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After leaving Festa’s operational headquarters, Houri and Sylvia parted ways.

Because of Sylvia’s words.

“Sorry, I should have thanked you for helping me get Ursula back, but my mind is a bit confused right now, so I’ll go back to my dormitory and rest a bit.”

Sylvia left after that.

Houri can understand.

After all, the sensei she has searched for a whole number of years finally have a chance to come back, but do not know in the end can wake up, so big ups and downs, even with Sylvia’s generosity, it is also more or less anxious.

So, now let Sylvia quiet a little is also a good choice.

I believe, with Sylvia’s personality, it should not take long to recover.

With this certainty, Houri went back to Jielong.

On the way, almost all the students passing by in Jielong turned their attention to Houri, with either adoration or admiration in their eyes.

“That’s Houri, the first year, right?”

“This year’s ‘Phoenix Festa’ champion.”

“As expected of a ‘Banyuu Tenra’ disciple.”

“He must be a talented student with great talent since he has been a student for less than half a year.”

“Why didn’t he apply for a duel if he’s so powerful?”

“That’s right.”

“If it was him, he would have been able to get a seat in Page One very easily.”

“That’s what you don’t understand, today’s Page One is all ‘Banyuu Tenra’ disciples, that is, Hou-san’s shixiong and shijie, he must be unwilling to take shixiong shijie’s position and stay in the status quo.”

“I see.”

“That makes sense.”

The sound of such comments kept coming from the side, causing Houri to sigh a little.

Since winning the ‘Phoenix Festa’ championship, Houri has become completely famous and has received the admiration and respect of countless students throughout Jielong.

With militarism as the school ethos, Jielong students maintain a certain level of respect for those who are highly skilled in martial arts.

Houri has proven himself through his actions, and naturally, he has gained the approval of many students.

If it wasn’t for the fact that this was an academy, there would have been people rushing to ask for autographs, right?

Houri has never enjoyed this kind of treatment, not even when he was at Butei High as an S-class Butei.

“As Silvie said, students who are famous here are just like idol stars.”

Even Jielong of militarism is like this, if Houri appeared in front of those fanatic fans who really like Festa, it would be instantly overwhelmed, right?

This feeling of being in the limelight is not bad, but it is not something that one can just get used to.

So far, Houri has experienced a lot of treatment with hostility, malice and even killing intent, so it was a bit uncomfortable to be treated with purely good intentions like this.

So Houri picked up his pace a little and returned to Oushinden.

As soon as he returned to Oushinden, two people approached in front of Houri.

It was Cecily and Zhao Hufeng.

“Shixiong, shijie.”

Houri immediately saluted Cecily and Zhao Hufeng with a cupped fist.

As the saying goes, when you enter the countryside, you follow the customs. Houri has been in Jielong for almost half a year and is used to this.

No matter how you say it is his own shixiong shijie, perform a salute is a matter of course.

Cecily and Zhao Hufeng now found Houri.

“Shidi. Zhao Hufeng cupped his fist to return the salute.

“Yo, you’re back?” Cecily skillfully wrapped her arms around Houri’s neck, rubbed Houri’s head, and said. “How was it? Did you tell the committee what you wanted?”

After several months of living and fighting together, Houri and Cecily’s relationship grew by leaps and bounds, just like brother and sister.

Of course, this is also because Cecily’s personality is so carefree, so it is not difficult to get acquainted.

And as Houri’s partner, Cecily naturally knows Houri’s wishes.

Although she didn’t know why Houri wants Urm-Manadyte, Fan Xinglu is not interested in what her disciple wants to wish for and won’t interfere much, so Cecily can’t ask too much.

Therefore, Cecily only asked such questions at most.

In this regard, Houri also has nothing to hide, while feeling helpless at being treated like a child by Cecily, while answering. “It’s done, only need to wait for it to arrive.”

“Is that so?” Cecily nodded her head, and only then did she let go of Houri.

“Did shidi just go to the operation headquarters?” Zhao Hufeng seemed to have understood.

In Jielong, most of the people who participated in Festa did so for their own exercise, and very few people participated in Festa for their own personal wishes.

It seems that Houri belongs to the latter category and has his own wishes to fulfill.

In this regard, Zhao Hufeng can’t say anything about it.

He didn’t know what Houri had wished for, but since even Fan Xinglu didn’t ask about it, he was in no position to do so.

So, Zhao Hufeng said this. “Now that it’s done, why don’t you come with us to Shifu’s place?”

“Shifu?” Houri was slightly stunned and asked. “Shifu asked shixiong shijie to come over?”

“Yes,” Cecily confirmed Houri’s speech and said something that made Houri a little surprised.

“Dashixiong seems to have come out of seclusion, so we’re going to greet him.”

“Dashixiong?” Houri was a little surprised.

In other words, the mysterious Wu Xiaofei finally came out?

“Dashixiong has been practicing in the depths of Oushinden, it’s really hard to see him normally.” Zhao Hufeng said with great seriousness. “This time, dashixiong come out of seclusion, should immediately go to Shifu, we should go to greet him.”

Hearing this, Houri was also more or less interested and said. “In that case, I will also join you.”

Cecily and Zhao Hufeng naturally had no problem with this.

At that moment, the three people went together, came in front of a room and walked in.

This was a hall-like room.

In the center of the room, there was a round table.

Fan Xinglu was sitting in front of the round table, looking at the three people who came in through the door and smilingly said.

“Are you all here? Then come and sit down!”

However, Houri’s group did not follow suit.

Because three people’s eyes were drawn to another person in the room.

By a tall male.

It was a man wearing Jielong’s uniform, with sharp eyes, a tough appearance, looking a little thin, but with a sense of sturdiness and strength.

The other person was standing silently beside Fan Xinglu, standing in a very casual posture, but without the slightest hint of a flaw, with a subtle Prana surrounding his body, giving him a sense of oppression.

Looking at this man, Houri was sure.

“Is he Wu Xiaofei?”

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