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After Laminamors’ attack with Valda, Houri had been resting properly to recover his tired body, and as a result, he missed the time to unseal Amagiri Ayato.

At the beginning, Houri was worried that Amagiri Ayato would lose the game because of this, and eventually lead to the failure of his Side Mission.

However, it must be said that Amagiri Ayato is worthy of being the protagonist of the original work, even with such obvious weaknesses, he still overcame all the way up.

Now, Amagiri Ayato has advanced to the final.

In the next competition, which will determine the ‘Phoenix Festa’ champion, Houri will face Amagiri Ayato.

“I never thought that the result would be like this.”

At this point, Houri could not help but wonder if MainGod space had predicted this result and released the three Side Missions one after the other.

“To decide the success or failure of Side Mission by deciding the winner at the ‘Phoenix Festa’ finals is like lighting up the atmosphere.”

However, Houri was not unhappy about it.

Rather, the fact that he and Amagiri Ayato can win or lose in such a situation is the easiest way to get people fired up.

“It depends on tomorrow’s final.”

With that in mind, Houri couldn’t help but walk to the practice room.

The ‘Phoenix Festa’ was held for two weeks.

Among them, the preliminaries were used for one week and the official fixture was also for one week.

In other words, it had been almost a week since the match with AR-D and RM-C and the ambush of Laminamors and Valda.

During this week, Houri had experienced a number of matches but had deliberately controlled the consumption of Prana.

So right now, Houri’s Prana has completely recovered, like flowing water, slowly flowing in his body.

In other words, Houri is already in a state of perfection.

But even so, Houri still couldn’t resist going to the practice room to warm up.

Tomorrow’s final is also very important for Houri.

Main Mission 1 requires him to finish in the top eight of any Festa.

However, the higher the ranking, the higher the clear evaluation of the mission.

Since this is the case, Houri naturally wanted to finish the mission with the highest first place.

Main Mission 2 requires Urm-Manadyte.

This mission can be completed with Burma Urm-Manadyte.

However, the MainGod space mission requires the acquisition of certain items, which will need to be surrendered to the space upon completion.

Houri does not want to destroy Burma, the Tier 3 Orga Lux, and use the Urm-Manadyte to complete the mission.

Therefore, Houri had to reacquire a piece of Urm-Manadyte.

However, Urm-Manadyte is the highest purity Manadyte in the world and can be used to make Orga Lux, which is worth a lot of money. So it is almost always in the hands of the Integrated Enterprise Foundation and is not something that can be easily obtained.

In view of this, Houri hopes to use the ‘Phoenix Festa’ wish to obtain Urm-Manadyte and complete Main Mission 2.

The completion requirement for Main Mission 3 is to get 20,000 CP.

That’s exactly the amount of three Side Missions completed.

In other words, tomorrow’s final will completely determine the completion status of Houri’s three Main Missions.

How can Houri not pay attention to this?

Not to mention, the promise between Houri and Sylvia will be fulfilled only after he wins.

One reason after another, all tell Houri that tomorrow’s final is extremely important.

Only by winning will Houri be able to complete his Main Mission to the highest degree and fulfill his promise to Sylvia.

“In such a situation, fighting against the original work protagonist?”

Houri smiled helplessly and then he finally arrived at the practice room.

What surprised Houri was that someone else had already arrived in the practice room first.

It was actually Cecily.

Cecily is sitting on the floor, holding a brush, with a very serious expression, sketching in a long strip of white paper.

Houri could feel that while Cecily was sketching the long strip of white paper, she was also mobilizing her own Prana and infusing it into the paper in a steady stream.

The paper absorbed the Prana smoothly, and the words on the surface began to glow a little as if they had gained strength.

It was a very strange thing.

Because Prana is not like mana, it can exist in all kinds of things.

Because of this, when Prana is converted into attack power, it is only effective in empty-handed combat. If it is a weapon, it is not possible to use Prana only to enhance the attack power.

However, if Prana is infused into the adjusted Lux, it will cause the Manadyte in the armament to produce mana over-reaction, making the weapon’s power soar in a flash.

In such a situation, Genestellar called it meteor arts.

Even weapons are not able to absorb Prana, let alone ordinary paper.

However, the paper outlined in Cecily’s hand was smoothly absorbing Prana and storing it.

To be more precise, it was stored together with the seisenjutsu used.

“So that’s it,” Houri muttered with some realization. “Making charm?”

Cecily heard Houri’s voice but did not turn around, as if she had already noticed Houri’s arrival.

Cecily then said.

“The existence of Strega, Dante and Daoshi type is more consumption of Prana. After all, they need to use the ability and seisenjutsu. I don’t want to lose the final tomorrow due to the consumption of Prana.”

It is for this reason that Cecily made the charm.

The charm already stores seisenjutsu.

The seisenjutsu was already consumed by Prana before it was sealed in the charm.

Therefore, Daoshi does not need to spend Prana to use the seisenjutsu stored in the charm.

For this reason, Cecily is making preparations.

“Last time, I made it to the finals with that guy Hufeng and ended up losing to two practical students from Arlequint Academy and only came in second.”

Cecily turned her head and looked at Houri.

The fighting spirit was burning in her eyes.

“Shidi.” Cecily grinned and said. “This time, we have to win the championship.”

Cecily’s words made Houri understand.

Tomorrow’s final was not only important to him, but also to Cecily.

Houri wanted to win for his own purposes.

Cecily wanted to win for the sake of revenge.

At that moment, Houri suddenly smiled and heavily nodded.

The night began to pass.

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