is back to the original place, landed in Cecily’s side.

The whole field, suddenly quiet.

Keeping the posture of swinging the hammer, AR-D was speechless.

Keeping the pose of raising the gun, RM-C was silent.

In the auditorium, each of the spectator’s eyes was wide open, and after a long time of silence, an amazing cheer suddenly erupted.

Even the live feeds from the live stream rang out loudly, their voices filled with excitement.

“Amazing! Really amazing! I didn’t expect Houri who had never played before to be so powerful! He almost broke the formation of AR-D and RM-C players with his first move!”

“What speed! That speed is far more frightening than Zhao Hufeng’s three years ago! It’s true that ‘Banyuu Tenra’ allowed to partner with the second disciple! It’s simply come as a bombshell!”

The huge space window suspended above the stage began to replay the previous attack and defense, and slow-motion replay, so that all the spectators present understood exactly what had just happened.

A huge cheer immediately surged like a wave and went straight up, resounding throughout the stage.

As a result, only Houri, holding a sharp dagger in his hand, looked ahead and said curiously. “Didn’t you say no attack within a minute?”

In order to force Houri back, both AR-D and RM-C attacked one after another.

This process was not even three seconds.

AR-D’s declaration of one minute was not even three seconds, and it was directly declared broken.

“Haha… Hahaha… Hahahahahaha!”

AR-D, who had a hammer in his hand, suddenly burst out laughing.

“Yes! This is really great! I see! Is this the opponent that the master told us to watch out for? You’re really something!”

Unlike AR-D who laughed out loud, RM-C just stared at Houri without a single change in her expression, but with a serious glint in her eyes.

Obviously, Houri’s performance greatly exceeded the expectations of these two prototypes.

“The speed just now, we don’t even have this record in our database?” AR-D raised the hammer in his hand and pointed it at Houri, saying. “If that’s the case, I’ll take back what I just said and give it my best shot!”

AR-D’s words made Cecily finally smile.

“You should have said that earlier.”

Saying this, Cecily’s hand shook, and charms flashed between her fingers and were thrown out like a concealed weapon.

“Order! Choku!”

Along with Cecily’s handprint and command, the charms swept up and suspended in the void like a formation, then burst into a bolt of dazzling lightning, flashing lightning bolts, covered the sky to the front.



AR-D and RM-C reacted in time, one figure retreating back while the other’s back flight device spray out a large amount of jet light and rush to the sky.

Bang Bang Bang–!

Lightning bolts that enveloped the stage immediately scrambled to fall on the stage, completely covering the entire stage, shattering the ground and plowing through the floor, as if a sudden natural disaster had caused a strong explosion.

For a while, the stage was filled with thunder and lightning, the impact rose in all directions, as if the battlefield was attacked by artillery fire, the scene was exceptionally shocking.

Regardless of RM-C flying in mid-air, AR-D was retreating rapidly, while spreading a barrier of light in front of him, blocking the incoming lightning and the impact.


At that moment, a slight sound of stomping on the ground rang out, clearly reaching AR-D’s ears.

“Don’t tell me…!” AR-D jerked his head around and looked behind himself.

There, a figure came rushing in, with a somewhat cold smile, the dagger in his hand turned into a flash, slashing AR-D’s direction.

Speed is amazingly fast.

AR-D, who had just launched a defensive barrier in front of him, could no longer launch another one.

At that moment, AR-D could only raise the hammer in his hand.


In the fierce friction, the dagger and hammer collided.

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