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The pure white energy blade emitted a slight humming, causing the light to shine on it, making it look quite dazzling.

The tip of such a dazzling light sword, at this moment, was stopped in front of Amagiri Ayato’s throat, so that Amagiri Ayato froze in place, completely unable to move.

Houri, holding Burma, pointed at the throat of Amagiri Ayato, who was still lying on the ground in front of him, and looked at the frozen boy from above, muttering to himself.

“Sure enough, I can still defeat you if you are in this state…”

Frankly speaking, in terms of strength, Houri and Amagiri Ayato are quite similar, with not much difference at all.

However, unlike Amagiri Ayato, who is proficient in authentic swordsmanship, Houri is proficient in the arts of assassination, which is more effective in actual combat.

Therefore, even if the fight was evenly matched, it would not be surprising if Houri suddenly won with the Nanaya assassination arts in an unexpected situation.

Just like now.


Seeing that Amagiri Ayato was being held hostage by Houri, Sasamiya Saya hastily lifted the cannon-type Lux that was assembled on her body and pointed it forward.

However, just as Sasamiya Saya was about to strike, a figure suddenly appeared beside her.

“Your opponent is me!”

With those words, Cecily rushed forward and delivered a fierce palm strike to Sasamiya Saya’s entire body.


In the muffled hit sound, Cecily’s palm strike directly landed on the body of the heavy cannon, stirring up a circle of strong wind.

At the critical moment, Sasamiya Saya raised one side of the cannon in time to block Cecily’s palm strike.

“You…!” Sasamiya Saya couldn’t help but glare at Cecily.

“Haha!” Cecily, however, laughed out loud with pleasure and said. “It’s been a long time since I’ve fought in close combat, so just keep me company for a little while!”

With these words, Cecily suddenly drew up her stance and, like a battle-hardened martial artist, rushed with a forward lunge.

Sasamiya Saya could only pull back and turn the gun on Cecily.

Unfortunately, since Cecily had already gotten close, Sasamiya Saya’s cannon shot could not be fired successfully.

Cecily kicked away the muzzle of the cannon, and then launched a series of palm strikes and punches at Sasamiya Saya.

Sasamiya Saya struggled to dodge the incoming palm strikes and punches, and for a moment, was completely outmatched.


Seeing this scene, Amagiri Ayato could not help but want to get up.

However, the tip of Burma’s sword was slightly forward and pressed against Amagiri Ayato’s throat, making Amagiri Ayato not dare to move at all.

“Stay still.” Houri said to Amagiri Ayato. “Our duel has not yet come to an end.”

“… What do you mean?” Amagiri Ayato raised his head, looked at Houri, and whispered. “It’s already like this, and it’s still inconclusive?”

With the vitals being pointed out to him, Amagiri Ayato had no other choice but to surrender.

But Houri did not make such a request and did not slash down Amagiri Ayato’s school badge with his sword, which really made Amagiri Ayato puzzled.

In response, Houri just calmly said. “I can’t help it, I’d like to finish you off like this, but the conditions don’t allow it.”

“Conditions don’t allow?” Amagiri Ayato was confused.

What’s going on here?

However, Houri continued to ignore Amagiri Ayato, and just seemed to confirm the time and said with a low voice.

“It’s almost time…”

Voice fallen.


Suddenly, around Amagiri Ayato’s body, the mana gathered with great speed and shone with a dazzling light.

In the glow, a purple geometric square spun out and covered Amagiri Ayato’s surroundings.

Among them, an illusory chain suddenly popped up and wrapped around Amagiri Ayato’s body one after another.


Amagiri Ayato suddenly let out a distressed cry, and the Prana of his whole body began to fail.

“Now is the time!”

Houri’s eyes flashed with an unusual glow.

In order to complete his Side Mission, and even his Main Mission, Houri needed to help Amagiri Ayato release the seal on his body.

This is not such a difficult task.

Perhaps, in other people’s opinion, it is difficult to lift the seal on Amagiri Ayato.

But for Houri, it is really easy to break Amagiri Ayato’s seal.

Just use the death perception mystic eyes to see the dead line of the seal inside Amagiri Ayato’s body, then Houri can easily kill the seal and let Amagiri Ayato get back all his power.

As a result, because of various things, Houri never found the opportunity to help Amagiri Ayato to release the seal and was delayed until now.

Now, Houri can’t use the death perception mystic eyes during the competition because he wants to complete the second Side Mission.

So, in order to release the seal on Amagiri Ayato, Houri had to do something hard.

“It’s up to you, Burma!”

The light of Prana began to shine from Houri’s body.


The same dazzling light blossomed on the pure white Urm-Manadyte.

Burma’s ability is to change the form of non-living beings and manipulate them.

This ability can even work with Cecily’s lightning and AR-D’s defensive barriers.

Therefore, Houri has reason to believe that even the power of the seal on Amagiri Ayato’s body can be brought into play if Burma touches it.

Now is the time to prove this.

“Unlock it, Burma!”

Houri thrust out the Orga Lux in his hand and let the tip of the sword pierce the throat of Amagiri Ayato.

There it was, with a chain wrapped around it.


The pure white blade suddenly shook.

Above, a rich light began to cover the chains in front of Amagiri Ayato’s throat, and even spread to Amagiri Ayato’s whole body, covering the chains and enveloping them in the light.

Then, that one chain lagged down.


With a crisp ringing sound, one of the chains snapped.

Bang Bang–!

With a crisp sound, the chains on Amagiri Ayato’s body shattered one by one, turning into pure mana and disappearing into the air.


With a final loud sound, each of the geometric square diagrams surrounding Amagiri Ayato shattered apart.

Shortly after, an unprecedentedly powerful Prana shook up from Amagiri Ayato’s body and shot straight up to the ceiling.

At the same time, the aura of Amagiri Ayato’s body also changed.

It became full of oppression.

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