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Since all of the official fixture matchups are decided by lottery, there are almost always a number of cases where strong opponents are met right at the beginning.

Houri and Cecily met the powerful duo of AR-D and RM-C at the beginning of the official fixture.

Like Houri and Cecily, Amagiri Ayato and Sasamiya Saya also faced a formidable opponent.

The opponent is the third-ranked in the sequence of Rewolf Black Institute, using Orga Lux, which is able to manipulate gravity and has extraordinary fighting power.

Even Amagiri Ayato was in a tough battle when he encountered this opponent.

Fortunately, ‘Phoenix Festa’ is not a solo battle, but a two-player team.

Therefore, thanks to Sasamiya Saya’s cover, Amagiri Ayato was able to overcome his opponent with great difficulty.

However, before the auditorium could even begin to cheer, Amagiri Ayato suddenly collapsed.

“Uhh… uaaaaaaahh–!”

In the space window, in the middle of the Sirius dome stage, Amagiri Ayato collapsed to the ground, covered his heart, and let out a painful scream.

In such a situation, dense mana emerged in space, forming a geometric array similar to a magic array that swirled around Amagiri Ayato’s body.

Within it, a thick chain suddenly emerged and wrapped around Amagiri Ayato’s body.

In this instant, the Prana on Amagiri Ayato’s body faded dramatically.

If Amagiri Ayato’s Prana had given him the power to dominate the Seidoukan Academy and reach the number one ranking, then at this moment, Amagiri Ayato’s Prana had faded to the level of a Ranker.

Then, Amagiri Ayato fainted.

At this moment, the spectators’ clamor was loud.

In the players’ lounge, Cecily who clearly saw this scene is also astounded.

“What’s going on?”

Hearing this, Houri did not make a sound but looked at Amagiri Ayato, who was lying unconscious on the stage in the space window, with only Sasamiya Saya beside him, calling his name, and murmured in a low voice.

“As a result, is it still exposed?”

These words came clearly into Cecily’s ears.

“Shidi, do you know what’s going on?” Cecily frowned, and then she said. “But I think you said that Amagiri Ayato was forced to hide his strength, right? Is that what this is about?”

“Yes.” Houri nodded, replied. “In fact, Amagiri Ayato’s body has a seal that limits his strength to the level of a student.”

This is the reason why Cecily and Zhao Hufeng thought Amagiri Ayato was mediocre at the beginning.

The reason lies in this seal.

“Amagiri Ayato can unlock a part of the seal in a very short period of time and exert a certain degree of strength, but once the time exceeds five minutes, he will fall into a state of immobility after that, which is quite a burden on his body.” Houri reminded. “Shijie, remember the incantation that Amagiri Ayato recited in the first game of the preliminaries? That’s actually the step used to unlock the seal!”

So, after chanting the incantation, Amagiri Ayato’s body exploded with such a powerful Prana.

That was Amagiri Ayato unlocking the seal in his body.

“I can’t believe there’s such a thing.” Cecily couldn’t help but be relieved and said. “In other words, Amagiri Ayato’s current condition is the result of taking too long to unlock the seal, causing the seal to be opened passively and causing a severe burden on his body?”

“Yes.” Houri sighed. “But it’s not surprising, Amagiri Ayato’s opponent is ranked third in the Rewolf Black academy and has Orga Lux, but the seal can only be unlocked for about five minutes, so to be able to defeat his opponent in that time is very impressive.”

Houri is well aware of how difficult it is for Amagiri Ayato.

After all, although there is no seal, Houri’s Stigma’s sustain time is likewise around five minutes, and it also causes a serious burden afterward, so he could collapse at any time if he uses it for too long.

It’s not easy to fight in such a state.

Of course, compared to Amagiri Ayato, Houri’s Stigma, it’s worth the side effects of the power boost once used.

Houri is confident that if he uses Stigma, he will be able to crush and kill AR-D within a minute, even if it is in a combined state.

And Houri can even do insta-kill if he added death perception mystic eyes.

But even so, Stigma is still a power that cannot be used for long.

Amagiri Ayato is also in the same situation.

“Can only use his power for five minutes?” Cecily said with disappointment. “If that’s the case, it’s a lot less fun.”

Hearing these words, Houri smiled slightly and said.

“That’s just the current situation.”

Only Houri knew that the seal inside Amagiri Ayato’s body was divided into three stages, and each stage of unsealing had a different effect.

When the first stage of the seal is lifted, Amagiri Ayato can only exert his power for about five minutes, and there are powerful side effects.

In the second stage of the seal, Amagiri Ayato can exert his power for an hour. The side effects are still there, but for a much longer time, it can fully support one or two battles.

And once Amagiri Ayato unseals the third stage, the seal will be completely unlocked.

At that time, Amagiri Ayato will get back all of his power, and his combat power will be far greater than his current state, and he will definitely not lose to the combined state of AR-D.

It is because of this that Houri has been paying attention to this original work protagonist.

However, Amagiri Ayato is only able to unlock the first stage of the seal.

If Amagiri Ayato could unlock all the seals, he would probably be a more difficult opponent than AR-D, right?

“Unfortunately, the current Amagiri Ayato is not that much of a threat.”

Just as Houri whispered this, a series of cold prompts suddenly rang out abruptly from his mind.

“No. 11273 trigger C Rank Side Mission: Lifting the seal.”
“Mission content: Unseal the story character Amagiri Ayato before the end of ‘Phoenix Festa’.”
“Mission reward: 5000 CP.”
“No. 11273 trigger C Rank Side Mission: Genestellar.”
“Mission content: In the ‘Phoenix Festa’ tournament, use only the power obtained in this world.”
“Mission reward: 5000 CP .”
“No. 11273 Trigger B Rank Side Mission: Repel strong enemies.”
“Mission content: Defeat story character Amagiri Ayato in the ‘Phoenix Festa’ tournament after completing the first two missions.”
“Mission reward: 10,000 CP.”

Houri’s expression suddenly froze.

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