Illimitable Until Death v4c366

Over the next period of time, Fan Xinglu did become Houri’s sparring partner, allowing Houri to perform daily training sessions, in addition to a sparring session at night when he went to bed.

And the results of the sparring sessions were promising.

Because Fan Xinglu would adjust her strength according to Houri’s strength.

Sometimes it was to let Houri experience fighting an opponent who was stronger than him, so she used her strength to crush Houri throughout the whole fight.

At other times, she suppressed her own strength in order to match Houri’s progress and fought a war of attrition with Houri.

Fan Xinglu seems to have envisioned various battle situations, using herself as a condition to constantly adjust her strength to meet Houri’s challenge.

Unfortunately, Houri never beat Fan Xinglu once.

In the end, Fan Xinglu even allowed Houri to use death perception mystic eyes to fight, but Houri was not even able to touch Fan Xinglu’s clothes.

Even the most adept speed and body technique, Fan Xinglu are far above Houri’s, at present is simply not an opponent that Houri can reach.

As the days progressed, Houri began to wonder how strong Fan Xinglu was in her heyday.

This question, it is estimated that in this world, no one knows more than on one hand, right?

Of course, Houri and Fan Xinglu’s sparring session didn’t last long.

About a week later, an anonymous text message ended Houri’s academy life for good.

The text of the SMS reads like this.

“It’s done, come to the treatment center.”

Houri knew who was sending the SMS.

So, Houri informed Sylvia, met up with Sylvia, and went to the treatment center.

At the front door of the treatment center, Madiath was waiting.

“I’ve been waiting for you two.”

Madiath smiled at Houri and Sylvia, and got to the point, as he had done before.

“Anyway, come in with me first.”

As soon as he said that, Madiath was the first to enter the treatment center.

Houri just wanted to follow, but the clothes behind his back were suddenly grabbed by someone.

Then, a forehead was pressed against Houri’s back, spitting out some uneasy words.

“Ursula… nothing wrong to her?”

Houri’s footsteps stopped, feeling the touch of the shoujo’s forehead against his back, and for a moment he did not know what to say.

This is the place where Strega and Dante, who have the ability to heal, are equipped to cure those difficult diseases that cannot be cured in the field of science.

Madiath chose to return Ursula to such a place, one cannot help but imagine that something has happened to Ursula.
Therefore, without turning back, Houri simply said.

“It doesn’t matter, as long as people aren’t dead, it’s not bad news, is it?”

That’s what Sylvia said once again.

“… Yeah.” Sylvia took a deep breath, her face finally returned to a smile, and murmured. “You’re right.”

“Let’s go.” Houri also smiled faintly and said to Sylvia. “Go in and meet your sensei.”

Sylvia heavily nodded.

Then, Houri and Sylvia followed behind Madiath and entered the treatment center.

The hospital was divided into the main hospital, which was a high-rise building for treatment and examination, and the medical building, which was connected by a corridor.

Madiath took Houri and Sylvia directly into the medical building and arrived at a hospital room.


With the slight sound of the door opening, headed by Madiath, the group entered the ward together.

The ward here was not much different from a hospital ward.

In the center of the ward, on a hospital bed, a person was lying on it, with rhythmic breathing, in a deep sleep.


Sylvia, unable to conceal her emotions, came forward to the bed and took Ursula’s hand.

The hand that slid into her palm was colder than she expected, making Sylvia’s heart sink.

So Sylvia turned her head, looked closely at Madiath, and asked in a low voice. “How is Ursula?”

“Nothing, as I said before, she has not been able to wake up,” Madiath said in a reassuring tone. “She has been examined mentally, and there is nothing serious, but I don’t know when she will wake up. According to the doctor, she is sleeping too much, and if there is no accident, she will wake up after a long time.”

“A long time?” Sylvia asked in a hurry. “How long does that take?”

“Shortly, six months, long, two or three years?” Madiath said. “Anyway, Valda didn’t traumatize Ursula, so nothing happened that you didn’t want to see.”

“Really?” Sylvia breathed a sigh of relief and held Ursula’s hand tightly, looking at Ursula’s sleeping face, more or less lost in thought.

Looking at Sylvia like this, Houri lowered his voice and said to Madiath. “Let’s go outside and talk.”

Madiath will naturally have no opinion, nodded directly.

Outside the ward, Houri and Madiath stood side by side, but at a distance from each other.

It was Madiath who spoke first.

“Sorry, it took a while.”

Madiath said with a gentle expression. “After all, it is a stranger who has not appeared in the sunlight so far, if she is casually admitted to the treatment center, it will definitely cause suspicion, so it is prudent to make some arrangements.”

In other words, if not for Ursula’s admission to the treatment center, Madiath could have just handed it over to Houri and Sylvia, without going to such lengths.

But Madiath did so, clearly showing Houri a favor.

“Besides, I’ve brought what you want.”

Madiath said. “I’ve gone to a lot of trouble to try to get you what you want.”

With these words, Madiath took out a metal box from his own body.

Looking at the metal box, Houri took it as if he knew what was inside, and accepted it in a very normal way.

Then, Houri opened the metal box.

The next moment, inside the metal box, a bright light is shining out from inside.

In the metal box, on the black cushion, a colorful gemstone was lying quietly on it, releasing a mesmerizing light.

It was Urm-Manadyte.

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