Illimitable Until Death v4c333


The sharp scraping sound keeps on ringing.

The sharp dagger and the heavy hammer just kept rubbing against each other, causing the spark to burst out incessantly.

In such a situation, Houri and AR-D directly entered into a state of wrestling.

In mid-air, RM-C saw this scene, her eyes flashed with a data-like light, and the gun-type Lux in her hand was immediately aimed at Houri below, and immediately wanted to pull the trigger.

But before that, lightning suddenly rushed from below and attacked RM-C, so RM-C stiffened, and hurriedly controlled the flight device behind her, flashed away, avoiding the incoming lightning.

“Your opponent should be me!”

On the ground, Cecily shouted, her hand forming a magical seal, so that the charms suspended in her own surrounding are all bursting out with flashes of lightning, turning into lightning bolts, rushing to RM-C.

Seeing the countless lightning bolts coming at her, RM-C suddenly raised her other hand, which was empty.


With the trembling of the air, mana converged in RM-C’s raised hand and gradually formed a heavy cannon.

A large amount of mana converged on the muzzle of the huge cannon, coalescing into red energy.

AR-D and RM-C are both prototypes, but their masters are not only Ernesta, who researches prototype development techniques, but also Camilla, who researches Lux.

Therefore, both AR-D and RM-C, hold a very powerful Lux.

AR-D’s armament is specialized in defense, the result is a defensive barrier, which can be called the absolute shield that no one can break.

RM-C’s armament is specialized in attack, and the result is the heavy cannon, which is the absolute weapon that no one can match.

Its name is…

“Ruinshalef, fire.”

In the next second, the energy gathered at the muzzle of the cannon turned into a red beam and shot out, steaming through the atmosphere and causing turbulence, and met the countless lightning that darted in.


The beam of light and lightning suddenly collided in a piece, in a deafening roar, provoking a very strong explosion, so that the explosion of wind swept around, instantly spread to the entire stage, and finally was blocked by the defense barrier around the stage.

The spectators watched the terrifying explosion in front of their eyes, and cold sweat dripped from their foreheads.

Cecily, on the other hand, looked at RM-C, who had retreated in mid-air, against the incoming blast of wind, and the corners of her mouth slowly lifted.

“That’s what makes it interesting!”

With these words, Cecily’s hand was again holding charms.

On the other hand, Houri and AR-D did not have the same powerful attacks as Cecily and RM-C, but they engaged in close combat of the highest level.


Houri’s footsteps landed heavily on the ground, his body had already turned into a phantom as if there were countless doppelgangers scurrying back and forth around AR-D’s body, and the dagger in his hand was transformed into a piece of blade light, constantly slashing AR-D’s direction.

Clank Clank Clank Clank–!

The crisp clash sound kept ringing out.

In that ultra-high-speed body technique and strike, AR-D has completely fallen into a passive defense, can only raise the hammer in his hand, trying to block the incoming dagger, taking on the blade lights.

Opponents often fall to this end in the face of Houri’s terrific speed and body technique.

For example, Sherlock Holmes.

For example, Toudou Kirin.

These people are all like so.

And in fact, AR-D is not weak compared to the first two.

Although there is no Sherlock’s reasoning foresight ability, nor Toudou Kirin’s subtle swordsmanship, AR-D is a prototype.

Under the powerful computing power, AR-D played a reasoning ability comparable to Sherlock’s and reacted in time to block the attack from a tricky angle.

With the powerful thinking speed, AR-D also exerted its powerful learning ability, capturing and analyzing every movement of Houri, and its own technology was also improving, catching up with Toudou Kirin was just a matter of time.

However, AR-D was still inevitably on the defensive.

Because Houri’s speed was still far from the limit.


Dazzling starlight rose up from Houri’s body, like pieces of stars, hovering around Houri.

Houri mobilized all the Prana in his body and gathered it under his feet.

With the boost of Prana, Houri’s speed skyrocketed and his body was completely transformed into a meteor, suddenly sweeping around AR-D’s body.

“Flash Sheath Four Cross!”

The next moment, Houri suddenly a stagnant figure appeared on the side of AR-D, dagger in the hand rose up, swinging out a harsh four-strike.

At once, four blade lights appeared at the same time, like sword aura, swept towards AR-D.

“Hahahahaha! It’s useless!”

AR-D let out a loud laugh, and a light suddenly flashed in front of his body, turning into a barrier of light, blocking in front of him.


In a loud and incomparable strike sound, four blade lights fell on the barrier of light at the same time, rubbing sparks on it, and directly blocked.

But at this time, Houri’s body also turned into a flash and scurried underneath the barrier of light and into the front of AR-D.

“Who said it’s useless? Didn’t you already have a hole?”

Under Houri’s faint smile, the crescent moon-like dagger in his hand rose again.

“Flash Sheath Nanaya!”

The fastest dagger to date was unleashed in Houri’s hand, like an arc of the moon, slashing forward at breakneck speed, slicing at the school badge in front of AR-D.


AR-D let out a roar, in the unavoidable situation, surprisingly chose to attack, raised the hammer in his hand high, to his own body, swung down hard.


A fierce metal clash sounded.

The hammer that was swung down heavily landed on the moon arc-like blade light that flashed through space, hitting the dagger in Houri’s hand.

Under the heavy force, Houri’s dagger was directly bounced off and landed on the ground far away, sliding out.

“You’re done!”

AR-D once again raised the hammer in his hand, carrying a terrifyingly strong wind, and slammed it down hard against Houri’s head.

The atmosphere was squeezed under the hammer, causing an amazing sonic boom, telling everyone how powerful this blow was.

Looking at the hammer that swung down on him, Houri’s eyes gradually condensed.

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