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Early the next morning.

Early in the morning, the residents of academy battle city started to open their space window and clicked into the ‘Phoenix Festa’ live channel.

From the live channel, almost everyone could see that in the Sirius dome, everyone in the auditorium was already sitting around, while clamoring, while looking at the stage in front of them, their eyes full of expectation.

In fact, not only the spectators watching the game in Sirius dome, but even the viewers in front of the space window are also full of expectations.

Today’s game will be the last game of this year’s Phoenix Festa.

What’s more interesting is that, among the two sides of the competition, except one, the rest of them are all obscure students in their respective academies, and only after the ‘Phoenix Festa’ did they gradually emerge and finally make a huge name for themselves.

It seems that this was perfectly utilized by the media to promote this year’s ‘Phoenix Festa’, which was far more popular than the previous ‘Phoenix Festa’.

What’s more, in this final, two of the players also have Orga Lux.

Even if one of them has a huge weakness that many people are talking about, but no matter what, it can still be a boost to the attention even if it’s bad and people are talking about it.

Therefore, this final has attracted the attention of the entire world.

This is not an exaggeration at all.

Originally, the so-called Festa is an event that will be broadcast live to the whole world.

Otherwise, Festa would not be the world’s number one event.

Therefore, today’s academy battle city and even all corners of the world are unusually noisy, the corners of each city are also coincidentally open a huge space window, so the Sirius dome stage clearly appeared on it.

In this way, the start of the game time is gradually drawing closer.

Sirius dome, the players’ lounge of Jielong Seventh Institute.

Houri and Cecily were sitting on the couch at the same time and were resting their eyes.

Time passed slowly.

A silent atmosphere permeated the entire lounge.

If someone was here, they would have noticed that a faint Prana was ebbing and flowing on both Houri and Cecily’s bodies.

That is Fan Xinglu’s personal breathing technique.

Using this breathing technique, not only can Prana recover more quickly, but it can even keep Prana active for a short period of time, making it easier to mobilize during battle.

Moreover, this breathing technique is also a technique that Fan Xinglu teaches after specializing in each disciple’s characteristics.

Therefore, as a disciple of Fan Xinglu, Houri and Cecily’s breathing techniques are similar but different in some subtle ways.

For example, the undulating prana of Houri’s body has a quiet feeling, like a shinigami stalking in the dark, deep and cold.

The undulating Prana on Cecily, on the other hand, has a dominant feeling, like lightning falling from the sky, strong and bright.

Not long after, as if Houri and Cecily had made an appointment at the same time, the Prana on their bodies suddenly converged and shrank into their bodies.

Immediately, Houri and Cecily slowly opened their eyes.

“Shijie.” Houri did not confirm the time but said with unmistakable certainty. “Time is up, it is almost time for us to go.”

“Got it.” Cecily nodded and responded to Houri’s words.

The two of them looked at each other with a smile, stood up from the sofa and walked towards the door.

The steps are surprisingly consistent.


Today, the cheers echoing in the Sirius dome were more than three times higher than usual, making the entire ceiling seem to tremble slightly and causing the air to be somewhat disturbed.

The high enthusiasm directly led to a rise in temperature, causing the atmosphere to soar to an abnormal level in a short period of time.

Under such an atmosphere, the voice of the live broadcaster that passed through the microphone and loudspeaker also seemed to be somewhat agitated.

“Ladies and gentlemen! After two long weeks of competition! Today is finally the final battle of ‘Phoenix Festa’!”

“Like the last ‘Phoenix Festa’, this time the finalists also have Jielong’s team, and as a senpai who graduated from the same academy, I’m proud from the bottom of my heart.”

“Of course, as their opponent, Seidoukan Academy’s team is also very strong. I believe that this final will not let anyone down!”

“At least, the previous matches have proved it.”

“So, let’s bring out the players, starting with Seidoukan Academy’s Amagiri Ayato and Sasamiya Saya!”

The lights on the stage dimmed and then all gathered on the east platform, illuminating the cloister that extended above the stage.

There, Amagiri Ayato and Sasamiya Saya gradually came out, one with a tense face and the other expressionless, forming a stark contrast.

The cheers of the spectators immediately rang out.

The live broadcaster’s voice followed and echoed.

“Followed by Houri and Cecily Wang of Jielong Seventh Institute!”

Another spotlight was shot down above the stage, illuminating the western platform.

Houri and Cecily walked slowly down the corridor to the sound of loud cheers, heading straight ahead.

Both sides entered the stage and their eyes met in mid-air.

Houri and Amagiri Ayato locked eyes.

Looking across at the familiar face, Houri smiled slightly and said. “Finally, we meet, Amagiri-san.”

“Eh?” Amagiri Ayato was slightly stunned and said with some confusion. “Do you know me?”

“Rather, it would be strange not to know you in this state, wouldn’t it?” Houri laughed. “I’m not saying this because I’ve known you before, but because this is the first time we’ve met, right?”

“That’s true.” Amagiri Ayato’s expression was as if he was not carrying any nervousness, and he laughed with some confusion. “I thought you had heard something about me from your shixiong.”

After all, Amagiri Ayato had defeated two Jielong teams in the previous tournament, including the Lishi sibling, and all of them were ‘Banyuu Tenra’ disciples.

So, Amagiri Ayato probably thought that Houri intended to avenge his shixiong shijie, right?

Only unfortunately, this thought was wrong.

“The victory between me and you is not mixed with any personal grudge.”

Houri indifferently said.

“I have to win here for my own purposes.”

“Here, to beat you.”

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