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Just as the huge hammer was about to fall on Houri’s body, Houri’s body suddenly sprang out, leaned his body and reduced the distance between him and AR-D to zero.

“What?” AR-D was shocked.

This prototype probably thought that if he knocked Houri’s weapon away, it would be a victory, right?

However, Houri had already said the same thing many times.

“Just because I don’t have a weapon doesn’t mean I can’t fight!”

The rich Prana gathered under the soles of Houri’s feet, emitting dazzling starlight.

“Flash Step Single Deer!”

The sole of his foot, carrying dazzling starlight, swept out as if carrying a thunderbolt of 10,000 jin strength, and with a sound no less powerful than when the hammer was swung down, heavily smashed AR-D’s body with a heavy sonic boom.


The muffled hit sound like a thunderstorm resounded.

The strong shock wave was centered on the point of impact, shaking the air and expanding out.

The huge body of AR-D was like being hit by a truck and flew backward under the powerful impact, like a cannonball, in the sharp sound of air splitting, crashed into the wall of the stage.

The stage wall immediately shattered with a sound, raising a cloud of dense dust, allowing a large amount of debris to disintegrate, burying the body of AR-D.

“Ooooooooooohhh –!”

Grand cheers began to ring out from the surrounding spectators.

“Well done!”


Cecily and RM-C, who were blasting each other with lightning and cannon fire, one shouted their approval and the other clicked their tongues expressionlessly, both stopped and separated from each other.

Even the live broadcast started to ring with excitement.

“Ohhh! The AR-D player who has been known for his absolute defense so far was actually kicked flying by the Houri player! It’s really amazing!”

“It’s true, Hou player’s strength is extraordinary, he’s really hiding too deep!”

The cheers of the whole spectators immediately attacked the stage, even though the movement inside the stage began to quiet down, but still did not stop.

With the space window hovering above the stage deliberately slowing down, everyone knew what kind of fierce battle had taken place between Houri and AR-D.

But in the midst of such a battle, it was Houri who finally prevailed.

He’s been hiding so deep that he probably ignited the enthusiasm of the spectators, turning Houri into the center of attention and receiving wave after wave of cheers.

However, Houri was frowning tightly, raised his head and looked ahead.

There, the huge figure of AR-D had propped itself up from the pile of rocks, carrying a hammer, the eye area lit up with light.

Its whole body is intact.

Seeing this, Houri murmured.

“Is it really not that easy?”

After all, the opponent is not a human, but a machine.

If it was a human who had taken the full force of Houri’s kick, then probably would not have been able to get up.

But AR-D took that level of force for granted, his metal body is definitely not made for nothing.

“What a beautiful kick!” AR-D laughed out loud and said. “I’ve never withstood an attack like that before, luckily I’m mechanical!”

“It’s rare that your scrap of iron can come in handy.” RM-C also floated down from mid-air and said rather coldly. “Thanks to master for giving you such a body.”

Like RM-C, Cecily also returned to her partner’s side.

“This way we’ll have to start over.” Cecily tossed the dagger she just picked up to Houri and looked straight ahead, whispering. “Xiao shidi, what should we do next?”

Up until now, the battle was actually arranged by Houri beforehand.

Houri knew that AR-D and RM-C would make one-minute declarations at the beginning of the match, just like before, to give their opponents a chance to attack.

Therefore, before the match started, Houri had discussed with Cecily that he would launch a surprise attack when his opponent was careless with the one-minute declaration.

With Houri’s speed, in such a situation, there is a high chance that he will be able to directly take away his opponent’s school badge and be the first to eliminate AR-D.

If that fails, Cecily will launch a wide range of attacks, Houri will use stealth to entangles AR-D, and Cecily will hold RM-C, looking for an opportunity to take care of one first.

Therefore, the battle so far is in Houri and Cecily’s plan.

Only, now AR-D and RM-C are both intact.

So, as Cecily said, it’s a complete restart.

“These two opponents are really not to be underestimated,” Cecily exclaimed. “In terms of strength alone, neither one of them is weaker than us, right?”

They are just entering the official fixture, and the top 16 have not yet been decided. Houri and Cecily’s luck was not sure if it was good or bad when they met this level of opponent.

Of course, this is also true for the opponent.

“It seems that I won’t be able to win against you with my current strength.” AR-D lifted his chest and said to RM-C with great momentum. “RM-C, don’t you think now is the time to use ‘that’?”

AR-D’s words passed into everyone’s ears very clearly.

“‘That’?” Cecily was stunned.

“‘That’?” The two broadcasters in the booth were also slightly stunned.

Even the spectators in the auditorium couldn’t help but be surprised and talk about it.

Only Houri raised his head with a force, looked at AR-D and RM-C.
In such a situation, RM-C was silent for a while and then said with no expression. “Although it is not my intention, since the opponent is the one that even the master has specifically told us to be careful, and has this level of strength, we had no other choice.”

Just after she spoke, RM-C suddenly opened her arms and her whole body shone with the light of Manadyte.

“ACM equipment, the first external armor and various Lux exclusion, transfer limit control.”

The armor covering RM-C’s entire body suddenly detached from RM-C’s body one by one under the sound of mechanical effects and flew through the air with several huge gun-shaped Luxes.

“Ohhh! Come on, come on, come on! Start linking!”

AR-D’s whole body was flashing with laser lights, connecting to the equipment that was flying in the air, so that the equipment was guided to come and embedded in various parts of his body.


From AR-D’s body, a blue glow bloomed abruptly.

An extremely strong mana reaction emanated from its body, rendering the entire stage blue and unusually bright.

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