Illimitable Until Death v4c344

“Ha… Ha… Ha…”

In the corridor of the Sirius dome, Sylvia is running at the fastest speed in her life, making her breath rapid and a lot of sweat dripping from her face.

It can be seen from here alone that Sylvia has been running at this speed for quite some time.

Sweat dripped down from her face and stained her lapel.

Massive loss of physical strength makes her gasping for breath intensify.

But even so, Sylvia still did not slow down, running wildly down the corridor while looking left and right, letting her eyes reach every corner of her direction, not missing a single bit.

“Where is it?”

Sylvia’s voice was filled with anxiety.

There was no way.

Even though there was no way to confirm the authenticity of the SMS, and the information revealed was too ambiguous and sparse, Sylvia could not ignore the SMS she had received twenty minutes earlier.

After receiving the SMS, Sylvia put off all her work and rushed here as fast as she could, not even bothering to disguise herself, just running down a corridor.

There is only one purpose.

“Where exactly?”

Sylvia could only keep running through the corridors, looking around every corner, just to find a little clue of what she hoped to see.

That’s right.

Sylvia only hoped to get a clue.

So, Sylvia never thought that she could meet the person she was looking for here.

In such a situation, it’s not hard at all to imagine what Sylvia would have done when she met Ursula directly.

So, Sylvia came here and saw the scene.

In the corridor in front, three figures were facing each other as if they were confronting one another.

One was dressed in a black robe, with the back turned to Sylvia.

One was dressed in a suit, holding a large Lux sword in his hand.

Another, kneeling on one knee on the ground, was looking in her direction, his eyes changing dramatically.

Looking at the figure kneeling on one knee on the ground, Sylvia could not help but be surprised.


The voice was spread very clearly.

In this instant, the air seemed to freeze, completely frozen in space.

“Come yet?”

The masked man in a suit said with a smile as he raised the large sword in his hand. “Good timing, indeed even fate is looking out for us.”

At these words, the person in black robes with the back to Sylvia also turned around and entered Sylvia’s eyes.


Sylvia’s heart stopped.

It was in this one moment.

Looking at the familiar face that entered her eyes, Sylvia’s amethyst eyes opened wide, and even her lips kept on shaking.

Shocked, confused and disbelieved, Sylvia’s beautiful face was replaced by an unconcealed joy.

Because there is no mistake.

Absolutely no mistake.

That face, Sylvia absolutely can not be wrong.

That was the person Sylvia had been looking for in her dreams.


Sylvia couldn’t help but call out the other person’s name.

However, not only did the frozen air around the area not disintegrate, but it seemed to completely turn into ice, and even the temperature began to drop.

Facing the overjoyed Sylvia, Ursula… or rather Valda, with a face without a trace of emotion, spoke indifferently. “As expected, you are the one who is related to this body.”

“Eh?” Sylvia was stunned.

It was only then that Sylvia noticed the unusual atmosphere.

Immediately, Sylvia finally began to notice.

The familiar face in front of her, a pair of eyes were dim and dull, not at all like the eyes a person could have.

Coupled with the unusual scene in front of her, Sylvia couldn’t help but take a step back, and the joy on her face was replaced by caution.

After all, it’s not that Sylvia didn’t guess if this was a trap.

However, Sylvia wanted to confirm the authenticity of the SMS in any case.

Now it seems that the SMS is true, but it is not that simple.

At that moment, Sylvia was alerted.

“Who are you?”

This question was answered by Valda herself.

Unfortunately, the answer was this.

“You don’t need to know,” Valda said succinctly. “All you need to know is that, for us, you are a usable person, and that’s enough.”

As soon as her words fell, the necklace in front of Valda suddenly glowed brightly.


In the air, a humming sound resounded.

The blossoming black light surged so suddenly, like a sea wave, instantly covered the entire corridor.

And it is aimed at Sylvia.

“Let me see how much information you know about that man and what kind of relationship you have with this body.”

With these emotionless words, an extremely strong headache struck Sylvia’s mind.

“Uh… aaahhh–!”

Sylvia immediately clutched her head and let out a painful wailing sound.

Intense pain ran through Sylvia’s mind.

Her head had gone blank.

Sylvia held her head like this, her body was covered with black light, and she couldn’t help but cry out in sorrow.

At that moment, a figure suddenly flashed.


With a splitting sound, the black light covering Sylvia’s entire body was split in two.

Houri just flashing in front of Sylvia, holding a crescent moon-like dagger in his hand, a pair of eyes shining with ice blue light, killing Valda’s power.

And a step slower, another figure darted and appeared in front of Houri.

“There’s a flaw!”

Laminamors sword in his hand turned into a loaded bullet and stabbed violently, separating the surrounding air and cutting off the airflow, with a cold word light, stabbed straight at Houri’s body.

At this time, Houri just waved his dagger, the stance has not yet been adjusted.

So Houri could not avoid this blow, and could only watch the sharp tip of the sword stabbed him.


In the tearing sound, the red tip of the sword pierced through Houri’s body.

Blood flowed down from Houri’s body, staining Laminamors’ sword and Sylvia’s clothes behind him.

“Hou-san!” Sylvia cried out in shock.

But Houri suddenly stabilized his body, the ice blue mystic eyes shone, his dagger turned into a moonlight, slashing forward.

In the face of that incoming cold blade light, Laminamors without thinking, directly pulling back.

However, in this instant, Houri suddenly stretched out his hand.

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