Illimitable Until Death v4c364

Oushinden, Tortoise room.

As before, in the field, two people were facing each other from a distance.

On one side was still Wu Xiaofei.

The other side was Houri.

Looking at the two beloved disciples standing in the middle of the field, Fan Xinglu’s childish face is completely gone from the boredom of a moment ago and is smiling with excitement.

Only Cecily and Zhao Hufeng, still a little confused, simply do not know why things have suddenly become like this.

In such a situation, in the field, the confrontation situation is also some changes.

Looking at Wu Xiaofei, who was standing across from him, Houri raised such a question without any reason.

“Dashixiong, what is the purpose of your martial arts training?”

Wu Xiaofei was slightly stunned.

Not to mention Wu Xiaofei, even Cecily and Zhao Hufeng couldn’t help but look at each other, seemingly not understanding why Houri would suddenly ask such a question.

Immediately after, in the field, Wu Xiaofei is silent for a while then said. “To become stronger.”

“Oh?” Houri’s face did not change as he continued to ask. “What is the purpose of becoming stronger?”

“To satisfy Shifu.” Wu Xiaofei replied without hesitation. “Shifu needs me to become stronger, so I must become stronger to meet Shifu’s expectations.”

Although the words did not carry much emotion, the loyalty and filial piety in them was too strong to be concealed.

As Fan Xinglu said, Wu Xiaofei was very loyal to Fan Xinglu’s teachings and would never disobey Fan Xinglu.

So, Fan Xinglu is warlike, and as a disciple, Wu Xiaofei’s only wish is to satisfy Shifu, who raised him and nurtured him to become a talented man.

However, this loyalty and filial piety, while admired by Cecily and Zhao Hufeng, did not make a single change in Fan Xinglu’s eyes.

Because it was this excessive straightforwardness and foolish loyalty that allowed Wu Xiaofei to unknowingly make a great mistake.

“I understand what dashixiong means.” Houri suddenly said. “So, I’ll be blunt, dashixiong, there’s no way you can win against me like this.”

The categorical words made Cecily and Zhao Hufeng directly stupefied.

Wu Xiaofei also slightly raised his eyes, looking at Houri, after a long time of silence, said. “Not surprisingly, Shifu also said that even I can’t win if you use all your power.”

“No.” Houri immediately retorted, then said. “I don’t even need to do that and you can’t win me either.”

This time, Wu Xiaofei’s brow finally creased.

But this time, Houri didn’t waste any more time.

“All right.” Houri declared directly.

“Let’s get started.”

Wu Xiaofei nodded, his body suddenly tensed.


The wind suddenly rose.

Wu Xiaofei’s figure suddenly transformed into a blistering wind and shot towards Houri at an astonishing speed.

The speed was even faster than when he was practicing with Fan Xinglu.

Seeing Wu Xiaofei rushing towards him like a whirlwind, Houri’s eyes flashed slightly, and in the next instant, his body suddenly moved a step to the left without warning.


Just as Houri’s body dodged away, Wu Xiaofei also rushed in front of him, and a palm wrapped in rich Prana grazed his shoulder and landed in the air with a faint sound of hollow sound.

A palm fell short, Wu Xiaofei but is not the least bit surprised, with a quick step, his body again turned into a whirlwind, pounced on Houri.

Facing Wu Xiaofei, Houri smiled and landed on the ground with his palms, and slid out quickly with a speed more amazing than Wu Xiaofei’s, as if his back was on the ground.

Wu Xiaofei’s entire body was flooded with Prana, causing the blue spark-like starlight to spin in his body, his speed skyrocketed, and with a ‘shu’ sound, he completely transformed into a shadow, shooting straight at Houri, unleashing an overwhelming palm strike.

However, Houri was able to dodge the incoming palm strike with a strange arc that was hard to predict.


The powerful palm strike landed in the air as if it had struck an invisible air mass, causing a terrifying explosion.

Unfortunately, no matter how loud it was, it would be useless if it didn’t hit.

At that moment, Wu Xiaofei once again leaned his body against Houri, and the attack was more and more terrifying, to the end, almost even Cecily and Zhao Hufeng could only see the shadow of fist and palm strike.

But even so, Houri’s face remained calm, his feet occasionally stepping forward, moving back, dodging left and right, each movement extremely simple and swift, just avoiding Wu Xiaofei’s attacks.

As a result, after a fierce attack, Wu Xiaofei did not even touch the corner of Houri’s clothes.

Cecily and Zhao Hufeng’s eyes widened.

“How is this possible?” Cecily said incredulously. “How can dashixiong not be able to touch xiao shidi at all?”

“No, it’s not just that.” Zhao Hufeng, as the leader of the Wood faction, was only weaker than Wu Xiaofei among the many disciples of Fan Xinglu, so she immediately saw the secret and said in an even more disbelieving tone. “All of dashixiong’s attacks were predicted by Hou shidi in advance, and that’s why they kept missing.”

That’s right.

Predicted in advance.

Houri predicted all of Wu Xiaofei’s moves in advance, so he was able to easily avoid Wu Xiaofei’s attacks with a speed that was faster than Wu Xiaofei’s, and he was able to dissolve Wu Xiaofei’s overwhelming attacks into nothingness.

In such a situation, Houri was like a falling leaf riding on the wind, flickering in the midst of the overwhelming punches and palm strikes, looking at Wu Xiaofei’s continuous attacks, and suddenly said.

“You know what, Shifu has always given me a human sage tool as my training partner in the past?”

With such a thoughtless remark, Wu Xiaofei’s movements stalled slightly.

“Although those sage tools are not spiritually intelligent, they are engraved with Shifu’s own moves, and I have practiced with it every day, so I already know Shifu’s moves like the back of my hand.” Houri as if talking to himself, while nimbly dodging Wu Xiaofei’s attacks, said. “And dashixiong, you know what?”

“Your moves are almost identical to the moves Shifu carved into the sage tool.”

As soon as the words fell, Houri’s body suddenly solidified, and he suddenly dashed forward, disappeared into Wu Xiaofei’s arms with great precision, passing through the gap of Wu Xiaofei’s overwhelming punches and kicks.

Then, Houri’s hand suddenly flashed through the void, like a lightning bolt, with a lightning speed, tightly clasped Wu Xiaofei’s neck.

“Flash Sheath One Wind.”

Houri twisted his body and lifted Wu Xiaofei’s body, like using a back throw, slammed Wu Xiaofei heavily into the ground.


With a loud impact, Wu Xiaofei was dropped mercilessly.

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