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The Madiath voice had just fallen, Sylvia was suddenly stood up.

“You… What do you mean by that?”

Sylvia said with emotion. “Can’t Ursula wake up?”

“Calm down, Sylvia.” Houri grabbed Sylvia’s hand, looked at Sylvia, and said. “Listen to the end.”

Hearing this, Sylvia turned her head and met Houri’s gaze, looking at Houri’s calm eyes, the excitement in her heart slowly subsided.

At that moment, Sylvia took a deep breath and sat down.

However, Sylvia’s gaze was firmly fixed on Madiath’s body.

“Excuse me, chairman.” Houri also spoke out indifferently. “Can you please tell us what is going on?”

“It’s very simple, forcibly occupying someone else’s body is naturally equivalent to suppressing the body owner’s spirit and consciousness, which makes it possible to gain control of the body.” Madiath naturally said. “In the case of being occupied by Valda, Ursula’s consciousness has long since fallen into a state of slumber, even if the body is returned to you, it is still unknown whether Ursula’s consciousness can be restored.”

“Is that so?” Houri said without showing any emotion. “But Valda, since she has the ability to put people to sleep, she has the ability to wake them up.”

“That is indeed true.” Madiath shrugged, said. “But, as you said, it is stimulation, it is one thing to suffer from direct mental stimulation, it is quite another to suffer from any after-effects. In fact, you have both been subjected to Valda’s mental attacks before, so you should understand how much of a burden that can be on the mind, right?”

Houri and Sylvia looked at each other for a moment.

Indeed, both Houri and Sylvia had suffered from Valda’s mental attacks.

At that time, the whole mind was stirred by the pain, Houri can not help but wield his knife to save themselves, Sylvia also can not help but cry out in pain.

One can imagine how dangerous it is.

“And Valda has been occupying this body for five years.”

Madiath hinted. “Under this constant external mental suppression, Ursula’s consciousness must have been exhausted, so even if Valda gave up control of her body, it is not known whether Ursula’s consciousness would have awakened.”

In other words, it is possible for Ursula to wake up immediately, or it is possible that she will remain in a state of slumber.

“Even if that’s the case, are you okay with it?” Madiath said. “To be honest, I didn’t think Ursula was related to her highness diva, otherwise, Valda wouldn’t have used that body.”

Can someone else’s body be taken over so casually?

This sentence, Sylvia did not say it out.

Because Sylvia knows, nothing changed even if she said it.

Valda is already considered a mild type.

In this world, the real twist is the Integrated Enterprise Foundation.

In order to ensure economic stability, the Integrated Enterprise Foundation has always allowed different groups to maintain the gap between rich and poor, which has led to the birth of many slums, not to mention the number of border countries resulting in war.

That’s the real cruelty.

Compared to these, one’s safety and security are already considered small.

“Then, I have released my goodwill.” Madiath glanced at Sylvia, then looked at Houri, and said with a smile. “And I really only have one request.”

“I know,” Houri said lightly. “As I said at the beginning, I just want to get back my friend’s sensei’s body. So as long as Ursula is returned, I can make a promise that I will never interfere in your affairs again, let alone reveal these things to another person.”

This is just a blank check.

I’m sure Madiath would never trust such a statement or two if he really had something big planned, right?

But Houri is an exception.

“My Shifu is ‘Banyuu Tenra’ Fan Xinglu, and she and you are in a non-aggressive relationship.”

Houri said. “As a disciple of ‘Banyuu Tenra’, I should be able to make a pact that is trustworthy, right?”

“Of course.” Madiath laughed. “I just hope Hou-san doesn’t hold a grudge against me for beating you up so badly last time.”

Hearing this, Houri glanced at Madiath’s hand and said with some amusement. “I’d say you have more reason to hold a grudge against me than the damage I’ve done to you.”

After all, one side is only seriously injured and has already healed, while the other side is crippled and will never be healed, so we all know who has suffered.

After that, Houri and Madiath said some more pleasantries, and then got up to say goodbye.

Seeing Houri and Sylvia leave, Madiath’s smile disappeared little by little and became thoughtful.

Until a voice sounded.

“Are you really going to give in to that human?”

With these words, Valda’s figure appeared out of thin air and slowly walked out from behind Madiath’s back.

Madiath did not look back but simply said. “After all, that person has too many mysteries, unknown sources of information, unknown abilities, plus is the disciple of that ‘Banyuu Tenra’, it’s indeed inappropriate for me to take a shot at him at the moment he won the ‘Phoenix Festa’ championship.”

“But you can’t be sure that he won’t take a shot at you, right?” Valda said expressionlessly. “Or are you willing to believe in a human’s verbal agreement?”

“I just choose to trust the judgment of the moment,” Madiath said thoughtfully. “At least, he has no reason to interfere with us, just like his Shifu.”

“… If that is your judgment, then I will abide by it.” Valda was silent for a long time and then said. “Then when are you going to return this body to them?”

“As soon as possible,” Madiath said without hesitation. “I’ll find you another suitable body, so you can get rid of your current one and not give that person another excuse to haunt us.”

“Got it.” Valda left this sentence, then turn around, disappeared.

Only Madiath, left in front of the huge glass wall, looked outside and murmured.

“So, what will happen next?”

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