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Madiath’s office is a very luxurious and modern room.

The room, whether it’s a sofa or a desk, or even a piece of furniture, is of first-class quality, and the innermost wall is a glass wall with a panoramic view of the entire Academy Battle City Asterisk.

In such a luxurious and modern room, Houri and Sylvia sat together on the sofa, and the opposite was Madiath.

As soon as he sat down, Madiath got to the point, turned his attention to Houri and said. “Hou-san, I think you have already guessed the reason for your coming here this time, right?”

“Because of the prize for the ‘Phoenix Festa’ championship, right?” Houri said directly. “Is the commissioner going to listen to our wishes here?”

“Yes, now that the aftermath of ‘Phoenix Festa’ is over, and we will start preparing for next year’s ‘Gryps Festa’ in a short while, if you have any wishes that need to be fulfilled, then this is the best time to make them.” Madiath, in a gentle tone, said. “Of course, we have also sent someone to discuss with you about the matter of wishes before, and I think it was also mentioned that wishes can be kept.”

That being said, very few people actually chose to keep their wishes.

After all, almost all of the students who attend Festa do so for the purpose of fulfilling their wishes, and very few go to Festa simply for fun or exercise, which is the case only at Jielong, a militarist school, and Saint Galahadworth, a pure school.

Coincidentally, Houri and Cecily are students at Jielong.

“So, my shijie intended to keep this one wish and didn’t come along.” Houri said to Madiath. “This is something that shijie seems to have mentioned to the committee.”

“I did receive Cecily Wang-san’s petition, and it has been accepted.” Madiath, still looking directly at Houri, said with a smile. “On the other hand, since Hou-san has not filed such a petition, there is indeed a wish that needs to be fulfilled, right?”

“Yes.” Houri suddenly said. “I have only one request.”

Madiath immediately showed the appearance of listening.

The air around them became a little heavy all of a sudden.

And rightfully so.

The winner of Festa could make a wish to the Integrated Enterprise Foundation.

As long as the Integrated Enterprise Foundation is able to fulfill this wish, the foundation must do its best to do so.

However, that’s what makes the air heavy.

The Integrated Enterprise Foundation is not a governmental or charitable organization, and the reason why the Festa wish system was created is to attract more participants and make Festa more watchable so that it can be profitable.

In other words, if a winner makes an inhumane wish, the Integrated Enterprise Foundation will make it happen if it can.

Surely, there must be many winners in the history of Festa who have made dirty and dark wishes in the past, right?

Therefore, when it comes to making a wish, the atmosphere is definitely not just rosy.

Fortunately, Houri doesn’t have any inhumane wishes.

“My wish is actually quite simple.” Houri then said. “It’s for the Integrated Enterprise Foundation to provide me with Urm-Manadyte, the more the better.”

“Urm-Manadyte?” Madiath was a bit surprised.

Sylvia, on the other hand, remained silent, as if she already knew what Houri wanted.

So, Houri smiled at Madiath and said. “What? Is that a rare wish?”

“Not really, but it’s just a little strange,” Madiath said with a shrug. “Although Urm-Manadyte is a very pure Manadyte, the value is very high, but only experts in meteor engineering would like to get Urm-Manadyte, people rarely have such a request, Hou-san does not seem to be a researcher in meteor engineering, why would you want to get Urm-Manadyte?”

Houri’s eyebrows raised slightly, said with a faint smile. “Do you have to give a reason to make a wish?”

“There is no such requirement,” Madiath explained. “It’s just that the Integrated Enterprise Foundation has always had very strict control over Urm-Manadyte, even Orga Lux is only leased to students, and even if a student makes a wish for ownership of Orga Lux at Festa, it’s only limited to itself. Once the owner dies, the consortium will still take Orga Lux back.”

As can be seen, the Integrated Enterprise Foundation has been very strict with Urm-Manadyte.

“But it’s just Urm-Manadyte, it’s still available, right?” Houri said to Madiath. “Like my Burma, which is the sole property of ‘Banyuu Tenra’, and Arlequint Academy’s AR-D, which uses Urm-Manadyte as its core, it wouldn’t be too much to ask to provide Urm-Manadyte to the Festa winners, would it?”

“Indeed.” Madiath nodded but said. “However, we can only provide a limited number of Urm-Manadyte, and in this case, it is estimated that an Integrated Enterprise Foundation will only provide you with one Urm-Manadyte, and possibly even less, so I hope you can understand.”

This is something that Houri naturally understands.

Although the winner of the Festa can make a wish, it has to be based on the issue of ‘value’ and ‘benefit’ at best.

The Integrated Enterprise Foundation established Festa in order to make a profit.

If the winner’s wish will cause the Integrated Enterprise Foundation to suffer a certain loss, even more than the loss of the Festa itself, then no matter what, they will not be able to help to realize the wish.

Therefore, the Urm-Manadyte that Integrated Enterprise Foundation can provide is definitely limited.

Even Festa’s wish could only be reduced to this result, so it can be imagined that if Houri did not win, it would be unimaginably difficult to get Urm-Manadyte from other channels.

So, Houri also did not mind this matter too much, nodded in agreement.

“Then, the matter of wishes is settled.” Madiath finally turned his gaze to Sylvia and smiled. “Can you tell me the reason for her highness diva to come here?”

Sylvia’s expression suddenly tightened.

In this situation, Sylvia just turned her gaze to Houri.

And under Sylvia’s gaze, Houri raised his eyes, looked at Madiath, and slowly said.

“Hand over Ursula’s body.”


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