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Thus, the 24th edition of ‘Phoenix Festa’ came to an end.

After the finals, the winner and runner-up of ‘Phoenix Festa’ will attend the award ceremony and closing ceremony at Sirius dome.

There, the operation committee will present the trophies to the winners and runners-up in front of everyone, and officially announce the end of the Festa.

The student council president of each academy will also be present.

However, due to a serious injury in the competition, Houri did not attend the ceremony, but Cecily represented him on stage.

Of course, that was also because Houri was not interested in it.

Otherwise, just by using the Healing gem, Houri would have recovered from his injury and had plenty of energy to attend the ceremony.

With this in mind, Houri was sent to a treatment facility directly after the tournament and spent a day in the name of recuperating from his injuries.

On that day, Houri was approached by several people.

The first was Fan Xinglu.

“You’re growing faster than I thought you would. Two or three more years of training and you should be able to make me happy.”

With these words, Fan Xinglu left with a happy face.

With the victory over Amagiri Ayato, Houri’s status in Fan Xinglu’s heart should be even higher, right?

After all, in terms of strength alone, Amagiri Ayato, with his seal completely lifted, is no worse than Wu Xiaofei.

Although Houri was badly injured in the tournament to destroy Amagiri Ayato’s school badge and thus defeated the opponent, Houri has only been in the school for less than six months, Fan Xinglu is already satisfied to be able to achieve this level.

The second person to come to Houri was Amagiri Ayato.

For Houri, Amagiri Ayato seems to have both gratitude and guilt.

Grateful because Houri helped him unseal himself.

Guilty, on the other hand, was because he had cut Houri to shreds.

With these two feelings, Amagiri Ayato came to visit Houri in the treatment center, and after talking with Houri for a while, he also left a message.

“I haven’t had so much fun in a fight since I was sealed, I hope I can fight you again one day.”

After saying that, Amagiri Ayato left directly.

After that, Cecily and Zhao Hufeng also visited Houri, and knowing that Houri would only stay in the treatment center for one day and return to Jielong the next day, they left some words of praise and encouragement to compete with each other, and then simply left.

Finally, Houri was approached by an officer of the Festa Operations Committee to explain to him about the wish part.

The winner of Festa can make a wish to the Integrated Enterprise Foundation.

The six Integrated Enterprise Foundations will do their best to fulfill the wish as long as it is possible to do so.

The Board of Directors listens to the wishes, reports to the Integrated Enterprise Foundation, and uses the power of the Foundation to fulfill the requests of the winner.

Since ‘Phoenix Festa’ had just ended and there was still a lot of work to be done afterward, the committee sent someone to discuss with Houri and finally set a time for Houri to go to the operation headquarters.

After discussing with the committee, Houri made a phone call to Sylvia to discuss the aftermath of the event, and then finally relaxed.

The next day, Houri returned to Jielong and was welcomed with great fanfare.

If the students of the academy can get a good ranking in the Festa, it can make the academy’s ranking rise.

In addition, although Jielong has a large number of masters, there is no specific Festa for training, so there are a lot of people who get a good ranking, but few people who win the championship. Houri, a nobody, suddenly made a name for himself and won the championship, naturally, for the academy to win great glory.

Now, everyone knows that a student who is not even ranked in the Jielong Seventh Institute has won the ‘Phoenix Festa’.

As Sylvia said, in this Aquatic city, the famous students are like celebrities and idols, making Houri’s reputation so big that he can’t keep a low profile anymore.

I’m afraid that when Houri goes out again, he will have to consider disguising himself as Sylvia did.

Otherwise, the number of fans who came to ask for Houri’s autograph would be no less than Sylvia’s last concert.

In fact, after that, Sylvia asked Houri out a few more times, and several times she was unhappy with Houri’s carefree appearance with his real identity, forcing him to disguise.

And Houri because of the fear of trouble, naturally also lets Sylvia do whatever she wants.

But it was Sylvia who asked Houri a few times, and Houri thought she wanted to discuss Ursula’s affairs, but it turned out that every time she was just hanging out with Houri, chatting and drinking tea, there was nothing going on.

Finally, even Houri couldn’t help but ask.

“Are all the world-class stars so free?”

To Houri’s words, Sylvia just pouted, each time with a dissatisfied tone, and replied as such.


The unexplained comment really made Houri feel wronged.

Of course, if Houri knew that Sylvia, in order to be able to have a good time with him, every time will schedule a full schedule in advance, do all the work, and strive to get a vacation to have this result, then he will not think so.

Since the attack of Laminamors and Valda, this highness diva seems to treat Houri in a way that is completely different, and will even call Houri late at night when she has time, which is really envious of others.

The other party is also the world’s first diva, the idol of countless men, women and children, Houri naturally can not have rejected, and let the situation develop.

So, a month of time passed quietly.

Today, Houri finally received the notice from the operating committee and went to the Festa operation headquarters located in the center of academy battle city central district special administrative region.

In this skyscraper, the office of Madiath Mesa, the chairman of the operation committee, is located on the top floor.

The person who greets Houri is naturally Madiath, the chairman of the committee.

However, Madiath seemed to be a bit surprised when he saw the two people entering his office.

“Miss Sylvia?”


It was not Cecily who accompanied Houri, but Sylvia.

“Long time no see, Madiath-san.”

Sylvia smiled at Madiath and said. “I hope you don’t mind me for coming uninvited.”

“Not at all,” Madiath said with a smile in return. “Since ‘Sigrdrifa’ is here together, there must be some reason, so sit down first.”

Houri and Sylvia nodded.

So, three people sat down face to face on the sofa.

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