Illimitable Until Death v4c355

The sound of the wind whistling in his ears told Houri at what speed he was flying backward.

The force acting on his body hadn’t all disintegrated.

Arms are also a little numb.

At this moment, in Houri’s mind, there was only one thought hovering.

“So strong…”

Is this the true power of Amagiri Ayato?

With such power at such a young age, it was no wonder Amagiri Ayato had been sealed.

Of course, that’s not all.

While Houri was flying like a ball, Amagiri Ayato once again stepped on the ground and stormed out, sweeping in at a speed faster than Houri, catching up with him in a flash.

“Amagiri Shinmeiryuu swordsmanship medium level — Soekibachi!”

At that moment, the Ser-Veresta in Amagiri Ayato’s hand flashed violently, turning the quick double flash into a flash of light and hitting Houri almost at the same time.

This is a swift pursuit, even the combined AR-D can not avoid it, can only choose to resist, right?

But Houri can’t resist.

Previous experience has taught Houri that if he fights it, he will end up being sent flying again.

So, Houri couldn’t fight it.


Seeing that the quick successive stab was about to fall on his body, Houri with a low cry, his whole body exploded with amazing Prana, which gathered under the soles of his feet.

“Flash Step Water Moon!”

The next second, Houri’s body disappeared on the spot.


The extremely fast stab landed in the empty space, causing a sharp whistle that was unusually ear-piercing.

“Gone?” Amagiri Ayato was surprised.

But soon, Amagiri Ayato sensed something and suddenly raised his head to look above.

Then, he was greeted by a figure falling from the sky.

“Flash Step Flying Moon!”

In this one moment, many people mistakenly thought they saw a moonlight falling from the sky.

As if shining down from the full moon, Houri’s figure completely transformed into a cold moonlight, mixed with the force of a meteorite falling, rubbing the air all the way down, and kicked out a fierce strike at Amagiri Ayato below.

The air surrounds him with energy.

The sonic boom was unceasing.

The hair on Amagiri Ayato’s forehead was already blown away by the wind of the incoming leg, causing his eyes to flinch and he retreated without any hesitation.


The meteorite-like blow landed heavily on the stage, stirring up a heavy sound and thick dust.

Only, the dust was immediately dispersed again.

Houri came from the middle, like a loaded bullet, his eyes fixed on Amagiri Ayato’s body, before he arrived, the dagger in his hand was already waving a blade light, like a storm, slashing at Amagiri Ayato.

Amagiri Ayato’s vision has been completely filled with that blade light.

So, Amagiri Ayato’s mind actually came up with the same thought as Houri.

“So strong…”

So murmured Amagiri Ayato, but a defiant smile appeared on his face.

In such a situation, Amagiri Ayato gripped Ser-Veresta with both hands and went ahead with it.


The pure white dagger and the black magic sword collided in mid-air.

Clank Clank Clank Clank–!

Under the continuous clash sound, countless blade light and sword light began to appear, like a needlepoint against white light, in a blade light sword shadow, unceasingly collided in one piece.

Houri and Amagiri Ayato seemed to be completely transformed into raging warriors, both sides wielding thousands of strikes, clashing wildly, making blade light incessantly, sword shadow incessantly, and the fierce clash sound was transformed into a wave of sound that echoed above the entire stage.


In the auditorium, all the spectators were ignited, issued the loudest cheers so far, overshadowed the continuous clash sound, caused a sensation throughout the whole stadium.

Even the live broadcasters couldn’t help but let out a near-cheerful commentary.

“Ladies and gentlemen! The most intense showdown since the start of Phoenix Festa is now unfolding before our eyes! This dazzling sword dance! This dazzling encounter! Yes! This is the final!”

“Both Hou’s sharp strike and Amagiri’s exquisite swordsmanship are the best in Festa, and I can’t help but applaud both players and can’t wait to see the results!”

“Yes! Who will win in the end?”

“Whichever side it is, it will make this match a complete legacy, and in this moment, it doesn’t matter who wins or loses!”


It doesn’t matter who wins and who loses.

Such a fierce encounter, a wonderful battle, no matter which one eventually wins, no one can ignore the presence of the other one.

Even Cecily and Sasamiya Saya seemed to become a sidekick, no longer making a move, watching the fierce duel, only to feel the blood boiling in their heart.

As for Houri, he had already entered a state of selflessness.

Houri knew that Amagiri Ayato, who had unlocked all the seals, had surpassed himself in terms of pure strength.

So, the only way to defeat him without using mystic eyes and Stigma was to use the only advantage he had over his opponent.


Not movement speed, but attack speed.

If it’s movement speed, unless it’s so fast that Amagiri Ayato can’t react, it’s hard to win.

However, even though Houri’s speed was already the first among the six academies, it’s easy to overpower Amagiri Ayato, but it’s impossible to make Amagiri Ayato unable to even react.

Therefore, Houri had to bet everything on the attack.

That’s right.


Constantly attacking.

Attack until his opponent can only defend and cannot fight back.

Attack until his opponent can’t escape, only meet him.

So, both in his heart and in his mind, Houri had only one thought left.




“I need to go faster!”

With such an obsession, Houri kept swinging his sword, swinging it, and swinging it again.

“Take all that I have now…”

“Use all that I have learned now…”

“Use all of it in this one slash!”

In the next instant, countless blades of light converged into one.

“Flash Sheath Last Seven Nights!”

The pure white dagger suddenly flashing, so that the bright blade light cut through space, like a stream of light bursting in the dark night, slashing forward.

The blade light is cold, but also brilliant.

Faced with this blade light, Amagiri Ayato’s eyes flashed and his whole body burst into a storm of Prana, like a light shadow, Ser-Veresta in his hand was like an arc of the moon, while lowering his body, slashed in a violent way.

“Amagiri Shinmeiryuu swordsmanship deep level — Shurazuki!”

On one side was a cold stream of light.

On the other side is the bright moon arc.

The strike that had gathered all its power seemed to roar and suddenly swept through both sides, landing on them at the same time.


The tearing sound resounded through the whole field.

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