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Finally, with Sylvia’s help, Houri was taken to the VIP room of the Queenvail Girls Academy in the Sirius dome and helped to lie down on the sofa.

“Well?” Sylvia asked in a whisper. “Are you better now?”

“If you’re referring to the injury, there’s no need to worry,” Houri said with a small smile. “I’m mostly healed, and this is just Prana’s overexertion, nothing serious.”

However, the problem of Prana’s overexertion can be big or small.

At least, in this academy battle city, it is not uncommon for Prana’s overexertion to lead to a coma for ten or twenty days.

“I’m sorry,” Sylvia said somewhat apologetically. “If only I could be of some help.”

Sylvia’s ability is theoretically omnipotent, but only healing can not do.

Not just for pain, as long as the healing type of ability, then Sylvia can not use.

So, Sylvia can really only watch.

Therefore, Sylvia said. “Why don’t I send you to the treatment hospital?”

The so-called treatment hospital is not a hospital, but a healing place equipped with Genestellar’s recovery ability.

This is a place that specializes in Genestellar treatment and takes care of the participants’ healing during Festa.

If it was Houri, he would have received the best treatment there.

However, Houri declined.

“As I said, I’m just overexerted from Prana, it’s nothing serious.” Houri shook his head and said. “Let me rest and I’ll be able to regain my mobility, and then I’ll rest properly after I return to Jielong.”

“Really?” Sylvia was relieved.

After being relieved, the questions that had been repressed until now came up urgently.

“Hou-san.” Sylvia looked directly at Houri with an unprecedentedly serious expression and said. “Although I don’t know what happened, there is really only one thing I want to know the most.”

There’s no need to even ask what this thing is.

“Is the person who is wearing the necklace, Ursula?” Sylvia asked with some hope and some uneasiness. “My intuition tells me that that person is Ursula, but something seems to be wrong.”

In that case, it would be strange if Sylvia hadn’t been able to detect the anomaly.

“Please tell me.”

When she said that, Sylvia even put on a hint of shudder.

Apparently, she was worried about hearing some bad news, right?

And there is no doubt that Ursula’s body being taken over by Valda is definitely bad news.

So, Houri is also a little hesitant, does not know whether to tell Sylvia the truth.

Looking at Houri like this, Sylvia sighed and said with a smile. “It’s okay, Hou-san, you can just say it. Even the worst news I can bear now, as long as it is confirmed that Ursula is indeed alive and in this city, it is not the worst for me.”

Hearing this, Houri looked at Sylvia and saw clearly the expression on Sylvia’s face.

It was a very frank and expansive expression.

Although there was still a hint of uneasiness, this expression proved that Sylvia was true to her word and was not talking about bravado.

“… Okay.” Houri could only nod.

“It’s not what I planned, but I’ll tell you everything I know.”

Hearing this, Sylvia just smiled.

About five minutes later, Sylvia, who had learned everything from Houri’s mouth, fell silent, and her beautiful face was filled with a fit of cold anger and some mixed emotions.

Ursula was taken over by Orga Lux and became a being named Valda, who had been hiding in the shadows of Aquatic city, operating as a member of a certain organization.

Sylvia did not expect that she could not find her sensei because of such a reason.

“Although I don’t know if it was voluntary, your sensei was undoubtedly taken away from you by Valda-Vaoth,” Houri said. “I’m afraid that losing control of the body is the price of this Orga Lux from ‘Valda-Vaoth’?”

The use of Orga Lux comes at a price of sorts.

Like Houri’s Burma, the cost was a lot of Prana, which indirectly caused Houri to fall into this exhausted state and be ambushed by Laminamors and Valda.

Of course, this price is already considered good.

Like Pandora, the cost is to let the user experience their own death in their sleep every day, and that is a truly cruel thing.

The cost of Valda-Vaoth is also extraordinary.

Even though no one knows if it was Ursula’s use of the Orga Lux that ultimately led to this result, the person was no longer the sensei Sylvia knew.

“Originally, I was planning to find a way to inquire about Valda’s whereabouts first, and then find a chance to take back your sensei’s body,” Houri said somewhat helplessly. “Only, I didn’t expect to be preempted.”

“Take back sensei’s body?” Sylvia was first stunned, and then hastily asked. “Do you have a way to help sensei regain consciousness and take back control of her body?”

“It’s not hard to think of a way to do that, but the problem is that we’d have to face Valda, and even Valda’s organization, for sure,” Houri said. “So, it’s very difficult.”

And rightly so.

If it were that easy, Sylvia wouldn’t have spent so many years trying to find Ursula.

And in the face of this difficulty, Sylvia just smiled sweetly and said. “Compared to the old days when there was no news at all, this is already very good.”

At least Sylvia finally knew what to do to get her sensei back.

In that case, then there was no need to rush.

“Yes, there’s no need to rush,” Sylvia murmured. “It’s been so many years anyway.”

In this moment, Sylvia’s face carried a hint of self-deprecation instead of the previous uneasiness.

That’s because Sylvia didn’t expect things to come so suddenly, right?

However, Sylvia still adjusted her mood.

“Thank you for helping me to find my sensei, Hou-san.”

Sylvia gave a solemn thanking to Houri and said.

“I will take care of the next thing by myself, please recuperate well.”

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