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It was as if the rain had cleared up and nothing major happened in the following period of time.

As if nothing had happened, the attention of the people in academy battle city was still focused on ‘Phoenix Festa’, and as ‘Phoenix Festa’ went on, the atmosphere was getting higher and higher.

After that, Houri and Cecily also went through a few matches.

However, compared to AR-D and RM-C, the next few matches were not as thrilling as the preliminaries, where Cecily was the only one who would take care of the opponent, yet Houri and Cecily were not as thrilling as when they fought against AR-D and RM-C.

In the end, Houri and Cecily won one after another and advanced to the final.

At this point, Houri was just one step away from being the ‘Phoenix Festa’ champion.

The other team that made it to the finals was playing in front of Houri.



In the space window, Amagiri Ayato and Toudou Kirin shouted at the same time, one with Ser-Veresta and the other with ordinary katana, and were running on the stage of Sirius dome, charging at each other.

Behind the two, Julis and Sasamiya Saya seem to have completely carried out the role of long-range support, one holding a thin sword type Lux, hovering around the fierce flame, one full body equipped with a heavy combination of cannon, the muzzle of the cannon in a continuous convergence of energy.

In Oushinden’s audience room, led by Fan Xinglu, Houri, Cecily, Zhao Hufeng and Lishi siblings were all present to watch the semi-final match unfold.

That’s right.

The semi-final match to determine the other teams to advance to the final was a civil war between the participants of Seidoukan Academy.

Amagiri Ayato × Sasamiya Saya vs Toudou Kirin × Julis Alexia von Riessfeld.

This semi-final was no less exciting than the battle between Houri and Cecily against AR-D and RM-C.

After all, both sides are very strong Genestellar.

Amagiri Ayato and Sasamiya Saya, although they had been unknown until then, were the first in the Seidoukan Academy ranking in the original work, and the other tied with RM-C in the ‘Phoenix Festa’ of the original work and even won in the end.

There’s no need to repeat how strong such two people are.

The same goes for Toudou Kirin and Julis, one ranked number one and one ranked number five, definitely not weaker than the former.

So, this was a great semi-final.

Amagiri Ayato and Toudou Kirin both fought in unparalleled close combat with exquisite swordsmanship, their bodies always interlocking on the stage, but their blades never clashing with each other, as if they were competing with each other’s skills, which was fascinating to watch.

Sasamiya Saya and Julis, on the other hand, stayed in the back, using heavy artillery and intense fire to support their attacks from a distance, and occasionally blasting each other, making the top of the stage explode all the time, like fireworks.

In such a situation, the fierce battle between the two sides kept going on, with no one giving up half a step, causing the spectators of the auditorium to cheer frequently and incessantly.

Even Fan Xinglu, who was equally overjoyed by the match, kept clapping her hands while watching.

“That’s right! That’s it! Both Amagiri Ayato and Toudou Kirin have rare talents! Why are these two not Jielong’s students?”

From these words, it is clear how good Fan Xinglu is feeling and how much she thinks highly of these two people.

Cecily and Zhao Hufeng also nodded their heads involuntarily, with a little bit of fighting spirit burning in their eyes.

Both Amagiri Ayato and Toudou Kirin are no less powerful than Cecily and Zhao Hufeng.

Julis and Sasamiya Saya, one of whom is highly competent and the other is highly skilled, were also a sight to behold and a source of praise.

As a result, only Lishi’s sibling was there inside the room, saying sarcastic words.

“Toudou Kirin is fine.”

“But Amagiri Ayato is just so-so, right?”

Li Shenyun’s and Li Shenhua’s words are full of disdain for Amagiri Ayato.

That’s true.

Compared to Toudou Kirin, Amagiri Ayato’s body is sealed and can only exert his power for a certain period of time. Even if he is powerful during this period of time, once the time limit expires, he is just a paper tiger.

However, in the face of Lishi’s sibling’s disdain, Houri just glanced at the two, seemingly kindly reminded. “Shixiong shijie, don’t forget, it was this ‘so-so’ existence that beat you guys?”

Lishi’s sibling’s face suddenly darkened.

After Amagiri Ayato’s seal was revealed, Amagiri Ayato and Sasamiya Saya faced off against Jielong’s team in the next two matches.

For both matches, no one favored Amagiri Ayato and Sasamiya Saya.

After all, Amagiri Ayato’s seal was too deadly, and no one thought Amagiri Ayato had a chance to win against Jielong’s masters with a time limit.

However, the result was a shocker.

In the first match, Amagiri Ayato and Sasamiya Saya defeated the two Houri’s shixiong ranked 20th in the sequence and 21st in the sequence, relying on the understanding of their long-time childhood friend.

In the second match, Amagiri Ayato was severely targeted by the twins’ Lishi sibling because of the time limit, but Sasamiya Saya took out her secret weapon, the Lux, which is now used on the stage as if it were equipment on her whole body, and blasted the twins with terrible destructive power, and finally Amagiri Ayato found an opportunity to slash down the school badge.

After that, Amagiri Ayato and Sasamiya Saya also went all the way through, although it was much more difficult than Houri and Cecily’s advancement, but came to this point without any danger.

Therefore, Lishi’s sibling has no right to laugh at Amagiri Ayato.


At that moment, Fan Xinglu made a sound.

“Looks like the winner is revealed.”

Everyone’s eyes were instantly directed to the space window.

The next second, everyone saw it.

Amagiri Ayato, who was in close combat with Toudou Kirin, suddenly turned around and charged like an arrow in front of Julis, the rearguard, slashing down her school badge before Julis could react.

Toudou Kirin was overwhelmed by Julis’ elimination, and Sasamiya Saya took the opportunity to knock down the school badge with a single shot from a small gun-type Lux.

“Match is over, the winner is Amagiri Ayato × Sasamiya Saya.”

The corners of Houri’s mouth raised at the sound of the verdict.

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