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This was the sound of skin being pierced by a sharp blade.

Houri suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed the blade of the sword that pierced his shoulder, causing blood to flow from his palm.

In this case, Laminamors’s figure, who was holding the sword tightly and was about to pull back, also stopped.

This stop directly led to Laminamors defeat.

“Flash Sheath Blast!”

A cold blade light appeared from the dead center of Laminamors’ body, like a graceful upturned moon, from the bottom to the top, an upward slash.


This time it was the sound of muscles being cut off by a sharp blade.

Laminamors’ body was knocked out of the way.

On his side, a lot of blood spattered and spilled all around.

The blood was spilled from one of Laminamors’ hands.

There, on Laminamors’ arm, starting from the wrist, one palm was neatly sliced off, causing a large amount of blood to drip from the fracture, staining the floor of the corridor.

“Guh…!” Laminamors finally made a coarse sound.

The only thing left was the severed palm, still clinging to the Lux sword handle that pierced through Houri’s body, dripping blood while gradually losing strength.

“Cough…!” Houri coughed out a mouthful of blood and fell to one knee on the ground.

“Hou-san!” Sylvia hurriedly held Houri and knelt down together.

At the same time, Valda also caught Laminamors, who was retreating, and pressed one hand on Laminamors’ back, looking at Laminamors’ arm that was severed at the root, a cold feeling ran through her heart.

“How could this happen…”

You know, it was because of their fear of Houri’s unknown ability that Laminamors and Valda chose to come to Houri at a time when Houri’s Prana was almost exhausted and lured Sylvia out in order to restrain Houri and confirm their conjecture.

As a result, the conjecture was confirmed, proving that the body Valda now occupies is indeed Sylvia’s sensei, and the restraint also succeeded, allowing Houri in a moment to reveal a fatal flaw.

But in the end, it actually ended up in this situation?

“… Careless.” Laminamors clutched his severed arm and said in a bitter smile-like whisper. “I didn’t expect that a trivial student, could actually manage to be so hard on himself. You’re right, this guy is really too dangerous.”

“… What to do?” Valda said calmly. “Should we get rid of him here?”

“It would be best if we could, but as you can see, this man is a beast. The more he is wounded, the more dangerous he becomes. Unless you and I put our lives on the line, it’s not worth it.” Laminamors said without hesitation. “Anyway, what we want to confirm has already come to fruition, the world-class diva is indeed the related person of this body of yours. That kid, although he knows a lot of things, but does not seem to know our plans look like, and should not constitute a threat for the time being, retreat here.”

“… I see.” Valda was silent for a while and then agreed.

Laminamors raised his head and looked deeply at Houri, who was kneeling on one knee as if he intended to remember him completely.

Just now, if Laminamors did not react in time to raise his hand, using his own hand to block Houri’s strike, it was not a hand that was just cut off, but Laminamors’ head.

Of course, this is not the point.

The point is that Laminamors has just converted his whole body Prana into defense power, but his hand still gets chopped off.

“It’s just an ordinary dagger, I should be fine even if I get cut with my Prana, but my hand is severed.”

That’s why Laminamors said he was careless.

“Really a dangerous guy, I hope you will not become our enemy.”

Leaving such a sentence, Laminamors followed Valda and slowly retreated.

“Wait!” Sylvia shouted out. “Who the hell are you people?!”

It wasn’t the Laminamors who answered Sylvia’s question, but Valda.

“People who have nothing to do with you,” Valda said expressionlessly. “So, it’s better not to get involved with us again, little girl.”

Leaving such a sentence, Laminamors and Valda suddenly disappeared in the same place, not leaving even the slightest trace.

Including the Lux that was stabbed on Houri’s shoulder, and the severed hand that was clutched on the sword handle.

Presumably, it should be Valda once again used her ability to use mental interference to make people think that they have disappeared into thin air, right?

In the end, Houri and Sylvia were the only ones left in the corridor, along with a trail of blood.

“Wait! Wait! Ursula!”

Sylvia couldn’t help but stand up.

Although she didn’t know what was going on, it was impossible for Sylvia not to lose her composure with the person she had been dreaming of looking for right in front of her eyes.

“Cough…” Houri was just coughing up blood, with his body was completely stained with blood.

“Hou-san!” Sylvia finally did not choose to go after them, looking at his blood-soaked appearance, she hurriedly held him up again.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine.” Houri gritted his teeth and choked down the blood that was pouring down his throat.

The Laminamors’ weapon is after all a very wide type of blade, and although the part that was pierced was the shoulder, it was actually quite close to the heart, just to the left of Houri’s chest cavity.

Such an injury is naturally not too light.

So, Houri took out the Healing gem and put it in front of his body.


A warm glow immediately blossomed from the gem, illuminating Houri’s body.

Under that glow, Houri’s wounds gradually healed at a speed visible to the naked eye, causing Sylvia to be somewhat astonished.

After about a minute, the glow of the Healing gem dimmed down.

And Houri’s front wound is completely invisible.

However, the attack by Laminamors and Valda, while Prana was almost completely exhausted, made the exhaustion in Houri’s eyes could no longer be restrained.

At that moment, Houri’s breathing became rapid, and his face turned pale.

“Hou-san.” Sylvia couldn’t help but said. “Are you sure you’re okay?”

“I’m really fine, I’m just tired.” Houri’s voice was a little weak, but he said. “Can you please find a place for me to rest?”

“Sure.” Sylvia immediately agreed.

To be honest, Sylvia didn’t know much about the current situation.

But there was one thing that Sylvia could be sure of.

That is, without Houri’s protection, she would definitely not be able to be as intact as she is now.


Sylvia couldn’t help but be a little unwilling.

Even so, there were still many questions.

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