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As such a muted voice echoed in the air, extremely dense energy began to converge in one corner of the stage.

Behind the retreat Amagiri Ayato, Sasamiya Saya’s entire body was shining with the light of Prana.

The light, all of them converged into the cannon body of the combination cannon that appeared on her body at some point, resonating with the Manadyte inside it.

Thus, the dense energy began to converge on the muzzle of the cannon, and finally formed two glowing cannons, which cut through the air and shot out violently under the trembling sound of the air.


With the sound of strong wind, the two luminous cannons carried swirling air currents that grazed the sides of Amagiri Ayato’s body and swept towards Houri’s direction.

The coordination was perfect.

In such a situation, the light cannons rubbed the air and fired in Houri’s direction.

Just as the light cannon was about to land on Houri, a clear shout rang out.

“Order! Choku!”

With such a voice, a charm suddenly appeared in front of Houri’s body and seemed to be there from the beginning, emitting a large amount of lightning.

The incoming light cannon fell on it and collided with the burst of electric light.


A powerful explosion like fireworks, with a wave of fire, sweeping all sides.

These waves of fire trembled slightly at one point, and suddenly flowed like water, converging towards the center.

Amagiri Ayato and Sasamiya Saya both saw it.

The place where the fire waves converged was impressively a pure white light sword.

There, Houri raised Burma high in his hand, and his whole body was filled with a strong Prana, which slowly poured into the Urm-Manadyte.

In such a situation, Burma’s blade shone with a dazzling light, as if it were a vortex, absorbing all the surrounding waves of fire and converging on the blade.



Both Amagiri Ayato and Sasamiya Saya were surprised.

From Claudia, Amagiri Ayato and Sasamiya Saya had heard something about Burma and knew that Houri had used it to manipulate the air currents and to make certain changes on the ground.

Therefore, they were always on the alert for this.

However, they did not expect that Burma could be used to manipulate the aftermath of the explosion.

In this way, Sasamiya Saya could not attack at will.

After all, Sasamiya Saya’s artillery attacks almost always result in a powerful explosion, and she prides herself on her firepower, so if she is not careful, her attacks will be completely exploited by her opponent.

And when Amagiri Ayato and Sasamiya Saya were surprised, Houri had taken control of all the blasts, compressed them on the blade, raised his head, looked at Amagiri Ayato, and suddenly smiled.

“So, I’ll give it back to you guys!”

After saying that, Houri swung down the Orga Lux, which was held up high by himself with the compressed flame.


The flames compressed on the blade exploded into a huge ball of fire, covering the sky in the direction of the retreating Amagiri Ayato.


Sasamiya Saya couldn’t help but cry out.

“Don’t worry!”

Amagiri Ayato immediately replied, and then stopped in his tracks and closed his eyes.

In this moment, in Amagiri Ayato’s mind, a sphere expanded with himself as the center.

The sphere was not large, only about two meters in diameter.

However, within the area of this sphere was Amagiri Ayato’s absolute defense circle.

The attacking ball of fire broke into this absolute defense circle in the next second.

Amagiri Ayato opened his eyes suddenly.

“Amagiri Shinmeiryuu swordsmanship medium level — Yatagarasu!”

The Ser-Veresta in Amagiri Ayato’s hand suddenly shot up.

In a single moment, Amagiri Ayato launched an endless sword dance at an incredible speed, slashing the Ser-Veresta with a sword light all around.

Each sword light sliced the fire masses that broke into the absolute defense circle neatly in half, causing them to explode one by one and dissipate into a burst of sparks in the air.

From the beginning to the end, not a single sword fell short.


Cecily, who was behind Houri, could not help but exclaim in awe, but then followed with a grin and said.

“Unfortunately, my shidi is no push-over either.”

Almost at the end of Cecily’s voice, a faint sound of air splitting suddenly rang out.


A black shadow ripped through the air, sweep past, and the pure white light sword in his hand carried a whistling cutting wind sound, and slashed in the direction of Amagiri Ayato with an even more amazing swinging speed than Amagiri Ayato, without mercy.


Amagiri Ayato’s face changed slightly, and he hastily raised his Ser-Veresta in his hand, blocking it in front of his face.


The white and black swords ferociously clashed together, bursting with a metallic clashing sound.

Under the powerful reaction force, Houri and Amagiri Ayato took a step back at the same time, their eyes met in mid-air.

Immediately, they both steadied themselves at the same time, suddenly stepping forward and suddenly raising the Orga Lux in their hands.

“Amagiri Shinmeiryuu swordsmanship beginning level — Futatsumizuchi!”

Amagiri Ayato unleashed an extremely fast cross slash, causing two sword lights to overlap and swipe at Houri.

“Flash Sheath Double Slash!”

Houri unleashed a fast double slash, the upper slash and the lower slash appeared at the same time and met the front.


Two consecutive slashes collided with the sword light of the cross slash, causing a loud bell-like sound and a strong impact that sent a turbulent energy wave that shook the air one after another.

Houri and Amagiri Ayato were both knocked back by the shock.

This was the moment that decided the outcome.

Amagiri Ayato’s swordsmanship was indeed superior to that of Toudou Kirin.

However, swordsmanship is still swordsmanship, a technique applied to the sword and has no effect on anything other than the sword.

But Houri is different.

The essence of the Nanaya assassination arts is the unexpected and beyond the ordinary, and the most important thing is not the attack, but the body technique.

So, while Amagiri Ayato couldn’t control his body backward, Houri’s figure was suddenly stagnant, moving forward and darted out the moment his feet hit the ground.


The muffled hit sound rang out.

It was the sound of Houri’s spinning kick that hit Amagiri Ayato’s body.

“Guh!” Amagiri Ayato instantly stuffy hum, his whole body was kicked away and rolled several meters on the ground before finally stopping.

While Amagiri Ayato was stopped, the pure white light sword appeared in his field of vision, pointing at his throat.

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