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In fact, Houri himself knew it best.

At that time, if the game continued, the possibility of losing was very high.

AR-D’s performance was already very powerful, and in terms of strength alone, it was not under Houri.

At least, if Houri does not use death perception mystic eyes and Burma, there is no way to take advantage of AR-D’s body.

In this case, after liberating the Urm-Manadyte in his body, AR-D’s performance was increased by an unknown amount, and with the special ability that Urm-Manadyte already has, AR-D not only improved his own strength, but also used Orga Lux, and his strength was the absolute number one in this year’s ‘Phoenix Festa’.

In fact, even in the original work, Amagiri Ayato with Ser-Veresta was able to defeat AR-D with the help of his partner, who was at full power.

Without Ser-Veresta and the help of his partner, Amagiri Ayato would not have been able to win.

In this case, Houri naturally could not surpass AR-D in strength and had to use Burma.

The problem is that Burma is very consuming and not suitable for a long fight.

Therefore, after using Burma, Houri decisively chose to bet on the full force of Burma and unleashed the full force of Burma while Prana was still full, and the end result was only the same end as AR-D.

So, if the situation had not been able to determine the winner, it would have been very hurtful for Houri.

Fortunately, Houri was able to win in the end.

“Defeating AR-D here really cleared a huge hurdle.”

After all, in terms of strength alone, there is no one in this year’s ‘Phoenix Festa’ that surpasses AR-D.

In that respect, it was a good thing to win after fighting with AR-D here.

“It’s just that Prana’s consumption is a bit too great…”

Feeling the little Prana left in his body, Houri couldn’t help but be helpless.

Strega and Dante often have the problem of Prana deficiency because of the Prana consumption for using their powers.

Genestellar, however, rarely runs out of Prana.

The result of running out of Prana is to fall into a coma and to regain consciousness, you can only rely on your own recovery of Prana, and those with stronger recovery will wake up faster, and those with weaker recovery will wake up slower.

Houri’s recovery power is not too fast or too slow, very moderate.

However, if there was not such a small amount of Prana left, then Houri would really have to fall into a coma, unable to fight again.

This shows how much Burma consumes.

Of course, consumption is directly proportional to power, and that last strike was really not bad.

“By the way.”

At this time, Cecily raised her head, looked at Houri, and asked this question.

“I forgot to ask, how did you defuse that big guy’s attack at the beginning?”

Cecily asked when Houri hadn’t used Burma and was forced into the defense barrier by AR-D and suffered a Wolnir hammer attack.

“With Shidi’s ability, it’s not a problem for you to avoid the attack, but you should not be able to block it when there is no way to avoid it, right?”

Cecily asked doubtfully.” Then, how did you neutralize that blow?”

“You mean this.” Houri suddenly smiled, patted the pure white launcher at his waist, and said. “I used Burma’s power to defuse it.”

“Burma’s ability?” Cecily said with surprise. “Did you use Burma to directly contact the attack and manipulate the attack itself with Burma’s power like you did when you were sparring with me?”

“No, that’s too risky. Unlike shijie’s seisenjutsu, AR-D’s Wolnir hammer is a purely physical attack that is very powerful, so if I use Burma to make contact, I’ll be sent flying before I even start to activate my power, right?” Houri shook his head and said. “I was using Burma’s ability to take advantage of AR-D’s defensive barrier.”

That’s right.

At that time, Houri used Burma to contact the barrier that trapped him, and changed the form of the barrier to a shield in front of him, and received Wolnir hammer.

“After all, it is a barrier known as an absolute defense that has not been breached so far, so it must be able to block the attacks of its own users, right?” Houri shrugged his shoulders and said. “It went well, I was unharmed, but only consumed some of the Prana.”

That said, Houri had also consumed a lot of Prana in order to change the shape of the defensive barrier.

“Before the real power is released, AR-D’s defensive barrier is just an armed effect, but after the real power is released, AR-D’s defensive barrier should be the ability of Urm-Manadyte in its body,” Houri said. “I think the defensive barrier that AR-D uses in its normal state was created to imitate this ability, right?”

So, at the beginning, AR-D could only deploy one or two defensive barriers, but after the power was released, this ability was increased in one go and could be deployed in multiple directions.

In other words, the real defensive barrier is already a special ability of Orga Lux.

“Using Orga Lux to resist Orga Lux, the consumption is naturally high.” Houri took the Launcher out of his waist and looked at the pure white Urm-Manadyte on the launcher and said with a sigh. “However, Burma is worthy of the Orga Lux made by Shifu herself, even if the target is the same Orga Lux ability, it can still work.”

Unfortunately, the consumption is still very large, it is best not to use it until the crisis.

However, it is already considered good to consider only the consumption compared to Burma that powerful ability.

“From this aspect, Zhao shixiong is also right.” Houri broke into laughter. “A single reliance on powerful weapons will not work, and indeed the most fundamental problem is to refine oneself.”

“My cultivation is also still far from enough,” Cecily said with deep conviction. “Then we have to work harder.”

“Yes.” Houri smiled faintly. “Anyway, we got through today, so we’ll have to keep working hard, shijie.”

“That’s true.” Cecily smiled.

At that moment, Houri again seemed to remember something and said. “By the way, it looks like Amagiri Ayato game is right after us, so let’s watch the game since we can’t move now anyway.”

Saying this, Houri opened the space window.

However, when he did, an unexpected scene appeared in front of Houri’s face.

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