Illimitable Until Death v4c368

“– Back and forth around instantaneous disease–“

“– Give the voice of the lovely children in captivity–“

“– Fly over the sea of clouds of dawn–“

“– By controlling the evening wind–“

“– At the end of the night dark labyrinth–“

“– Black platform thinking and memory–“

“– And landed in front of me–“

The beautiful song is like a drop of water falling in a river, like a ripple that reverberates in space.

Sylvia was holding Ursula’s hand as if she was remembering the past and her sensei, her dark red lips gently opening and closing, singing to her heart’s content.

Houri couldn’t help but get immersed in the song.

The song was different from the last time he heard it at a concert and different from the song Sylvia used to hum for Houri.

This song has a somewhat melancholic feel as if it is talking about a nostalgic past, which is mesmerizing.

In this moment, Houri seems to see.

Saw a woman teaching a girl to sing.

Saw a woman playing with a girl.

Saw a woman putting a girl to sleep.

Saw a woman cooking for a girl.

It was as if the scene came directly to Houri’s mind, accompanied by the beautiful song, which reached Houri’s body and mind.

In such a situation, how could Houri not be intoxicated?

Until the song ended, Houri was still reminiscing the taste of it, slowly raised his head and looked ahead.

There, Sylvia had finished singing and put Ursula’s hand under the blanket, before turning around and meeting Houri’s gaze.

Shortly after, Sylvia closed one eye and said, somewhat playfully. “Okay, let’s get out of here and leave Ursula to her rest.”

Houri nodded.


Some cold wind whistled by.

This is the rooftop of the treatment center itself.

After leaving Ursula’s room, Sylvia did not leave directly but came here.

Of course, Houri came along with her.

The rooftop seems to have been designed with the idea that patients can come here to relax and get some sun, with not only ornamental plants and trees but also a bench and a vending machine not far away.

Sylvia told Houri to sit on one of the benches, while she went to the vending machine and bought two bottles of drinks and brought them over.

“Here.” Sylvia handed one of the drinks to Houri.

Houri took it in his hand but didn’t open it.

Sylvia also, just holding the drink, sat beside Houri, looking ahead, not knowing what she was thinking about.

Both did not speak, but the atmosphere is not awkward at all, but there is a kind of inexplicable warmth in it.

Houri just quietly sitting there, accompanied by Sylvia, no words.

It was only after a long time that Sylvia softly said.

“Thank you for all this time.”

A simple sentence, but it must be the most sincere feeling that Sylvia intended to express after a thousand thoughts, right?

In other words, a thousand words are all compressed in such a sentence.

In response, Houri just smiled lightly and said. “Don’t worry, I’m just fulfilling my promise.”

Originally, the matter of recovering Ursula was not very difficult for Houri.

After all, Houri had the advantage of foresight, and with some preparations, it was not difficult to get Ursula back.

Therefore, for Houri, this matter is at best a matter of convenience.

“It’s a little too much meddling, but that’s the way I am, I either do it or not.” Houri shrugged and spoke to Sylvia in a casual tone. “So, with this word of gratitude from you, it’s already enough.”

“… Is it?” Sylvia lowered her head, looked at the drink she was holding in her hand and said with some meaning. “In fact, you can be a little greedy.”

“Greedy?” Houri turned his head to Sylvia and asked. “Does that mean I should ask you for payment?”

“If I say that, then you’ll surely say that you took the payment at the beginning, right?” Sylvia, as if she had read Houri’s mind completely, turned her head and met Houri’s gaze, staring straight into his eyes, and said this in a pleasant voice.

“But, I still want to say, in fact, you can ask for more payment.”

Speaking of such a phrase, Sylvia’s eyes, which were staring straight at Houri were flooded with emotions like water waves.

That kind of emotion, like a person’s heart and soul was sucked in, enough to make any man are turned on by it.

And the sad thing is, Houri is also a man.

Although not to the point of smitten, but also more or less some temptation, making Houri a moment is also completely unable to divert his gaze, firmly captivated by the pair of beautiful watery eyes.

This makes Houri more or less feel a little bad.

If this continues, it will definitely be a repeat of the last time, right?

Last time, it was under the influence of the atmosphere that Houri made the mistake that any man would make and couldn’t help but bully the shoujo a little.

But now the atmosphere is even more intense than the last time.

The moment he was caught up in it, Houri was not confident that he could control himself.

At that moment, Houri hurriedly suppressed the strange feeling inside.

However, just as Houri was about to look away, Sylvia’s voice, which was as soft as if it could be blown away by the wind, came into his ears.


With that word, Sylvia suddenly put her face forward.


With a faint sound, a soft touch against Houri’s lips.

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