Illimitable Until Death v4c356


Dead silence.

In this instant, the entire Sirius dome fell silent, as if the previous cheers and applause were all fake, becoming silent.

All the spectators cast their eyes on the stage, and a touch of nervousness appeared on their faces in unison.

Even Cecily and Sasamiya Saya, also opened their eyes wide and stared dead ahead.

There, Houri and Amagiri Ayato back to back with each other, both kept in the strike position, head down, no one could see anyone’s expression.

In such a situation, an indescribable silence permeated the entire stage, causing a sense of tension to pervade.

This scene remained for an unknown period of time.

Until a certain moment, in the auditorium, one of the spectators involuntarily swallowed a mouthful of saliva.


A slight swallowing sound, but in this moment is incomparable loud.

Under such a sound, the two figures on the stage, who had their backs to each other, finally moved.


The sound of liquid dripping from Houri’s body came out.

It was the sound of blood spilling down.

There was a ferocious wound hanging in front of Houri’s body, dripping blood and staining his uniform red.


Burma emitted a trembling sound, seemingly running out of energy, the blade retracted and returned to its launcher state.

The pain hit Houri’s mind, making Houri drop to one knee, his face turning pale, and his breathing becoming rapid.

Cecily’s face changed as a result of that tragic situation.

On the contrary, Amagiri Ayato, who did not even look back, seemed to know what had happened and said this helplessly.

“You, you’re just too crazy.”

Because, Amagiri Ayato’s sword was clearly aimed at the school badge slash down in front of Houri, there was no way that Houri could have suffered such a serious injury.

The reason for this is that Houri guessed the target of Amagiri Ayato’s attack and took a step forward when Ser-Veresta was approaching, catching the sword with his own body and avoiding his school badge from being cut off.

This was something that Amagiri Ayato did not expect at all.

“It’s just a match, you’re too hard on yourself.”

Amagiri Ayato smile wryly, but with admiration in his voice, said. “However, I did receive your resolve.”

At least, in that final blow, Houri’s resolve was far greater than Amagiri Ayato’s.

Therefore, while Houri could be so cruel to himself, Amagiri Ayato did not even think about it, let alone do it.

So, the difference in resolve naturally turned into a difference in the outcome.


A cracking sound sounded from Amagiri Ayato’s body.

It was the sound of the school badge cracking neatly.

The school badge that was split in two landed heavily on the ground with a crisp sound.

Then, the mechanical sound of the verdict followed.

“Amagiri Ayato, school badge broken.”

The whole scene was dead silent.

Only Houri, still breathing heavily, braced himself and, despite his bleeding wounds, pointed the launcher Burma at the stunned Sasamiya Saya and asked in a low voice. “What about you? Do you want to continue the fight?”

Sasamiya Saya reacted and looked at Amagiri Ayato, who had a bitter smile, and after a moment of silence, she said with no expression as if she had lost all interest.

“I surrender.”

These two words echoed clearly on the stage.

Immediately after that, the sound of mechanical judgment sounded again.

“Sasamiya Saya, surrender.”

“Match is over, the winner, Houri × Cecily Wang.”

When such a verdict replaced Sasamiya Saya’s voice and echoed throughout the stage space, all the people in the auditorium stood up.

Clap Clap Clap–!

Applause-like waves erupted in one breath, enveloping the front.




Gun salute sound.

At this moment, all the noise was directed at the victor on the stage, causing the entire Sirius dome venue to flash with dazzling lights, pulling explosive-looking gun salute, causing glittering pieces of paper to continuously fall from the sky and spill below.

“Finally, the winner is finally decided! The winners of the 24th ‘Phoenix Festa’ are Jielong Seventh Institute’s Houri and Cecily Wang!”

“Congratulations to the Jielong team for dominating ‘Phoenix Festa’ after so many years!”

The sound of the live broadcast was interspersed with cheers and applause for all to understand.

‘Phoenix Festa’, it’s really over.


Houri sat down on the ground with a sigh of relief.

At the same time, in Houri’s mind, the system prompt also began to ring.

“No. 11273 completed C Rank Side Mission and received 5000 CP.”
“No. 11273 completed C Rank Side Mission and received 5000 CP.”
“No. 11273 completed B Rank Side Mission and received 10,000 CP.”

Three Side Missions in a row, all completed.

This means that Houri’s Main Mission 3 is also completed.

And the ‘Phoenix Festa’ win made Houri’s Main Mission 1 complete in the most perfect condition.

Houri raised his eyes and looked at Cecily, who was laughing while running towards him and couldn’t help but laughed too.


In the VIP room of Queenvail Girls Academy in Sirius dome, Sylvia, who had seen Houri’s victory, was relieved. The heart that had been in her throat until just now finally fell, giving Sylvia a sense of relief.

If people knew that Sylvia had actually come to watch the game, they would have been surprised.

After all, although the Sirius dome has a VIP room for each academy, Sylvia rarely comes to watch the games.

That’s not because Sylvia is not interested, but as a world-class diva, Sylvia is often busier than anyone else, there is no opportunity to watch the game live.

Today, Sylvia took a day off to watch this game.

The reason, not only is the game’s direction related to Ursula’s future but also Sylvia’s desire to personally cheer for Houri has been unstoppable since yesterday, which eventually led to this scene.

Looking at Houri, who was sitting paralyzed on the floor of the stage with Cecily hugging his neck and rubbing his head, but had his wound yanked and was grinding teeth in pain, Sylvia smiled sweetly.


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