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Wu Xiaofei finally let out groan.
The impact from behind, although almost completely disintegrated because Wu Xiaofei turned Prana into defensive power, Houri’s hand tightly clasped on his neck also gathered Prana and tightened it, making Wu Xiaofei almost unable to breathe.

Houri just held Wu Xiaofei to the ground and smiled faintly at the distressed Wu Xiaofei, and softly said.

“You’ve lost, dashixiong.”

After that, Houri let go of his hand, allowing air to finally enter Wu Xiaofei’s windpipe.

But Wu Xiaofei was slow to get up, dazedly looking at the ceiling, his face was blank.


He’s defeated.

And still defeated so cleanly, defeated so ugly.

In the middle of it, Wu Xiaofei remembered Fan Xinglu’s words.

“Xiaofei, perform well, I’m looking forward to it.”

As a result, Wu Xiaofei was unable to respond to this expectation and was defeated to the core.


There was finally a trace of emotion in Wu Xiaofei’s voice.

With Wu Xiaofei’s discerning eyes, he could naturally see that Houri had not shown much strength in the sparring session just now, only that his speed exceeded his own.

As Fan Xinglu commented, this xiao shidi’s strength should not be weaker than Cecily and Zhao Hufeng, but compared to himself, there should be quite a gap.

However, Houri easily defeated Wu Xiaofei.

This situation made Wu Xiaofei completely puzzled.

“Dashixiong actually lost like that?”

“How… How could that be?”

Not far away, Cecily and Zhao Hufeng’s voices also appeared uncontrollable shaking.

Only Fan Xinglu, with a smile on her face, looked at Wu Xiaofei, who was lying on the ground with a dazed face, and actually laughed instead, saying in an extremely pleasant manner. “I didn’t expect that you would show such an expression, Xiaofei.”

“Shifu.” Wu Xiaofei’s puzzled eyes finally faded away, got up, knelt down on one knee in the direction of Fan Xinglu, and said in a low voice.

“I’m sorry, Shifu, I’ve let you down.”

Hearing this, the smile on Fan Xinglu’s face disappeared instead.

“Aren’t you mistaking something?” Fan Xinglu said. “I didn’t say I was expecting you to win, but I was expecting you to use this sparring session as an opportunity to understand your mistakes.”

“Mistake?” Wu Xiaofei muttered.

Looking at such Wu Xiaofei, Fan Xinglu let out a slight sigh, and then, her body swelled up with a terrifying aura.

“You kid is indeed my most proud disciple, has a talent from small, the progress is very quick, but I can not find the fun in you at all!”

The terrifying aura and cold words made Wu Xiaofei’s breathing stop abruptly, and Cecily and Zhao Hufeng’s faces stiffened.

However, this is the real truth in Fan Xinglu’s heart.

Only Houri understood.

“Dashixiong, you are really too straightforward, devoted only to repaying Shifu’s wishes and practicing martial arts for that reason, only to follow Shifu’s back to such an extreme extent, but making you completely Shifu’s shadow.”

Houri commented unmercifully to Wu Xiaofei.

“Your stance completely imitates Shifu’s stance.”

“Your movements completely imitate Shifu’s movements.”

“It’s like reading a textbook and copying all the moves Shifu taught you, which may seem really strong to the casual observer, but to me, who is familiar with Shifu’s moves, it’s easy to deal with. Even I am like this, let alone Shifu.”

“After all, fighting with yourself is the most boring of all, even if you like fighting and enjoy it.”

Wu Xiaofei was suddenly silent.

Indeed, Wu Xiaofei himself did not think about going to the next level but just chased after Fan Xinglu.

In this way, even if Wu Xiaofei was stronger, it could not surpass Fan Xinglu, but only became Fan Xinglu’s doll and shadow.

“In fact, dashixiong is definitely much stronger than me in terms of pure strength, but I am too familiar with Shifu’s moves, so you can’t hit me by imitating them completely,” Houri said. “Moreover, those moves are always Shifu’s moves, not dashixiong’s moves. You can’t use them better than Shifu, even if you copied them exactly.”

The simplest analogy is that an adult and a child are going to hit the wall in front of them at the same time. If the adult’s hand is just reachable, the child’s hand will never be reachable.

In such a case, the child must close the distance until it can reach the distance, and then attack.

Wu Xiaofei’s situation is equivalent to always insisting on attacking with adults in the same position, and as a result, even if the fist is hardened, it will not hit the wall.

Therefore, in the process of learning such things as combat skills, one needs to make a certain degree of adjustment according to one’s own situation, even if the moves are the same, the technique of power, the trajectory of the attack and the fluidity of the action will have to be in line with oneself, and only then can the move be turned into something of one’s own.

The exact copy, which sounds very powerful, is still a huge weakness after all.

Therefore, Fan Xinglu’s comment to Wu Xiaofei was — ‘If the so-called apprentice means to pass on the skills of the master, then that kid is definitely the best in this regard’.

And there’s more to that statement.

“If by disciple one means to surpass Shifu, then Xiaofei is the most incompetent disciple.”

Imitating without knowing how to adapt, the result is just that.

“I should have told each and every one of you that the purpose of teaching you martial arts is only to satisfy me, and if you don’t have the means to satisfy me, then what’s the use even if you’re overly talented and progressing at a fast pace?”

Fan Xinglu shook her head and spoke to Wu Xiaofei. “I appreciate your loyalty to me, but don’t forget, you are you, I am me, don’t become my doll, otherwise, you won’t be able to call yourself my disciple.”


Wu Xiaofei lowered his head and could no longer say anything.

Looking at such a Wu Xiaofei, Fan Xinglu’s eyes rarely became softer and said. “Think about it well, and until then, your cultivation will stop for now.”

“… Yes.” Wu Xiaofei finally responded.

Fan Xinglu now smiled with satisfaction.

There were two aspects of satisfaction.

One was the older disciple’s waking up to reality.

One was the young disciple’s performance.

“I really didn’t misjudge you, kid, you do have more ability than I thought.” Fan Xinglu said to Houri. “In the future, you will replace Xiaofei, and become my sparring partner.”

Cecily and Zhao Hufeng immediately threw envious eyes at Houri.

Houri was smiling wryly and also somewhat satisfied.

Fan Xinglu as a sparring partner?

That should speed up the progress, right?

That’s something to look forward to.

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