Illimitable Until Death v4c367


A piece of Urm-Manadyte with various colors is emitting a faint light in the metal box, allowing some light to leak out from it, looking like a gemstone that has been shrouded for many years before seeing the light of day, quite dazzling.

And the number of such gems is not much, just six pieces.

However, six pieces of Urm-Manadyte are already very much.

After all, each piece of Urm-Manadyte, if used properly, can become an Orga Lux with special power, or even a prototype like AR-D, which is almost impeccable in terms of combat power.

Madiath must have made some effort to extract these Urm-Manadyte from Integrated Enterprise Foundation, right?

“Finally, according to your wishes, each of the six Integrated Enterprise Foundations has provided a piece of Urm-Manadyte, and all of these Urm-Manadyte is yours.”

Madiath said with a smile. “Of course, despite getting these Urm-Manadyte, Integrated Enterprise Foundation will definitely pay great attention to you, so be careful if you plan to use them for something that is not very good.”

Anyway, Integrated Enterprise Foundation has very strict control over Urm-Manadyte, and even if these Urm-Manadyte are provided to Festa winners, they will not be given away completely.

They will definitely pay attention to the destination of these Urm-Manadyte in all aspects and may even retrieve these Urm-Manadyte through other channels in the end.

Unfortunately, the Integrated Enterprise Foundation would never have thought that Houri intended to use the Urm-Manadyte to complete the tasks delivered by MainGod space and that the Urm-Manadyte would be surrendered to MainGod space after the clear evaluation in MainGod space.

They can’t take it back even if they want to, right?

At that moment, Houri closed the box full of Urm-Manadyte and put it in his arms.

At that moment, the system prompt rang out from Houri’s mind.

“No. 11273 completed all Main Missions, you can choose to return to MainGod space or stay in Transcript world at any time.”
“If you choose to return, mission evaluation will be conducted and receive rewards.”
“If you choose to stay, you can stay in Transcript world for three more days.”

Hearing this prompt, Houri did not hesitate much and directly chose to stay for three days.

Three days is just the right amount of time to deal with matters after leaving this world.

“In this way, all my engagements have been fulfilled.” Madiath turned his gaze to Houri’s body and said with deep meaning. “Hou-san will also keep his promise, right?”

“I will do what I say I will do,” Houri said indifferently. “Of course, we made a pact of non-aggression, but if you come after me on your own initiative, that’s a different story.”

“That’s par for the course.” Madiath shrugged, half-joking, half-serious. “At least, we don’t want to make an enemy of you, that’s the truth.”

Although Houri may not be very powerful in terms of strength, too a mysterious ability and information sources but also let Madiath can not be rash.

Otherwise, facing a trivial student, Madiath does not need to make so many concessions.

So, what Madiath needs to do is very simple, is to avoid conflict with Houri.

This may seem like a big deal to others.

But Madiath believes that Houri has the right to do so.

Besides, Madiath did not forget whose disciple Houri was.

For Houri, Madiath is at best caution.

And for Fan Xinglu, Madiath had to fear.

It would be really troublesome to offend Fan Xinglu.

Therefore, after repeatedly weighing, Madiath chose to conclude a non-aggression pact with Houri, so that Houri would not interfere in this side of the matter.

Of course, Houri was also really not interested in what Madiath and Valda were planning to do behind the scenes.

In view of this, as long as Madiath and Valda don’t take the initiative to provoke him, then Houri also intends not to get involved with these two people or even the organization behind them.

“That’s the end of the exchange with you,” Houri said directly. “From now on, I hope we don’t have anything to do with each other.”

“No, as the head of the Festa Operations Committee, Madiath Mesa still has to pay some attention to and communicate with the strong contestants,” Madiath said with some pretense. “But as Laminamors, that’s really the end of it.”

Madiath’s implication was clear to Houri.

In other words, even if a non-aggression pact was made, Madiath would still be concerned about Houri.

That was only natural.

It is only a verbal agreement, and no one knows if Houri will say one thing and do another behind his back.

So, naturally, Madiath had to keep an eye on Houri to some extent.

In this regard, Houri did not change anything on the surface, but in his heart, he was laughing a little.

In three days, he will leave this world, return to MainGod space, and even go to the rest of the Transcript world to continue his training.

At that time, can Madiath still monitor the MainGod space and the rest of the Transcript world?

So, Houri grinned and said. “That’s really hard for you.”

“It’s all I should do.” Madiath smiled back and then said. “Well, I’ll leave you here.”

Houri nodded indifferently.

With that, Madiath left directly.

After looking at Madiath’s distant back until he was completely out of sight, Houri turned around and re-entered the ward.

It is unknown whether it is because the treatment center is to heal the Strega and Dante’s ability as the main means of working relations, here the ward almost no sterilization medicine smell.

In the well-lit room, Ursula was lying quietly, in a deep sleep, with an unusually peaceful expression.

That is the expression of a face that is completely unimaginable from the coldness and heartlessness that Valda showed when she took over her body.

Looking at this expression, Sylvia seemed to finally confirm that the person in front of her was the sensei she was familiar with and had been holding Ursula’s hand tightly.

Houri came in from outside and saw a scene that had not changed from the time he left.

The only difference is that the room is no longer quiet.

“– Thinking and memory of the two wings–“

A pleasant song was echoing in the ward.

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