Illimitable Until Death v4c343


For a moment.

Just for a moment.

In this moment, a sharp tip of the sword approached Houri’s eyes, causing the sound of a sharp, strong wind to echo.

Laminamors had somehow gotten hold of a Lux and activated it unknowingly.

That Lux, the shape of the red sword, the overall conical shape, so that the blade is very wide, the tip of the sword is extremely sharp and immediately broke through the obstruction of the air, thrust towards Houri’s eyes.

Once stabbed, even if Houri is very powerful, the same can not avoid the end of death on the spot.

Laminamors strike is a fatal blow.

That terrifying stab made Houri’s pupils shrink violently.

(So fast!)

Unexpectedly, with speed-type like Houri, actually did not detect Laminamors’ attack before that.

(No, no, it’s not fast, but my cognition was hindered and my reaction to Laminamors’ attack was dulled!)

In other words, this terrible attack by Laminamors relies not on speed, but on the hindrance of Houri’s cognition.

Of course, even so, Laminamors’ stab is extremely powerful and deadly, and the speed is definitely not too low.

But unfortunately, Houri was already prepared for it.

Be prepared to be attacked at any time.

Therefore, Houri was able to react in time.

“Flash Step Water Moon!”

Under the sharp stab, Houri’s figure flashed and he disappeared.

Just like a mirage, the inverted moon in the water suddenly disappeared without any reason.

“Oh?” Laminamors said with a surprised voice. “A bit of skill.”

Saying this, Laminamors turned around calmly and swung his sword down slowly at his back.

There, Houri’s figure suddenly flashed out, just in time to meet the slashing blade.


Houri’s heart suddenly jumped and retreated without a moment’s hesitation.


With a tearing sound, the slowly swinging sword blade cut Houri’s clothes, exposing Houri’s skin to the air.

But before Houri could rest assured, Laminamors reversed the blade and slapped Houri, who had taken a step backward.


Houri only had time to raise his hand to his side, and then the broad blade was ferociously slapped on it, sending Houri flying out, rolling miserably to the ground and sliding out of the way before he spun around and stabilized himself on one knee.

“Kuh…” Houri could not help but squeeze a sound out of his throat.

The hand used to block was tingling.

His whole body was weak and feeble.

The flow of Prana in his body had become extremely slow and so little that he couldn’t even mobilize it.

As Valda said, Houri was in the worst possible state.

“It’s not bad to be able to block three of my moves in such a state.”

Laminamors said while walking towards Houri with a leisurely attitude. “Only, how long can you hold on?”

Hearing this, Houri laughed.

“Maybe not for long?” Houri said.

Houri slowly raised his head and said.

“However, I still have the ability to swing a blade, so I’ll send you to hell with the next blow.”

Laminamors’ footsteps stopped abruptly.

If it were someone else, they would have thought Houri was crazy, right?

In this situation, no matter how much comfort he could give himself, Houri would not be able to survive, let alone fight back.

However, the sense of oppression that permeated the air was turned into a murderous aura at this moment, telling Laminamors that Houri was not joking.

And, Houri also has the ability.

“Be careful.” Valda couldn’t help but speak up and said. “That kid has a rather dangerous ability, better not take his words as a bluff.”

Although she did not know what kind of power Houri possessed, Valda did feel that day that Houri, who had killed her own power, carried a deadly sense of danger.

It was a terrible feeling that Valda had never experienced until now.

As an Orga Lux, Valda did not have to worry about being harmed.

After all, Valda’s body was not hers, and no matter what damage was done to it, it would not threaten Valda.

But at that moment, Valda did feel the danger.

She felt the danger of being killed.

A feeling that Valda had never felt before, and it stuck with her.

So, just Laminamors said Valda always cared about Houri, and this is the reason.

The ability to kill even Orga Lux.

This fact cannot be ignored.

“It’s just that this makes me more and more curious.” Laminamors still said calmly. “Besides, even if you could really kill me with your next blow, how would you avoid my next blow in your current state?”

“So, it’s one life for one life,” Houri said with a smile. “How’s that? It’s a good deal, right?”

The calm voice makes it clear that the owner really doesn’t care about his own life or death.

Even as Orga Lux, Valda couldn’t help but feel a chill in her heart and click her tongue.

“What a freak.”

“Haha, you are the first one who can make that Valda say that.” Laminamors laughed very happily, shrugged his shoulders, and said. “Well, I don’t want to die so worthlessly myself, so consider me scared, so I won’t make a move on you.”

Saying this, Laminamors smile is becoming devilish.

“Only, does the other person have the same ability as you?”

“Another person?” Houri was first stunned, and then his eyes widened.

“It seems that you have already guessed,” Laminamors said with a smile. “Valda told me that last time at ‘Banyuu Tenra’, you once said that her body was the sensei of one of your acquaintances. I tried to investigate after that, and found that in this Aquatic city, the existence of someone who can be called your acquaintance, except for your shixiong shijie in Jielong, there is only one.”

“So, I tried to ask her over.”

“–‘If you want to meet your sensei, then come to the Sirius dome’–“

“Sending such an SMS to her private number in an anonymous way.”

Almost at the same time as Laminamors voice fell, a figure rushed forward at the end of the corridor.

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