Illimitable Until Death v4c338

“Alas, we lost…”

In the Sirius dome’s players’ lounge, Ernesta slumped on the table with a disappointed face, as if she had no strength left and was unwilling to even move a little.

On the other hand, Camilla, whose previous displeasure had disappeared, said with a sense of clarity. “Although it’s a pity that we lost, this time the competition made both AR-D and RM-C play their strengths perfectly, and the collection of information and intelligence is enough, so we can be satisfied, right?”

For Camilla, the only reason to participate in Phoenix Festa was to test her work, and there was no second reason.

If she wins, that’s great.

But if she loses, there is nothing to be frustrated about.

After all, AR-D in the combined state, performance and power will be enhanced by the energy of Urm-Manadyte, and even the performance of the armament will be increased, equivalent to the use of Orga Lux.

The existence of Orga Lux is incompatible with the philosophy of Ferrovius.

Therefore, the defeat of AR-D is, in Camilla’s opinion, a good result.

At least Camilla gathered the information she needed, rather than relying on a force that didn’t fit the concept to win.

Camilla prefers defeat to the latter.

Only Ernesta kept grumbling.

“Everyone wished that AR-D and RM-C could attend our school with the idea of winning,” Ernesta said with great displeasure. “Isn’t that a complete waste of everyone’s plan?”

“You weren’t going to give up anyway, were you?” Camilla sighed and spoke Ernesta’s mind. “For you, AR-D and RM-C are still far from being the end. There will be even better and more perfect works, and you plan to send them to school together. Fortunately, they will be able to take part in Festa again at that time, and win the championship, right?”

“Ara ara~~” Ernesta suddenly felt like a kid being caught, spit out her tongue, and said playfully. “I’ve been discovered.”

“You…” Camilla was dumbfounded.

At that moment, the door of the lounge was opened.

AR-D and RM-C came in through the door, one smiling broadly and the other with a cold face, forming a stark contrast.

Ernesta immediately showed her smiling face as if the rain had cleared up, jumping up and down to welcome them, jumping and calling out at the same time. “You guys finally back? Let mommy see how badly you’ve broken!”

Camilla nodded her head and said to AR-D and RM-C. “Thank you for your hard work.”

Hearing this, RM-C immediately lowered her head and said. “I’m very sorry, master, we lost.”

“Don’t mention it.” Camilla shook her head and said. “My aim is not for you guys to get the victory, it’s enough to have sufficient results.”

“Right, right.” Ernesta seemed to completely forget about her previous performance and words and said playfully. “Anyway, Festa is more than once, so let’s go through it next time.”

Hearing Ernesta’s words, RM-C did not have time to speak, but AR-D nodded his head boldly and said with great frankness. “Master is right, losing is not the most important thing, I did enjoy myself very much this time, that human named Houri is really too interesting, let’s fight with him next time!”

“Shut up, you piece of scrap metal,” RM-C said with extreme indifference. “You’ve lost the match, and you’ve lost so badly in your combined state. Scrap iron is scrap iron after all, you are almost scrapped anyway, so why not just throw it into the waste station?”

In fact, what RM-C said is not wrong.

Although RM-C transfer of arms has been removed, AR-D body is bruised, cracked, as if touch will shatter, quite a fragile look.

This makes AR-D is also a bit downhearted, whispered. “Don’t say that, I don’t want to be like this, what can I do?”

Ernesta and Camilla looked at each other at once.

In fact, both of them knew why AR-D had become so miserable.

The cracks were not caused by the final clash with Houri, but by AR-D’s inability to fully control the Urm-Manadyte power inside his body while exerting his full strength, resulting in a slight power rampage that overburdened AR-D’s body.

“But next time, it won’t be like this.” AR-D has regained his fighting spirit, clenched his fist and said. “After this battle, I have more control over the power in my body than before, yes, I have become stronger than before!”

“Ohhhh!” Ernesta immediately inquired with surprise. “Is this true?”

“It’s true, master!” AR-D gave a thumbs up and laughed. “If school badge hadn’t been broken at that time, I would have been able to fight with more power, and I wouldn’t have lost to that human then? What a pity!”


If AR-D’s school badge hadn’t been broken at that time, it wouldn’t necessarily have been Houri who won in the end.

That’s not only because AR-D was able to control his power better, but also because Houri’s all-out attack had depleted his Prana and left him with no more ability to fight.

Of course, if it really becomes that way, Houri will also throw caution to the wind.

Don’t forget, Houri also has a hidden trump card.

A more powerful than Burma, destined to be the most suitable for Houri’s trump card.

“I’m starting to get interested in that brother, too.”

Ernesta smiled happily and left this comment.

“I hope we’ll have another chance to play together again.”

Meanwhile, the exhausted Houri and Cecily returned to the players’ lounge and lay down on the sofa, looking at each other’s miserable state, both smiling bitterly.

One almost ran out of Prana, and the other was caught in the initial blow after AR-D combined state, so there’s no excuse for that.

“I didn’t expect to be this miserable when we just entered the official fixture.”

Cecily saying this, but the expression is full of relief.

The fact that she had met a strong opponent alone gave Cecily no reason to complain.

As for Houri, he looked at the ceiling and fell into deep thought.

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