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As Fan Xinglu’s number one disciple and the most talented person in the world, Wu Xiaofei’s strength is truly amazing.

Once, Fan Xinglu said this about Wu Xiaofei in front of her own disciples.

“That boy is indeed talented, whether it is martial arts or seisenjutsu, all can be absorbed into the body like a sponge that absorbs water, not a drop left. He’s very faithful to my teachings and will never disobey.”

“If the so-called apprentice means to pass on the skills of the master, then that boy is definitely the best in this regard.”

So, Wu Xiaofei’s martial arts on top of Zhao Hufeng, seisenjutsu is also beyond Cecily, can be called all-around talent.

Now, with a simple palm, Wu Xiaofei struck out as if a mountain overturned the sea, causing the ground under the feet of Fan Xinglu, who blocked the blow, to crumble slightly, sinking a distance of about one centimeter.

Followed by Wu Xiaofei’s hands, elbows, legs, knees and even his head seemed to be turned into weapons, wielding them to the fullest, bringing strong wind and terrifying force to Fan Xinglu’s body under the whistling wind sound.

Bang Bang Bang —!

In a moment, the muffled hit sound caused by the constant collision of flesh and flesh rang out incessantly.

Faced with Wu Xiaofei’s overwhelming attack, Fan Xinglu just moved her pace, backing up while relying on her two small arms to block the incoming attack.

Blocking the fists that burst into her face.

Dislocate the incoming palms.

Dodge the knee to the abdomen.

Stomp down a kick from a leg whip.

With her extraordinary body technique and skill, Fan Xinglu deflected all of Wu Xiaofei’s attacks.

The rich Prana hovered around both of them, causing them to collide and completely stirring up the atmosphere.

Fan Xinglu and Wu Xiaofei thus carried fist and palm marks, mixed with flashes of Prana, under the thick wind and whistling air, constantly moving in the field and fiercely fighting each other.

The intensity of the battle was no less than the battle between Houri and Amagiri Ayato in the final of ‘Phoenix Festa’.

Cecily and Zhao Hufeng were completely stunned.

“So amazing…” Zhao Hufeng half in awe and half in resignation murmured. “I can’t keep up with that level of fierce fighting at all?”

Cecily was keen-eyed enough to notice some small movements between Fan Xinglu and Wu Xiaofei.

During the battle between the two, Wu Xiaofei would occasionally form a knife seal with one hand, causing the mana completely to coalesce around him during a short gap that was too short to be ignored.

Every time this happened, something would change around Fan Xinglu.

Sometimes the ground beneath her feet suddenly trembles, causing Fan Xinglu’s center of gravity to shift a bit.

Sometimes the atmosphere around her suddenly becomes heavier, making Fan Xinglu’s figure slightly sluggish.

From time to time, the flying debris suddenly came, making Fan Xinglu’s dodge become quite hasty.

At times, the thick wind suddenly vibrated, making Fan Xinglu’s blocking a bit strenuous.

“Seisenjutsu?” Cecily was really surprised.

“How could he use so much seisenjutsu in such a hurry without the use of a charm, just by hand seal?”

Although Wu Xiaofei’s seisenjutsu was not as powerful as Cecily’s pride thunder seisenjutsu, it disturbed the opponent to the greatest extent and brought about a great change in the battle.

As a result, Fan Xinglu was completely overwhelmed.

“Shifu is actually being suppressed?”

Cecily and Zhao Hufeng seemed to be quite shocked.

However, Houri was a bit sniffy.

If Wu Xiaofei could use seisenjutsu like that, couldn’t Fan Xinglu?

However, Fan Xinglu just didn’t use it, and that’s why she was suppressed.

Moreover, this fierce battle is probably also Fan Xinglu’s intention, right?

Otherwise, with Fan Xinglu’s ability, she would have just needed an instant movement to get away from Wu Xiaofei’s attack, so there was no need to fight hard.

Just like Fan Xinglu said.

This battle is just a test of Wu Xiaofei’s results.

Therefore, Fan Xinglu just defended and did not attack.

However, in such a situation, Fan Xinglu’s expression was always a bit lacking in motivation and seemed to feel rather uninterested.

As a rule, Wu Xiaofei’s performance was so amazing, Fan Xinglu definitely should not be like this.

At least, in Houri’s opinion, Wu Xiaofei’s current strength is not under Amagiri Ayato.

Rather, Wu Xiaofei’s ability to fight in close quarters alone is no less than Amagiri Ayato’s. Added seisenjutsu, he’s already ahead of Amagiri Ayato.

Of course, while Amagiri Ayato has Ser-Veresta, Wu Xiaofei does not have Orga Lux.

So, if the two were to fight, it would probably be a 50/50 split, right?

But Houri has figured it out.

Wu Xiaofei has a fatal weakness.

It was because of this weakness that Fan Xinglu was behaving like this.

Thinking of this, Houri suddenly smiled.


In the field, Wu Xiaofei, as usual, struck out a palm with hidden force, like a dragon out of the sea, and hit Fan Xinglu’s chest.


Fan Xinglu just wanted to block this punch, but suddenly noticed something different and stopped.

At this instant, a sudden change occurred.

A figure suddenly cut between Fan Xinglu and Wu Xiaofei, blocking Fan Xinglu’s front, and against Wu Xiaofei’s straight punch, without any hesitation, he reached out his palm with Prana flowing.


With a crisp sound, Wu Xiaofei’s powerful strike was sucked into the palm of hand, and the power it carried was offset by the defensive power transformed by the flowing Prana.

The sudden change made Wu Xiaofei stunned.


Cecily and Zhao Hufeng exclaimed.


The person who suddenly intervened was Houri.

Looking at Wu Xiaofei, who had a stunned face and maintained his punching posture, Houri’s eyes flashed, and without looking back, he directly said this to Fan Xinglu.

“Shifu, can you leave this sparring session to me?”

His word made Cecily and Zhao Hufeng both stunned.

On the contrary, Fan Xinglu, looking at Houri’s back, the uninterested expression on her face disappeared at once, and instead, it turned to a happy smile again and said, without any hesitation.

“I allow it.”

The voice was full of pleasure.

Then, Fan Xinglu was looking at Wu Xiaofei and said. “Xiaofei, perform well, I’m looking forward to it.”

Wu Xiaofei’s eyes finally had a hint of fluctuation.

Then, Wu Xiaofei said for the first time since the beginning of the game.

“Yes, Shifu.”

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