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In this moment, all eyes in the Sirius dome were on Amagiri Ayato.

The sound of the live broadcast stopped.

The cheers of the spectators stopped.

Cecily and Sasamiya Saya’s clash sound stopped.

Even the tremors of Burma and Ser-Veresta’s energy blade stopped.

Only the Prana on Amagiri Ayato’s body was left to shake the air, making it sound like a strong wind.

In such a situation, the strong Prana caused the excess reaction of the mana, causing the mana to be disturbed and raising the wind.

Houri did not hesitate to step on the ground, dodging out of the way, avoiding the incoming gale and pulling away.

The Prana that had risen to the sky began to slowly retract back into Amagiri Ayato’s body.

The wind began to dissipate.

The pressure began to diffuse.

Amagiri Ayato gradually stood up, raised his hands, looked at his palms, and clenched them slightly as if he felt very strange.

Seeming to confirm something, Amagiri Ayato was silent for a long time, then raised his eyes, gazed at Houri and asked softly. “Why?”

Amagiri Ayato’s question was directed at something that didn’t need to be explained.

Other than the fact that Houri had released the seal on his body, what other question could there be?

Although he does not know how Houri did it, Amagiri Ayato is certain that it was Houri who released the seal from his body.

So, Amagiri Ayato rightly has this doubt.

After all, Houri was not related to Amagiri Ayato and had never even met him before that.

If so, why did Houri help to unseal himself?

That’s what Amagiri Ayato wanted to know.

Something more important than how to break the seal.

In response, Houri just smiled indifferently and said with disinterest.

“Just pretend that I didn’t do anything.”

“… Is it?” Amagiri Ayato said smiling bitterly. “Even so, I have to thank you, it’s really a big help to me.”

“You’re welcome.” Houri pointed Burma in his hand distantly at Amagiri Ayato and said back. “When I win the championship from your hands, you won’t want to thank me.”

“Even if that’s the case, I’ll still thank you.” Amagiri Ayato’s face said seriously. “You helped me, that’s a fact, and I’ll be grateful to you no matter what.”

“But I guess you don’t want to give up and admit defeat as a thank you gift, do you?” Amagiri Ayato said. “So, I will fight you with all my strength.”

With that, Amagiri Ayato began to walk out slowly.

In his hand, Ser-Veresta was being held in a very natural position, and he was holding it with a sense of lightness.

“Ayato…” Sasamiya Saya seemed to understand what had changed in Amagiri Ayato’s body and couldn’t help but feel a little relieved.

“Shidi, be careful.” Cecily was even more serious, obviously feeling threatened by Amagiri Ayato’s body at this moment.

Even Houri, that can be clearly perceived.

Although there was no change on the surface, the Prana in Amagiri Ayato’s body, which was like an erupting volcano that was often uncontrollable, became as gentle and smooth as flowing water.

Houri knew that Amagiri Ayato had really transformed.

If Amagiri Ayato in his normal state was only a Seidoukan Academy Ranker, and the Amagiri Ayato who had unsealed the first stage was the number one rank in the sequence, similar to Houri, Cecily and Zhao Hufeng, then the Amagiri Ayato now was Amagiri Ayato, only in the whole academy battle city have few rivals.

This is the change.

I’m afraid that the current Amagiri Ayato, can even match up against Sylvia and Wu Xiaofei, right?

“Very good…” Houri gave a low laugh.

“It would be pointless otherwise…”

A strong Prana surged out from Houri’s body, causing blue sparkly debris to begin to hover.


In Houri’s hand, the pure white Orga Lux suddenly flashed white and gradually became smaller in size, eventually turning into dagger size.

The next instant, Houri’s soles stomped on the ground and his entire body shot out.

Facing the Amagiri Ayato, whose seal was fully opened, Houri could not merciful.

The dagger-sized Burma moved quietly, tearing the air apart, and the sharp sound of breaking wind disturbed the atmosphere.

“Flash Sheath Eight Falcons!”

Houri gripped the dagger tightly, and his whole body turned into a flash, like a falcon sweeping out from low altitude, rushing to the front.

The speed is incredibly fast.

A cold flash of cold light came into view.

Amagiri Ayato raised his head, and his feet stepped forward, and his body dodged to the side in a strange way.


In the sharp sound of breaking wind, the chilling sharp dagger was flying past Amagiri Ayato’s chest.

Clearly, the speed was much slower than Houri’s, but Amagiri Ayato easily avoided Flash Sheath’s blow.

In his hand, Ser-Veresta was lifted up.

“Amagiri Shinmeiryuu swordsmanship beginning level — Shikibachi!”

The black magic sword was like a bright moon, first it made a round trajectory, and then it suddenly rose up like the tail needle of a poisonous bee, stabbed forward.

The stab was already so fast that it was definitely not inferior to Houri’s Eight Falcons.


A crisp clash sound sounded.

The stabbing Ser-Veresta finally landed heavily on the pure white dagger, stabbing the tiny blade and creating a spark.

However, Houri’s hand was slightly tingling and was shaken by a strong force that caused his feet to scrape the ground and retreated a dozen steps.

Not only the speed but also the power has increased.

No, not increased, just Amagiri Ayato’s movements have fully recovered.

As Cecily and Zhao Hufeng said earlier, the sealed Amagiri Ayato’s movements had a rusty and difficult feeling.

Now that the seal was fully opened, it was as if the heavy chains were finally unlocked, and the gears that had never been able to find a match clicked on smoothly, and Amagiri Ayato’s power and movements became smooth, which was the natural result.

So, while Houri was still retreating, Amagiri Ayato suddenly moved and rushed to Houri’s direction with a lightning-fast charge.

“Amagiri Shinmeiryuu swordsmanship medium level — Chibashiri!”

Houri only felt a blur in front of his eyes, Amagiri Ayato was already approaching with great speed, his body twisted, Ser-Veresta in his hand slashed across, like a bright light, slashing Houri’s direction.

This strike, again, was even swifter than before.

Houri hastily raised the dagger and blocked it in front of his body.


In a bell-like ringing sound, Houri was sent flying in a burst of sparks.

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