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Seeing Cecily being swept away by the shockwave, Houri couldn’t help but speak out.

However, this voice was soon replaced by a loud laugh.

“You’re really fast! Then let’s compare with the current me!”

With these words, AR-D, propelled by the thrusters behind him, was like a fighter jet, rushed towards Houri at an incredible speed while raising the hammer in his hand and swinging it down on Houri’s head.

Feeling the terrifying wind, Houri could not care less, and with one stride, his whole body turned into a gust of wind and retreated.

“Don’t try to run!”

AR-D immediately flew with a large amount of jet light, like a lightning bolt, and chased after Houri.


An explosion rang out.

It was the sound of AR-D’s hammer hitting the ground and falling into the air.


The sound of air splitting echoed.

That was the sound of Houri’s figure passing through space like a phantom.

AR-D chased after Houri with astonishing speed, swinging the hammer in his hand, only to be dodged by Houri with the same astonishing speed, landing on the ground, shattering the ground, creating a blast of wind, and sending rubble and dust everywhere.

For a moment, the entire stage was like a cannon fire attack, explosion one after another, the scene is exceptionally shocking.

Such a shocking scene, the spectators let out a burst of cheers, the whole stage atmosphere was fired up.

Of course, the general public looks at the fun while the expert sees the trick behind it.

Only those who have a certain degree of strength, that can see how much AR-D changes.

With the help of the propulsion device behind it, AR-D not only has amazing attack power, but even its speed has become unbelievably fast, no longer inferior to Houri.

Otherwise, there is no way for AR-D to cling firmly behind Houri and chase after him.

Houri was able to narrowly avoid all of AR-D’s attacks not only because of his speed but also because of his exquisite body technique in the Nanaya assassination arts.

The extraordinary body technique that sometimes ignores inertial stagnation, sometimes suddenly accelerates to the limit, sometimes crouches down like a beast, and sometimes scurries away like a spider, makes AR-D unable to hit a single blow.

In this situation, perhaps the previous AR-D can’t do anything about it.

But it’s not the same if it’s the current AR-D.

“In that case, let’s try this!”

The blue glow of AR-D’s body burst into bloom.

Houri, who was retreating, only felt a sudden change in the air around him.

Then, around Houri, a crystal-like wall of light suddenly appeared, like a box, blocking Houri’s top, left, right and even back, causing Houri’s footsteps to stop.


AR-D now uses the original defensive barriers in this way.

The previous AR-D can only spread defensive barriers in one or two directions at most, which is why Houri had the opportunity to take advantage of it.

But now, the AR-D has launched defensive barriers in four directions, confining Houri to them and leaving only a gap in front.

It was not that AR-D was incapable of deploying an additional defensive barrier.

AR-D left this gap only to attack.

“So you can’t escape!”

Saying this, AR-D raised the hammer in his hand high.

The blue glow of its body was all converging on the hammer.

“This is my strongest attack, together with my respect, human, you’ll take it all!”

With this declaration, the hammerhead in AR-D’s hand suddenly rotated, and the speed became faster and faster, eventually turning into an extremely fast rotating wind wheel, with blue light, and suddenly shot out.


The hammerhead in AR-D’s hand was spinning at a great speed, breaks away from the long handle and rocketed out like a windmill.

“Eat this, Wolnir hammer!”

Under the blue wind wheel, the surrounding airflow was completely stirred up, and the strong wind was like a tornado circling, and where it passed, even the dust on the ground was swept up and spread around.

The hammerhead then with an amazing sound, as if a cannonball, swept through space, fly towards Houri’s direction.

Once hit, he wouldn’t be able to avoid being seriously injured even with Prana’s defense.

And this a moment, Houri has been unable to dodge.

Except for the front, all the directions have been cut off by the transparent crystal-like blue barrier, leaving Houri with only one choice.

To fight.

As he watched the powerful wind wheel shoot towards him, Houri’s hand was slowly placed on the sheath at his waist.


In the next second, the blue wheel landed heavily in the defensive barrier with only one gap, setting off a furious impact with a roar.

The ground was crushed crisply and instantly plowed through.

Rubble and debris like bullets, attacking all sides.

The impact turned into a gale, venting to only one gap.

In that scene, it was as if a piece of meteorite fell on the stage so that the ground shook slightly.

Smoke filled the air from within the defensive barrier.


AR-D laughed unrestrainedly, his tone full of confidence and pride.

“How about that? This is my current power!”

Under AR-D’s laughter, the live broadcasters also raised their voices.

“Hou player seems to have suffered a fatal blow!

“That power is really not to be underestimated, a direct hit, even Hou player probably…”

The words of the two broadcasters made the spectators start to clamor.

Some cheered for AR-D.

Some cheered for Houri.

Some were nervous about the battle.

Some were excited for themselves.

All sorts of chants just made the atmosphere get higher and higher.

It wasn’t until a certain point that the live broadcaster’s somewhat surprising voice was heard.

“Huh? What’s that?”

“Don’t tell me…”

Not only the broadcasters but also AR-D noticed.

Within the smoke-filled defense barrier, a figure slowly emerged.

Who else could it be but Houri?

However, everyone’s attention was drawn to the weapon in Houri’s hand.

It was a pure white light sword.


A brilliant white light blossomed on Urm-Manadyte.


The trembling air flowed on the blade.

With such a weapon in hand, Houri raised his head and gazed at AR-D, the corners of his mouth began to rise.

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