Illimitable Until Death v4c337


A brilliant white light shone continuously from the pure white Urm-Manadyte, like the AR-D just now, enveloping the entire stage with a dazzling light.

“That’s…” AR-D could not help but be surprised.

Apparently, AR-D recognized what was in front of him.

After all, the same thing was inside of AR-D.

Not only AR-D but also the live broadcasters who were sharp-eyed noticed the same thing.

“L-look, everyone! Hou player’s Lux core Manadyte is actually white!”

“Manadyte is all consistent green, white Manadyte doesn’t exist!”

“In other words, it’s not Manadyte, but Urm-Manadyte?”

“That’s right, player Hou is not using Lux, but Orga Lux!”

With the voices of the live broadcasters, in the auditorium the spectators were surprised, and then they were excited.

In this game, Houri’s performance really exceeded everyone’s expectations one after another.

Everyone didn’t expect that Houri, who had never played once, had such strong power and was actually holding Orga Lux.

First, it was AR-D combinations.

Then there is Houri’s trump card appearance.

This is a very exciting development for the spectators.

The spectators did not hesitate to send out cheers.

Presumably, everyone in academy battle city was currently watching this match, right?

“But it’s almost time to end it.”

Houri raised Burma in his hand and pointed it at AR-D, declaring.

“I don’t want to stop here, so please be my stepping stone and let me go further!”

Just after he speak, Houri’s body suddenly gushed a lot of Prana, so thick that it turned into a stream of light, hovering and shining at the same time.

This instant, Houri mobilized all the Prana in his body and poured it all into the Orga Lux in his hand without the slightest hesitation.


An unprecedented white light flashed from Burma’s Urm-Manadyte, illuminating all sides.


In the light, the atmosphere suddenly began to tremble, as if into a whirlpool, with Burma’s blade as the center, gradually converged.

At first glance, it looked as if a stream of air was flowing in the direction of Houri, and with the rising Prana, it was as if a nebula had appeared on the stage, beautiful to the extreme.

Only AR-D can feel it.

Underneath that beautiful scene, there is a deadly crisis hidden.

However, AR-D was not surprised but happy.

“Good job!” AR-D shouted loudly.

“In that case, I’ll do my best to determine the winner in one move!”

A blue glow burst out on AR-D’s body.

The dazzling level was definitely no less than Burma.

Immediately, the dazzling light gathered in the hammer in AR-D’s hand and was raised high by AR-D.

So, the huge hammerhead with the blue glow began to rotate, with a whistling wind, completely turned into a wind wheel, too dazzling to see.

On one side is the convergence of air currents in the white light.

On the other side is the wind wheel rotating under the blue glow.

Houri and AR-D literally bet all their strength on this blow, and their eyes met in mid-air.

Right here, it exploded.


Houri let out a low cry, slashed down the Orga Lux in his hand.

The airflow gathered on the pure white blade went into a complete rage, turning into a tornado, like a drill that broke through the sky and shot forward.

“Eat this! Wolnir hammer!”

At the same time, AR-D also swung out the hammer in his hand, so that the hammerhead like a wind wheel once again, in dazzling blue light, rush to the front.

The tornado split the atmosphere and went straight ahead.

The blue wind wheel spun violently, facing up.

Where the two have passed, the ground is actually broke apart inch by inch, spreading out a small crack, sound powerful.

In such a situation, in the eyes of a large number of spectators, a tornado and blue wind wheel suddenly collided.


The roar of the thunderous sound resounded.

The ferociously colliding tornado and blue wind wheel both burst at the moment of meeting, setting off a terrifying impact and intense fire, generating an unprecedented explosion, causing the wind to sweep, rushing in all directions, landing directly on the defensive barriers around the stage, creating fierce friction.

All the spectators were able to clearly see.

The stage was trembling.

Defensive barriers are trembling.

The whole Sirius dome was trembling.

Such a terrifying collision caused the spectators to reveal shocking expressions one after another, frozen on the spot.

Even people who were watching the live broadcast and were not in front of the screen couldn’t help but hold their breath and their heartbeats accelerated.

Only the terrifying burst of wind has been left on the stage to vibrate back and forth, colliding with each other, rubbing a side of the defensive barriers, so that the defensive barriers seem to be a little shaky, it is frightening.

As a result, this scene does not know how long it lasted.

After a long time, the burst of wind finally began to slowly recede, so that the stage movement is also calmed down.
All the spectators immediately poked their heads out and looked straight in the direction of the stage.

Until the two figures appeared in view.

Houri kneeling on one knee on the ground, Burma in his hand is stabbed at his side, supporting his body, while gasping for breath, while his eyes were full of tiredness.

On the opposite side of Houri, AR-D stood in place, hammer in hand had lost the hammerhead, but his stance was still standing.

However, AR-D’s body was covered with cracks.

Watching this scene, the spectators all lost their words.

Until a neat cracking sound rang out simultaneously.


The school badge in front of Houri and AR-D actually cracked and fell to the ground at the same time.

The sound of mechanical judgment came out immediately.

“Houri, school badge broken.”

“Ernesta Kuhne, school badge broken.”

Both of them were eliminated at the same time.

However, the game is a two-player team, not a single player.

So, while the others were stunned by this result, in the corner of the stage, in front of RM-C, who was silent, Cecily appeared there at some point and smiled at RM-C.

Not long after that, the mechanical sound rang out again.

“Camilla Pareto, school badge broken.”

“Match is over, winner, Houri × Cecily Wang.”

The whole crowd, silence reigns.

After a short while, an amazing cheer erupted from the auditorium and didn’t stop for a long time.

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