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At this moment, on the stage, AR-D’s whole body was glowing blue, like a huge crystal, filling the whole space with dazzling light.

At the same time, AR-D’s body was also releasing an extremely strong mana reaction, causing a vortex of power fluctuations, causing the atmosphere to become disturbed.

“This… What’s going on here? AR-D player has suddenly undergone a huge change after acquiring RM-C player’s armor!

“This mana’s reaction isn’t good news…”

In the live broadcast, the two live broadcasters’ voices were full of surprise, making the spectator’s eyes widen with stunned faces as well.

And in one of the Sirius dome’s player lounges, Ernesta and Camilla saw the scene.

“Oh my my,” Ernesta said, somewhat helplessly and happily. “Is this what it’s come to?”

Camilla was silent, but there was a slight expression of displeasure on her face.

If it was possible, Camilla would never want to see AR-D use this power.

Because, as Camilla had said before, this power was not what Ferrovius was after.

Only Ernesta and Camilla know the reason for this.

Apart from Ernesta and Camilla, there is only one person who knows the true form of AR-D’s power.

That is Houri, who has the advantage of foresight.

On the stage, Houri raised his hand to block the blinding blue light and clicked his tongue.

“They really use it?”

“What’s wrong, shidi?” Cecily asked quickly. “Do you know what’s going on?”

“I know a little.” Houri looked straight at AR-D, which was glowing with a bright blue light, and said. “That is the power of Urm-Manadyte.”

“Urm-Manadyte?” Cecily couldn’t help but look at AR-D with a surprised look and said astonishingly. “Could it be that the core used in the prototype is not Manadyte, but Urm-Manadyte?”

Just like the ordinary Manadyte can be used as the core of Lux to provide power, the energy source of the prototype is also Manadyte.

However, since there is an Orga Lux with Urm-Manadyte as its core, there can naturally be a prototype with Urm-Manadyte as its core energy source.

However, no one has ever tried to make a prototype with Urm-Manadyte as the core.

The reason is simple, the problem mentioned before.

No matter how superb the performance of the prototype is, as long as it needs to be manipulated externally, there will be a delay time, and the reaction speed is definitely not as good as Genestellar, arguably of little value.

However, AR-D is a fully self-regulating prototype.

In other words, if it is AR-D, then Urm-Manadyte can be used as the core energy.

“But just like Orga Lux has a compatibility rate, the fact that different people use it, the power that can be exerted is completely different. With Urm-Manadyte as the core, it is not certain that the prototype itself can fully exert the power, and if the power cannot be controlled, there is even the possibility of a rampage.”

Houri stared intently at AR-D roaring in the light, said to Cecily. “That’s why his inventor held back the performance and power of AR-D and gave control of the true performance and power of the liberation to RM-C. Once RM-C transferred control to AR-D, then the true power of AR-D would come into play.”

Now, this is the situation.

Seeing the glow on AR-D’s body getting brighter and brighter, and the power fluctuations getting stronger and stronger, Cecily’s face was also dripping with cold sweat.

“What should we do?” Cecily said helplessly. “This power, I’m afraid it’s almost as strong as dashixiong.”

“I don’t know how strong dashixiong is.” Houri grinned, said. “But, shijie you can try to stop it.”

“I would love to do that.” Cecily shrugged, the expression on her face gradually became pleasant, said. “However, the part of me that is a martial artist is screaming at me, so there is no way for me to reject a powerful opponent.”

“Is that so?” Houri said with a heartfelt smile.

“Well, I’m looking forward to it anyway.”

During the conversation, the blue glow in front of AR-D’s body finally began to gradually converge, allowing its full appearance to be exposed again in the view of the crowd.

At this moment, AR-D’s body has been equipped with RM-C’s armor, the black armor has several layers of pink and white armor, and the back is also equipped with RM-C’s flight device, as if the whole person is one size bigger, emitting an amazing sense of presence.

“Hahahahaha! See? This is my real stance!”

AR-D, holding his hammer in his hand, pointed at Houri and Cecily and said loudly. “Now my power has increased several times, I hope you can continue to fight and bring me unforgettable fervor and battle!”

The thick voice carried a sense of power that could not be ignored, causing Cecily’s face to become grave, and Houri’s eyes also flickered slightly.

Only RM-C, still with a cold face, slowly retreated to the side and began to watch.

RM-C, who had transferred all her weapons to AR-D and unlocked the restrictions of AR-D, was no longer capable of fighting.

In other words, Houri and Cecily’s opponent was left with AR-D alone.

“Then…” AR-D lowered his body and said with a low growl.

“I’m coming!”

Voice fallen.


With a sound like an explosion, the flight device behind AR-D suddenly shook with a dazzling jet of light, propelling AR-D’s huge body, turning AR-D’s body into a black shadow and shooting forward.

The speed was amazing.



Houri and Cecily were startled at the same time, and then without any hesitation, they stamped the ground with force and flashed to the side respectively.

Almost at the same time, AR-D’s figure had already closed in.

“Take this!”

AR-D raised the hammer in his hand high and swung the weapon in his hand down with a completely different speed and strength than before.


In the thunderous muffled hit sound, the hammer shattered the ground, stirring up a terrifying impact wind, sweeping around like an explosion.

The power, compared to the previous attack, also became a world of difference.

Houri, who was faster, was able to dodge the incoming impact.

Cecily, however, only had time to dodge, and then was swept in.

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