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As if all the cheers around them had been cut off, an indescribable silence emerged between Houri and Amagiri Ayato in this moment.

Looking at Houri’s calm expression and listening to Houri’s plain words, Amagiri Ayato seemed to understand what kind of persistence he held in his heart, and his expression slowly began to freeze.


At the side, Sasamiya Saya seemed to sense the atmosphere between them and called out to Amagiri Ayato.

Although the voice lacked a little bit of ebb and flow and gave off a feeling of lack of energy and emotion, as a childhood friend for many years, Amagiri Ayato was able to understand the hint of seriousness carried in Sasamiya Saya’s voice.

It was the attitude of understanding the strength of the opponent.

At that moment, Amagiri Ayato also nodded his head and whispered. “This may be a more difficult opponent than Toudou-san and Julis-san, so we must be careful.”

“Understood.” Sasamiya Saya responded immediately.

In response, Cecily, beside Houri, laughed defiantly and said. “Don’t forget me, as the one who defeated ‘Shippuu Jinrai’ and ‘Gluhen Rose’, let me see how much weight you have.”

Hearing this, Amagiri Ayato and Sasamiya Saya’s expressions looked even more tense.

The two of them do not doubt Cecily’s strength.

After all, the video of Cecily’s second place in the last ‘Phoenix Festa’ is still widely circulated today.

At that time, Cecily had not yet learned seisenjutsu, and as a result, she had the strength to win the first runner-up of Phoenix Festa. Now that she has obtained the technique of seisenjutsu, and has become the leader of the Jielong Water faction with this technique, it is easy to imagine how strong she is.

“So, let’s see the difference between us.”

After leaving such a sentence, Cecily retreated.

Houri also took a deep look at Amagiri Ayato, and then, reaching for his waist, he took out the pure white launcher.


The dazzling white light from the pure white Urm-Manadyte shone brightly, causing the mana to converge extremely quickly and form an energy blade.

The blade flowed with a holy light, illuminating the surroundings and causing the live broadcasters’ voices to ring out.

“Hou player actually took out the Orga Lux right from the start!”

“Finally, we see this Orga Lux again. It’s true that even Hou player can’t continue to hide his skills like before in the final.”

It’s no secret that Houri owns an Orga Lux.

However, after the battle between AR-D and RM-C, Houri did not use the Orga Lux anymore.

Coupled with the fact that the Operations Council had not received much information about Burma, everything about this Orga Lux was a mystery.

The spectators were excited to see it again. Compared to the rest, Amagiri Ayato and Sasamiya Saya had a little bit of information about Houri’s Orga Lux.

Claudia, the student council president, had already told Amagiri Ayato and Sasamiya Saya about the Orga Lux, which was still being analyzed at the Seidoukan Academy.

“Is that Burma?”

At that moment, Amagiri Ayato looked closely at the Orga Lux in Houri’s hand, and after taking a deep breath, also took out the solid black launcher from his waist.


The red Urm-Manadyte on the launcher glowed under the trembling sound of the air, making a block-like three-dimensional image appear at the end of the launcher’s handle, forming a huge sword guard, which seemed to be activated mechanically and suddenly extended a huge black energy blade.

Holding such a weapon, Amagiri Ayato completely swung it up and pointed the tip in the direction of Houri.

“Amagiri player also used Ser-Veresta!”

“The showdown between Orga Lux and Orga Lux is truly worthy of the final level!”

The auditorium once again erupted in cheers as the live broadcast blared out the hype.

Then, the live broadcast started the announcement.

“So, the twenty-fourth ‘Phoenix Festa’ final–“

“– match! Begin!”

On the stage, four school badges emitted light at the same time.

In that one moment, Amagiri Ayato moved.


In the loud stepping sound, Amagiri Ayato turned into an arrow, like a gust of wind, and came close to Houri’s body with an amazing speed.

The whole process took less than a second.


In the next second, Amagiri Ayato sent out a shout, slashing Houri’s direction with Ser-Veresta in his hand like a flash.


A humming sound echoed from Ser-Veresta’s blade.

That is the sound of the energy blade trembling.

No matter what kind of object was in front of Ser-Veresta’s way, it would be burned by the blade-strike with the high heat.

Therefore, in the semi-finals, Toudou Kirin never touched Ser-Veresta with her blade in order to avoid being cut by this magic sword.

In front of Ser-Veresta, the so-called cut iron like mud divine weapon is not even the slightest bit comparable, right?

The hand holding such a weapon, coupled with a high-speed assault.

I believe that most of the participants in this year’s ‘Phoenix Festa’ will be defeated by this move alone.

If there is anything in this world that can stop Ser-Veresta’s Strike, there is only one.

Orga Lux like Ser-Veresta.


The bursting spark and the scattered heatwave appeared at the same time with a crisp clash sound.

The pure white blade flashed out and blocked the incoming pure black blade directly, rubbing against each other and causing a fierce fire.

“Sure enough?” Amagiri Ayato’s face tightened.

When the opponent was the same Orga Lux, Ser-Veresta’s special ability to cut through everything didn’t work very well.

While firmly blocking Ser-Veresta with his Burma, Houri grinned as he looked into Amagiri Ayato’s face through the violent burst of spark.

“Greeting ends here, it’s better to hurry up and show your real skills.”

“After all, you don’t have a lot of time, do you?”

Amagiri Ayato’s face tightened, and then he smiled.

“Of course I know that.”

That’s what he said, but Amagiri Ayato dodged abruptly and retreated.


At that moment, the air trembled again.

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