Illimitable Until Death v4c341

“Xiao shidi?”

At the side, Cecily looked at Houri, who suddenly froze, and asked in a strange voice. “What happened to you?”

“… Nothing.” Houri couldn’t help but take a deep breath and said in a rather helpless manner. “It’s just that I don’t know whether to feel happy or sad.”

Houri didn’t really know how to react to the three Side Missions that came out of nowhere.


He should be, right?

After all, the reward for these three Side Missions is exactly 20,000 CP, which is exactly the range required for Houri Main Mission 3 to be completed.

This is called a timely Side Mission, Houri certainly not be unhappy when it suddenly triggered like this.

But in addition to happiness, Houri also has a feeling of being cheated.

“After all, I just mentioned that the Amagiri Ayato whose seal was lifted would be tricky…”

As a result, MainGod space came up with these three Side Missions, which really felt like they were against Houri.

“So it’s like asking me to fight Amagiri Ayato with all his seals lifted?”

The first Main Mission requires Houri to unseal Amagiri Ayato before the end of ‘Phoenix Festa’.

In this way, Amagiri Ayato, who has regained all his strength, will become an even more difficult opponent than AR-D.

The second Side Mission requires Houri to use only the power he gained in this world during the ‘Phoenix Festa’ tournament.

In other words, Houri’s mystic eyes and Stigma cannot be used, otherwise he will not be able to complete this Side Mission.

This Side Mission seems simple, but even ignoring the rest of the game, the duel with Amagiri Ayato will also take place in the game, which is equivalent to having Houri face Amagiri Ayato, whose seal is completely lifted, without using his mystic eyes and Stigma.

This is simply a back-and-forth between the two Side Missions.

Plus the third Side Mission, Houri must ensure the completion of the first two Side Missions to defeat Amagiri Ayato, this situation is already irreversible.

So, MainGod space gives the mission difficulty of B Rank.

B Rank Side Mission, which is only one-tenth of the success rate.

It can be imagined how strong Amagiri Ayato really is after his seal is completely lifted.

He can still manage If he can use mystic eyes and Stigma.

Even if only one of these abilities is used, Houri is confident that he will be able to defeat Amagiri Ayato.

But if this is the case, it would be like letting Houri get the CP for nothing, and MainGod space would not have issued such a mission.

To sum up, isn’t that a pitfall?

Of course, Houri can also choose not to complete, Side Mission and no penalty anyway.

However, no MainGod envoy would give up for no reason when faced with a mission that offers rewards and no downside, right?

“There’s no way out.”

Houri opened the space window and checked the matchmaking table.

Maybe the battles with AR-D and RM-C were the final doom, Houri and Cecily would not encounter too strong an opponent until the semi-finals.

In other words, until the top four, Houri and Cecily’s opponents are not strong, at least compared to AR-D and RM-C.

Instead, Amagiri Ayato’s next two matches were against Jielong competitors.

Moreover, all of them were Houri’s shixiong shijie, the disciples of ‘Banyuu Tenra’.

In the next match, Amagiri Ayato’s opponents were the 20th and 21st ranked in the sequence.

It seems like they are not a great opponent, but unfortunately, in Jielong, this level of opponent is almost as good as Page One in the rest of the academy, otherwise they don’t deserve to be ‘Banyuu Tenra’ disciples.

In Amagiri Ayato’s condition, it is estimated that before the next competition, he can’t fully recover from the side effects of unsealing, right?

In that case, Amagiri Ayato would have to fight against a Page One level opponent without unsealing.

That would be very difficult.

Not to mention, even if he gets through this level, Amagiri Ayato still has another level to go.

In the next match, Amagiri Ayato’s opponent is the Lishi sibling, who is ranked ninth in the Jielong Seventh Institute ranking and tenth in the ranking.

For these two siblings, Amagiri Ayato’s weaknesses will be thoroughly targeted, even to the point of being abused, right?

“My Side Mission three will be a failure if he loses any of the games.”

Thinking of this, Houri held up his heavy body with some difficulty, said to Cecily. “Shijie, how are your injuries?”

“It’s fine.” Cecily waved her hand, nonchalantly said. “This level of injury will be healed in a little while.”

Genestellar’s recovery power is much stronger than humans.

This level of injury is really nothing for Cecily.

“In that case, shijie can go back by yourself,” Houri said. “I still have some things to do, so I won’t come with you.”

“Go ahead then.” Cecily waved her hand again, then closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Houri smiled and shook his head, and then walked out of the lounge.

Once out of the lounge, not long after, Houri is feeling a little hard to move his feet.

The excessive consumption of Prana had left Houri’s body in a state of weakness, and he didn’t know when he would recover.

“Healing gem can’t be used to restore energy, my hands are tied.”

At that moment, Houri could only walk in a direction with somewhat feeble footsteps.

Just in this instant, an accident happened.

An indescribable sense of oppression suddenly filled the entire corridor, as if the air had become heavy and enveloped the scene.


Houri’s footsteps stopped abruptly.

In this moment, Houri felt it clearly.

Behind him, two breaths appeared silently.

In the next second, such a voice sounded.

“Is this the disciple of ‘Banyuu Tenra’ that you once mentioned?”

It was a man’s voice.

Moreover, it was the voice of a man who seemed to have heard it somewhere before.

It’s like clearly having memories in this area, but could not recall it. Houri was sure that he knew this voice, but could not remember to whom it belonged.

But Houri clearly remembered the next voice.

“That’s right, this is the little guy, I don’t know why he actually knows about me.”

Hearing such a voice, Houri suddenly turned around.

What caught his eyes were two people.

A man wearing a mask and a suit.

A woman wearing a necklace and with unfocused eyes.

The former’s identity aside.

The latter, however, was a being Houri had met only a short time ago.


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