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–Wu Xiaofei.

Also known as ‘Hagun Seikun’.

He is the second in the Jielong Seventh Institute ranking and the number one disciple of Fan Xinglu who came to Jielong three years ago from the outside.

Due to the fact that Wu Xiaofei had been practicing in the depths of Oushinden, he rarely showed his face outside. Except for Fan Xinglu, Cecily and Zhao Hufeng did not know how long they had not seen this dashixiong.

So, Cecily and Zhao Hufeng went forward at the same time and cupped fist toward Wu Xiaofei.


The salute in unison was only met with a slight nod from Wu Xiaofei, a cold response to the extreme.

No, it was not cold, but inarticulate.

No feeling for anything.

No concern for any existence.

It was like an unselfish monk, the purest child, in whose eyes everything in the world seemed to be just a part of ‘nature’, with eyes so clear that it was frightening.

For a moment, Houri even had the impression whether this person exist or not.

This feeling made Houri frown slightly and couldn’t help but murmur.


That’s right.

It was like a doll.

However, Houri’s speech caused Cecily and Zhao Hufeng to be shocked at the same time.


“What are you talking about? How dare you be so rude to dashixiong!”

After Cecily’s confusion and Zhao Hufeng’s anger, Fan Xinglu laughed out loud.

“Doll?” Fan Xinglu didn’t even look at Wu Xiaofei for a second and said so with a happy attitude that was somewhat hurtful. “It’s rare that you can see the essence of this child at a glance, and you’re right.”

“Shifu?” Cecily and Zhao Hufeng were astonished and confused.

Because, Fan Xinglu’s words, are really too hurtful, right?

Who would say this to their own disciples?

On the contrary, Wu Xiaofei himself, as if he did not hear Houri and Fan Xinglu, has been quietly standing there, his face has not changed since the beginning, even his eyes did not change.

Until Fan Xinglu said this sentence.

“Let me introduce to you, Xiaofei.” Fan Xinglu pointed at Houri and said this in a childish but sophisticated way. “This is your xiao shidi, who has been under my tutelage for less than half a year, but in terms of strength, he is no weaker than Hufeng and Cecily. If he uses his full strength, even you may not be his opponent?”

With these words, Wu Xiaofei finally reacted a little and raised his head to look at Houri.

Only, the overly inarticulate eyes remained unchanged, upright to the point of being somewhat frightening.

“As for Xiaofei, I don’t think I need to introduce him to you, right?” Fan Xinglu turned her gaze to Houri’s body and seemed to be thinking about something, then suddenly said after a long time. “I’m going to verify Xiaofei’s results these days, so you can come along and watch the battle.”

“Watching the battle?” Cecily and Zhao Hufeng were slightly stunned, and then their eyes lit up.

Houri was also moved in his heart and understood Fan Xinglu’s meaning.

Fan Xinglu is planning to practice with Wu Xiaofei.

This is something that has been known among Fan Xinglu’s disciples for a long time.

In the whole Jielong, Wu Xiaofei was the only one who could spar with Fan Xinglu.

Therefore, everyone knows that this dashixiong, who has never shown his face in front of people, has a very powerful strength.

However, all along, Fan Xinglu and Wu Xiaofei did not practice in front of people and did not even allow any of her disciples to watch.

Therefore, no one knows how far Fan Xinglu and Wu Xiaofei’s sparring has reached.

Now, Fan Xinglu suddenly allowed her disciples to watch the battle, so how could Cecily and Zhao Hufeng not get excited?

Only Houri, keenly aware of it.

Fan Xinglu’s expression was more or less uninspired when she mentioned that she was practicing with Wu Xiaofei.

This is an extremely unbelievable thing.

For Fan Xinglu, fighting is the only thing in this world that can interest her, and it can even be said to be the meaning of her existence.

As long as there is an opponent, it does not matter how weak the other party is, Fan Xinglu will feel happy.

Of course, the stronger the opponent, the happier Fan Xinglu will be.

And since Wu Xiaofei can be regarded as the only one who can train with Fan Xinglu, the level as an opponent must be sufficient.

In view of this, Fan Xinglu’s personality should be happy about this, why would it get more bored instead?

Cecily and Zhao Hufeng did not notice this matter.

Wu Xiaofei was standing there quietly as usual, like a real doll, without showing even a little emotion.

Houri suddenly considers it thoughtfully.

“If I remember correctly…”

Houri, who was familiar with the original work, knew why Fan Xinglu was behaving this way.

But without seeing it with his own eyes, Houri didn’t know what the situation was.

“It’s a rare opportunity, so I really should watch the battle…”

Oushinden, Tortoise room.

In this practice room with countless stone pillars, Fan Xinglu and Wu Xiaofei were currently confronting each other.

To the side, Cecily and Zhao Hufeng, who seem to have eliminated their own breath, staying in the shadows and looking straight ahead.

Houri also stayed here, looking ahead, silently waiting for the duel between Fan Xinglu and Wu Xiaofei.

“Okay.” Fan Xinglu said to Wu Xiaofei on the opposite side.

“Just attack as you like.”

Hearing this, Wu Xiaofei met Fan Xinglu’s gaze with a slightly cupped fist and then dropped his hand.

At this moment, the aura of Wu Xiaofei’s body completely changed.

The Prana surrounding his body flowed slightly but did not explode in one breath, like a layer of light, covering the silhouette of Wu Xiaofei’s body.

Under such circumstances, Wu Xiaofei’s aura does not expand, but rather seems to blend into nature, making the aura illusory.

Houri was impressed by this performance alone.

“This Wu Xiaofei is really something…”

Under Houri’s whispering voice, Wu Xiaofei moved quietly.

No sound, it was like a beast that suddenly exploded, his figure flew out, in an instant came to Fan Xinglu’s front.

In this way, Wu Xiaofei struck out an ordinary palm at Fan Xinglu in front of him.

This palm is not fast, nor slow.

So, Fan Xinglu just gently raised a hand and blocked it.

In the next second, something incredible happened.


An explosion-like dull sound resounded from the front of Wu Xiaofei’s palm that struck Fan Xinglu, sending a powerful ring of the impact that shook the entire air.

That mediocre hit was so heavy.

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