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When he heard Sylvia’s words, Houri’s eyebrows were slightly raised and his gaze was cast straight to Sylvia’s body, staring at the face that was known as the world’s first without saying a word, carrying a trace of deep meaning in his eyes.

Under the direct gaze of that eye, Sylvia’s expression became a little unnatural, and her heart was smiling a little bitterly.

(Must have been seen through, right?)

After all, Sylvia’s implication was very clear: she wanted to cut off her relationship with Houri.

(That’s just my personal business…)

That’s right.

It’s just Sylvia’s personal business.

The situation is very clear now.

If Sylvia wanted to get Ursula back, she would have to fight against Valda and the organization she belonged to.

There is no need to explain how dangerous it is.

Sylvia would not like to see unrelated outsiders get involved in her own personal business.

In the past, she did not know that Ursula’s situation was so dangerous, that’s why Sylvia borrowed Houri’s power in order to find Ursula.

But now that she has glimpsed the darkness, she can no longer bring outsiders into the picture.

In any case, Houri has a little relationship with Sylvia, not even talk about friendship.

Even if there were some ambiguous incidents, but that can only be described as accidental at best.

Neither Houri nor Sylvia had any intention to do so before that.

Therefore, it could only be considered a beautiful accident.

So Sylvia had to clarify her relationship with Houri.

Unfortunately, this idea had already been seen through.

“Is this okay?” Houri said indifferently as if he were speaking to someone else. “I still have a way to get Ursula back, but you certainly don’t, do you?”

Hearing this, Sylvia opened her mouth, but can’t say anything.


Sylvia had no way to take back Ursula.

This time, if it wasn’t for Houri, Sylvia wouldn’t even be able to see Valda, who had taken over Ursula’s body, and would still be searching for her in a sea of people, right?

What’s more, Sylvia has no way to free Ursula from Valda’s domination.

Perhaps destroying Orga Lux, where Valda’s body is located, can do this, but is it really that easy to do?

It must not be that easy, right?

At least, although she doesn’t know Valda’s own strength, Sylvia will have to think twice just because of the ability to interfere with her spirit.

That ability can not be defended against, and can not be avoided, only prevented.

Otherwise, Sylvia that can be called academy battle city second strongest strength, certainly not become a spectator in the previous confrontation, and be used in the end.

In view of this, as Houri said, at present, Sylvia has no idea how to free Ursula.

“Not to mention, since you couldn’t find Valda at all before, it’s probably the same now.”

Houri threw down the final blow.

“Valda was able to interfere with perceptions and fade herself out of everyone’s sight. No one would have been able to find her if she hadn’t wanted to come out, and your efforts over the years are a testament to that.”

With the ability called omnipotent, Sylvia is unable to use healing skills, but detection skills are possible.

As a result, Sylvia has not been able to find Valda, enough to show that Valda’s concealment ability is very outstanding.

Otherwise, many people would have been on Valda’s back with her particularity.

“So, there is only one conclusion.” Houri gazed at Sylvia and smiled lightly. “Only I can help you.”

Sylvia’s bitter smile was finally shown on her face.

“In other words, do you have a way to find Valda?” Sylvia said. “Didn’t you say that no one could find Valda if she didn’t want to?”

“So, she’ll have to come to us.” Houri naturally said. “That’s why I was going to do it after I won the Festa.”

“Winning the Festa?” Sylvia said after a moment of hesitation. “You mean, if you win this ‘Phoenix Festa’, you will be able to find Valda?”

“To be correct, it should be said that I will be able to find Valda while keeping myself safe.” Houri corrected. “If I don’t win the Phoenix Festa, I’ll be wiped out immediately, right?”

Sylvia was confused.

Did Valda have anything to do with Festa?

Or does Valda’s organization have any relationship with Festa?

“Don’t think too much,” Houri said with a faint smile. “When ‘Phoenix Festa’ is over, you’ll know what’s going on.”

Sylvia was at a loss for words.

Seeing that Houri’s expression had not changed from the beginning to the end, Sylvia struggled and said. “But you have no reason to help me.”

“… Every time I do a good deed, I have to be told so.” Houri sighed, and then laughed.

The next second, Houri carelessly said.

“Our relationship is pretty good anyway, isn’t it?”

This statement is like a rebuttal to Sylvia’s previous idea that she and Houri have little relationship with each other, not even a friendship.

However, this statement also made Sylvia dumbfounded.

This was the answer given by Sylvia when she was interviewed by the journalist after Houri revealed his relationship with her in front of him.

At that time, Sylvia was just saying it casually.

But now it’s become a tool for Houri.

“Not to mention the fact that I’ve already received your payment.”

Houri smiled at Sylvia and said. “So let me at least make it to the end.”

Looking at Houri’s smile, Sylvia’s heart pounded at this moment.

Then, the scene of Houri cutting off Valda’s power to protect herself, not retreating even under Laminamors’ sneak attack, and fighting back in blood also came to Sylvia’s mind.

This made Sylvia’s gaze unnaturally averted, not daring to look at Houri’s smiling face again.

This feeling didn’t exist even when Houri kissed her forcibly before.

After all, at that time, Sylvia knew very well that it was only because Houri could not control himself.

Now, the feeling is completely different.

Noticing the change in her feelings, Sylvia couldn’t help but feel distressed.

“This is a problem…”

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